SITE123 Review


Fiona O’Connell


2019 December 5th

SITE123 is an all-inclusive website building and hosting service. It claims to be the 'most intuitive and easiest to use' website builder available today.

That's a bold claim - and one worth testing out.

In this SITE123 review, I will be testing its ease of use, features, performance, and pricing to find out if it's a website builder worth recommending.

What is SITE123?

SITE123 is a combined site-building and web hosting service. To put it simply, it gives you the software to create your website as well as server space to host it.

SITE123 HomePage

This website builder claims to have an easy to use interface. It's completely beginner-friendly and is aimed for people who don't want to invest too much time into website building and want to focus on their business more.

SITE123 has a lot of templates to work with for nearly any kind of website. It's not a drag-and-drop builder so templates are the base for website's customization.

While testing this website builder I found out that it has some great features like social media integration, an app market full of third party programs, SEO analytics, and much more. 

Ease of Use

Setting up a site with SITE123 was almost absurdly straightforward. At first, I was presented with a list of website types to choose between. I selected one and was immediately given access to a pre-configured template that I was able to customize.

SITE 123 Website Creation Options

After working with this website building platform it became obvious that SITE123 wants to make everything really simple. Not only it aims for easy to use interface, but it also offers minimalistic and simple templates.

After picking my website's type I was redirected to SITE123's live editor where only a few clicks were enough to customize my whole homepage.

SITE123 Features

After testing SITE123 and creating a few websites with it, I can tell that this website builder has some great features. These features include such things as - responsive templates, an app market, social media integration, and a broad gallery of free to use professional images. 


SITE123's variety of templates is one of its strongest points. Those website templates are responsive, customizable, and they look professional.

Moreover, this site builder offers a professional and minimalistic look for nearly any kind of project. From blog to a business website, from portfolio to an eCommerce store. You have it all.

SITE123 - Variety of Website Templates

SITE123 doesn't offer much freedom when you're working with their live editor, so I was hoping for professional-looking designs. Fortunately, those templates deliver. Just a bit of customization and your website can be hosted looking crisp and inviting.

Editing a template is rather easy, I was able to change text size, colors, and fonts. It was interesting to navigate through its image gallery as well, I could find a lot of pictures that helped me reach my desired look.

I could also upload a logo and play around with its size on the homepage's header. Another great thing is that SITE123 lets you preview how your website looks on the phones and tablets as well.

SITE123 Homepage Building Example

Users who already have a lot of experience in website building can find SITE123 quite limited. However, I believe that its targeted audience is the complete beginners who want to save time and build a website effortlessly.

All in all, SITE123 has some nice looking responsive templates and a broad gallery of visuals as an extra for comfortable website building.

SITE123 App Market

SITE123 has a variety of third party programs that can be integrated into your website. All of them are stored in its app market, where you can find social media integrations, live chat options, Google analytics, and other great tools. 

SITE123 App Market

If you're thinking of building an eCommerce store then there are apps for safe transactions such as Amazon Pay, Paypal, or CreditGuard. 

The integrations that are available work well. One of the biggest standouts is a Zopim live chat feature, which lets customers easily get in touch with you through your business website and a fully-featured LinkedIn marketing package.

Most of the apps on the SITE123 App Market serve the purpose of making your website user-friendly and secure.

SITE123 Customer Support

SITE123 offers support through email and a 24/7 live chat service. I had good experiences when testing both of these features. My queries were answered promptly and politely.

Site123 Review Support

A selection of well-produced support videos is also available on SITE123's YouTube channel. But, given how easy the platform is to use, I doubt that you'll spend much time watching these.

SITE123's most important features are its customizable pre-made templates, app integrations, variety of free to use professional images, and its support team. 

SITE123 Performance

SITE123 offers not only website building software but free hosting as well. There are free and premium plans that all differ in the resources provided for a website.

I hosted my website while using the cheapest plan and monitored that site for a week. The average response time was 241ms. It's a great result for SITE123 to have when hosting isn't even their main service.

SITE123 Performance Over a Week

Moreover, the website's uptime was great as well. It had a 100% uptime throughout the week. I found out while writing this SITE123 review - that may be because of a CDN (Content Delivery Network). This site builder uses it to prevent hosted websites from being down.

CDN also helps to reduce your website's latency and it shows in SITE123's performance.

SITE123 combines great response time with a 100% uptime and delivers splendid performance results. It looks like its CDN works great as well while reducing servers' latency and preventing downtime.

SITE123 Pricing

SITE123 offers 1 free and 4 paid plans. These paid plans are called: Basic, Advanced, Professional, and Gold. 

The difference between a paid and a free plan is that a free plan provides very little resources for hosting. It also won't let you use a custom domain and will have SITE123 ads floating around your website.

SITE123 paid plans are somehow worth the price. The Basic plan starts at $4.68/mo and includes a free domain for one year, 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, no SITE123 ads, and also gives a free SSL certificate. This plan is great for smaller projects, such as blogs or portfolios.

SITE123 Pricing

All other plans differ in the resources provided. If you're thinking of building a website where you would like to sell online, then the Professional plan should be your first choice. It costs $11.88/mo and has an eCommerce store features integrated as well as more resources for your project.

All in all, I believe that SITE123's free plan is great for trying things out and getting to know the website builder. However, if you're aiming for a serious project that you want to host online, then you should check out its paid plans. Price is rather affordable and you can pick a plan that suits your needs the best.

SITE123 Review - A Verdict

Thanks to the pre-made templates each account includes, SITE123 is a fantastic option for beginners who only have a few minutes to create a website. The selection of third-party app integrations also enhances this platform.

SITE123 has website building solutions for nearly any kind of website - from blog to an eCommerce store. Choose a plan depending on your needs and you can build your website in minutes.

However, its free plan is quite limited and may lack customization for more advanced users. Also, if you're not willing to upgrade - SITE123 won't be generous with its server resources as well.

To finish this SITE123 review I can say that this website builder is a great website builder to use for beginners who want to build a site quickly and effortlessly.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Responsive and pretty templates
  • Great customer support


  • Limited customization for advanced users
  • A very restricted free plan
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