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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

What is SiteBuilder?

SiteBuilder is relatively a fast-growing website building tool on the market. Their main concern seems to be with UI and core functionality. Besides, everything they offer appears to be working seamlessly as a platform.

Like many other website builders out there, they also offer a drag and drop design, an organized layout and lots of templates to work with.

In this SiteBuilder review, let’s find out how actually functional this platform is!

SiteBuilder Pricing

SiteBuilder offers 3 types of packages: the starter plan is Pro for only $3.84/mo, then there's Premium for $5.99/mo and the highest plan is eCommerce for $9.22/mo.

SiteBuilder plans and pricing

Now here's a run-through of all plans:

  • Pro: The plan starts at $3.84/mo. You will get a drag-and-drop builder along with different customizable templates. Also, this plan will include website statistics and a free domain name. However, there’s a catch. You will only get this price rate for the first billing cycle. And the usual rate for this package starts at $7.68/mo.
  • Premium: This plan will cost you $5.99/mo for the first term. It comes with everything the Pro plan has to offer with only one additional feature - priority support. And the regular rate for this plan is $11.98/mo.
  • eCommerce: With only an additional eCommerce store this plan will cost you $9.22/mo. This pricing is, of course, is one time discounted price. The regular price is $18.45/mo.

The thing with SiteBuilder pricing is that the offers you see are only for the first term. It's a one time discount. But not only that - there's another catch! You would only be eligible for this pricing rate if you go for the 2-year billing cycle.

  Pro Premium eCommerce
Monthly cycle $7.68 $11.98 $18.45
1-year billing cycle $55.32 $73.74 $119.88
2-year billing cycle $92.16 $73.74 $221.4

And the renewal prices are even higher. For example, the Premium plan for a one-year subscription will renew at $12.29/mo cost. Looking at all that, I have to say the pricing seems ridiculously high. Also, the false advertising of the discounted prices is shady and even annoying.

sitebuilder review price

But let’s dig a little deeper into their plans. For this SiteBuilder review we have a detailed table for all features:

  Pro Premium eCommerce
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website templates 250+ 250+ 250+
HDD or SSD used in servers? Both HDD and SSD Both HDD and SSD Both HDD and SSD
eCommerce  No No Yes
How many add-ons? 7 8 9
Free automated backups No No No
Money-back guarantee 14-days 14-days 14-days

SiteBuilder comes with hosting services along with the website builder. And that is unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited disk space. Also, you get a free domain name for the first year and it comes with the SSL certificate included. But if you want to connect your own domain, you will have to get the SSL separately.

What is disappointing, you can only make one website with each plan. Considering the prices, that seems very limiting. But at least there will be no SiteBuilder ads on your website.

Building A Website With SiteBuilder

After signup, you’ll see a relatively simple CMS (Content Management System) dashboard, from where you will be able to access and track all your websites. Here you can find the traffic analytics as well as installed apps.

SiteBuilder Website Creation Dashboard

But for this SiteBuilder review, let's check out the website builder.

First, I was prompted to choose a template from the 250+ template collection. But for easier search, the templates are categorized, and you can look up a category or simply write a search word.

The template designs have visually strong, modern looks. However, I must say, some of them seem quite similar. SiteBuilder promotes vivid colors and simplistic designs. But of course, you can later edit them to your liking.

SiteBuilder review Offered Templates

Upon choosing a template, you will be directed to the website builder itself.

In a sentence, the editor is quite organized and straightforward. The elements are put together by simply dragging and dropping. And the process is working smoothly: the items overlay easily and the reference lines appear for a better alignment.

SiteBuilder Site Editor

As for the types of elements and sections, you will get lots of options to choose from. And naturally, you can customize the colors and fonts of the template.

Moreover, SiteBuilder offers a wide range of stock photos to help you out. The pictures are categorized just like the templates and of course, you can search them by keywords.

SiteBuilder Website Creation Adding Images

Adding the “Image Gallery” is quite easy. You will get column, row and grid options to choose from. Moreover, you can add them anywhere on the website.

SiteBuilder provides a mobile view to help you design the website in a mobile friendly way. And pages turn out to be responsive on phones and tablets.

SiteBuilder review Site Editor Mobile view

Overall, the website builder offers a lot of possibilities to customize the template. I kind of liked all the variations here and a comfortable drag-and-drop interface.

Also, you can try it out for yourself - SiteBuilder doesn't require any billing information to give you a sneak peek inside.

SiteBuilder Performance

For this SiteBuilder review, we also have to test the website's performance. And SiteBuilder doesn't offer too much here. The average response time is 570.5 ms. But that's because the times differ in regions across the world.

SiteBuilder response time

The worst response results would be for the users in Japan. But for those in the US, London, and Sidney it's really great. So this can be a good provider if you expect your website visitors to be from those regions.

On the other hand, SiteBuilder promises 99.9% uptime. However, it provides only 99.97% uptime, which can translate to almost an hour of weekly downtime!

So all in all, the SiteBuilder performance is not the best. But it keeps on the average among other website hosts.

SiteBuilder Pros

  • Good templates: They have a good collection of templates with quality designs. Even though they only have 250+ templates, all of them have a classy and modern vibe.
  • Easy to use: the editor is super simplistic and also functional. You only have to drag and drop the elements to edit the template.

SiteBuilder Cons

  • Limited media support: media support is barebones. You will be able to add only some basic media contents.
  • Overpriced: Needleless to say, all of their plans are too pricey. Compared to their prices, the features they offer aren’t enough.
  • Lack of HTML / CSS access: although you can drag and drop the elements, you won’t have any access to their HTML/CSS sheet.
  • Lousy customer support: live chats are the worst. Moreover, the customer representatives can't answer technical questions and seem to be always confused about the products.

SiteBuilder Review: Should You Sign Up?

If you want a no-fuss website, then SiteBuilder might just be for you. However, if you are looking for more competitive website designs, then I can't recommend it.

Sure, you will have a clean UI with excellent functionality. But on the other hand, you’ll have to trade-off control and performance. It's a relatively difficult choice, so I would not recommend SiteBuilder for enterprise-level usage. It is much suited for beginner level consumers but then again, the pricing might be too high for those.

If you want to get better options for lower prices, you should check out best website builders on the market. You might just find something that can cover all your needs!


  • Easy to use
  • Simple user interface
  • Quality templates


  • No access to HTML/CSS
  • Limited media support
  • Expensive, especially the renewals
  • Bad customer support

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