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In 2004, the world of hosting has been introduced to a new name – SiteGround. The company was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria by a group of students and it has been successful ever since. On top of that, SiteGround has always remained independent and did things its own way – without any international organisation acquiring the provider. As the results show, doing things their own way has paid off. Currently, the corporation hosts over half a million domains worldwide and offers plenty of services for many different types of clients. With servers spread across three continents, SiteGround can most definitely be called an ambitious company with huge dreams and goals. Dreams and goals to make their wide customer base satisfied and SiteGround reviews shine. Now, I am going to test their services and see how the host fares.

SiteGround Services

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Domain names (reseller of Tucows, Openprovider, Enom)

SiteGround offers many different kinds of services. In addition to regular cheap shared hosting and domain names, there are plenty of other options. That includes quicker cloud hosting, as well as both virtual and dedicated servers. Also, SiteGround provides custom-made, bespoke servers for big businesses.

Besides that, while browsing the SiteGround website, I saw some extra features – all free of charge and available for everyone. Here’s what they are.

Knowledge Base and Tutorials


Completely custom written and entirely up-to-date, SiteGround knowledge base is a very useful tool should any problems arise. With 70 categories and over 1,000 articles, it also proves to be very extensive. Same can be said about SiteGround video and text tutorials – they’re up-to-date, and there’s plenty of them. A new generation of web developers could most certainly use them to learn and improve.

Weebly Website Builder


Weebly is one of the best website builders currently available. In SiteGround, it comes pre-installed! The builder is very easy to use and has plenty of functionality. You can either pick one of the stock templates or download one from third-party designers.

Free website transfer


Jumping ships is very easy now. Assisted website transfers are quick and free of charge. That means you can easily start using SiteGround – and the entire process is very simplified.

It appears that SiteGround cares for the people who look for the easiest and safest way to set up a website. Of course, as mentioned earlier, there are plenty of plans for users of varying levels of skill. However, there are extra features, such as free website transfer, an easy-to-use builder and an extensive tutorial base. They point to the company trying to care for newcomers and small businesses. Therefore, to test their services, it made sense to pick the SiteGround shared hosting plan.

What’s included in SiteGround packages?

There are three plans to choose from.


  • StartUp – regular one-website plan with basic SSL.
  • GrowBig – a medium-sized unlimited website plan. Has added protection, more frequent backups, and priority customer support
  • GoGeek – the biggest shared hosting plan available. Offers more power per user and increased eCommerce capabilities.

There are plenty of things worth noting about each of these plans. In the table below you will see the main features of these three options.

Disk space limit10GB20GB30GB
Bandwidth limitUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
How many domains allowed1UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversSSDSSDSSD
SSLSupported, included in the package (Let’s Encrypt)Supported, included in the package (Wildcard)Supported, included in the package (Wildcard + PCI DSS)
Anti-DDoS protectionSupported, included in the package (CloudFlare CDN)Supported, included in the package (CloudFlare CDN)Supported, included in the package (CloudFlare CDN)
Anti-malware protectionIncluded (server level)Included (server level)Included (server level)
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderIncluded (Weebly)Included (Weebly)Included (Weebly)
Website Templates50+50+50+
Assisted Website TransferFreeFreeFree
Auto-installer scripts300+ (Softaculous)300+ (Softaculous)300+ (Softaculous)
Money back guarantee30 days30 days30 days
Customer Support24/7 live chat, ticket, phone24/7 live chat, ticket, phone24/7 live chat, ticket, phone
Choice for server locationYesYesYes
Free Automated BackupsYesYes Yes

As far as prices are concerned, it is a common practice between many hosting companies to display their prices as “monthly”. However, these figures are usually only available by choosing the longest possible plan, for example – four years. If you choose a shorter period, the monthly price increases. Here’s how SiteGround do it:


You can see something fairly similar here. There is a monthly plan which costs only $3.95 but in addition to that, you would also have to pay a $14.95 setup fee. Although, 12, 24 and 36-month plans have the same monthly price. You just have to pay for the entire package in advance. These are the overall prices you would have to pay for each plan:

Payment Period / PlanStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
1 month$18.90$30.90$36.90
3 monthsNot available.Not available.Not available.
6 monthsNot available.Not available.Not available.
12 months$47.40$71.40$143.40
24 months$94.80$142.80$286.80
36 months$142.20$214.20$430.20

*The prices already have VAT included.

First Impressions


Very low disk space is the first thing that draws attention: it’s mentioned in many other SiteGround reviews as well. 10GB in the entry plan is okay but 20GB and 30GB in other plans are not very good. If you’re looking a web hosting provider to store your files with, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

All plans not only support SSL certificates – they also include one, which is a great plus. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is a fine addition to the ‘StartUp’ plan. However, it is worth remembering that such certificate is already free of charge and you are not saving anything. That being said, ‘GrowBig’ and ‘GoGeek’ plans include a more advanced Wildcard SSL. The latter also adds the PCI DSS (Payment Security Industry Data Security Standard) which assures smooth processing and transmitting of customers’ credit card data. It is very important for businesses looking to sell online.

In terms of DDoS protection, each plan includes CloudFlare CDN. Just like the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, it is available free of charge for everyone already. But it is very nice to see SiteGround make increased security easily accessible for everyone.

It is also worth noticing that every plan is using SSDs. This shows that SiteGround servers are up to date with the latest technology and that low disk space can be somewhat justified.


SiteGround purchase periods are not very flexible. You can either buy services for 1 month and pay a hefty setup fee or buy them for 12, 24 or 36 months, which is not ideal. However, the monthly price does not change – you will pay the same price no matter what is your subscription length.

After your starting package runs out, you will have to pay the monthly renewal prices. They’re going to be $9.95 for ‘StartUp’, $14.95 for ‘GrowBig’ and $29.95 for ‘GoGeek’.

SiteGround Customer Service


Plenty of SiteGround reviews mention their customer service. A lot of them agree that it is one of the company’s key strengths. In order to see whether it is really as good as many people say, I tested the customer support myself. SiteGround, as it should, attempts to first and foremost direct the customers to their Knowledge Base. However, if that doesn’t work, all of their support channels are relatively easy to reach. There are three main types of customer support SiteGround currently provides:

  • Live Chat
  • Tickets
  • Phone

The ‘Support’ menu is the SiteGround site attempts to guide you to the best possible customer service option.

Once you finally choose, you will be in contact with a SiteGround customer service representative. This is how they did when I tried to test them:

Phone Service Evaluation

Depending on your IP location, you will be given a suitable phone number to call to. The line I called to took around 40 seconds to explain me my initial options and only 15 seconds to connect. I was informed to be “first in line” – I don’t know whether it was actually true or not but the wait times were great. The representative I was connected with was very courteous yet not entirely knowledgeable. However, after a while, we were on the same page and everything was going smoothly. Overall, with terrific wait times and good call quality, this is a suitable option for people who like this kind of support.

Ticket Service Evaluation

The main thing I was testing here was their response time. The quicker they respond, the more suitable it is to send a ticket instead of making a phone call or logging into a chat session.


As you can see, it only took 2 minutes for them to respond. That is considerably less than their advertised 10 minute response time and overall, it’s a terrific result.

Chat Service Evaluation

While testing the SiteGround chat service, I had to evaluate three things. Firstly, wait time. The shorter I have to wait for the representative to show up, the better. Secondly, I was hoping that the customer service agent would be knowledgeable: there is no point talking to someone who couldn’t help. And finally, I was evaluating human contact. People who contact customer services are often lost, don’t know what to do or have no idea what to choose. A person capable of maintaining a respectful, yet a familiar and friendly stance would be perfect. This is what I found out:

In terms of wait times, SiteGround was terrific. Less than 1-minute wait in all 10 of the chats I’ve had at various times of the day and week. A video below shows just how little you have to wait until you get connected:

While testing the knowledge of the agents, I managed to find a little flaw. Representative Martin told me that SiteGround has servers in Madrid while in reality, it doesn’t. It only has an office there – third European server is located in Milan.


However, in other chats Martin and his colleagues have fared well, answering my questions with ease.


You can tell that SiteGround customer service representatives are knowledgeable: they have experience of their own rather than just rely on information from the FAQ page.

And finally, I was evaluating human contact. There was plenty of it. In fact, by clicking any agent’s picture, you see a bio of them – when did they start working in SiteGround, what are they like, what are their hobbies. It’s a great personal touch which enriches the experience and makes you value the people who try to help you.


It also needs to be said, that during all of those conversations, I met a lot of great people who were engaging and proactive. SiteGround reviews are absolutely correct. This host gets the highest marks for their customer support in all – ticket, phone and live chat – platforms.

First Impressions During and After the Purchase

SiteGround claims that they only accept credit cards. However, you may contact the Sales department via Live Chat and there is a chance you may also be allowed to pay with PayPal.


SiteGround account purchase was very pleasant. In the checkout, I was offered to buy the SG Site Scanner (made by a well-known Sucuri team) but nothing else than that. During the initial contact details submission, the API recognized that I’ve chosen the UK as a country and offered (not forced), to choose a different localization to suit me best.


SiteGround had a distinct number of data center locations to offer. Three in Europe, one in Asia and one in the USA. This shows that SiteGround invests a lot to appeal to the customers around the world, as with those five locations they pretty much circle the entire world.


After I chose my server and agreed to pay, SiteGround opened a proactive chat session where the agent kindly asked for my phone number in order to clarify the setup records. The agent then manually charged the account as soon as I let him proceed with it over the phone. The entire process took only a couple minutes. The agent was very polite and outgoing. He asked proactive and direct questions and kept me engaged throughout the whole conversation. 


The account activated immediately afterwards and I got to see the SiteGround dashboard which was very simple. It had basic information and a link to cPanel. A website builder menu was immediately available, so if I wanted, I could’ve started making my own website in just a few seconds.


The cPanel itself is a very typical one. It’s convenient and simple. All the information, including nameservers, disk space and expiration time is on the left side and icons, divided into sections, are on the right.


There is not much else that can be said. The activation was fairly simple and very quick. Both the dashboard and the panel were super intuitive and easy to use. SiteGround did not blow my mind but didn’t disappoint either.

Performance Evaluation

Up to this point, SiteGround has been impressive. Easy-to-use interface and a spectacular customer support were the two main reasons for it. Nonetheless, the upcoming tests were the most important ones. It was time to see how does the SiteGround hosting performance stack up. This is what I’ll be testing:

  • Host’s speed during low upkeep
  • Host’s speed with a website created with SiteGround website builder
  • Server’s overall uptime
  • Anti-theft security evaluation

Some of the tests here will be going on over the course of several months. That means the review will be constantly updated to give you the latest results.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – the tools are never 100% right. They themselves depend on the servers they use. I used the Bitcacha tool to see what the packet travel speeds are like. In order to get the clearest possible results, 10 tests in quick succession have been done. The average result is posted here in the review.

Host Speed During Low Upkeep

Simple HTML websites require very little of the host’s resources. In theory, they are supposed to return the best speed results. So I’ve used SiteGround file manager to upload a sample HTML code, which contained this (very simple) HTML website:


And this is what Bitcacha said about its response times around the globe:


The only server which had a response time over 300ms was Sydney and that is great. What really jumps out is a very even performance between the worldwide servers, as the difference between the fastest (US East Coast) and the slowest (Sydney, Australia) was only 223ms. This shows that SiteGround is well optimized for users all around the world.

NOTE – the website was set up in SiteGround Netherlands server. There are five cities to choose from – Singapore, Chicago (USA), Milan (Italy), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and London (UK). As you use different servers, these response times would shift accordingly as well.

Host Speed With SiteGround Website Builder

Now it was time to see how optimized are the websites built with SiteGround (Weebly) website builder.

This is the website that I’ve made.


Now let’s have a look at the website speed:


Interestingly enough, in many of the servers, the response time hasn’t changed much. The only difference was the Singapore server, which was lacking behind in all of the conducted tests. Overall, you can tell that the Weebly website builder, which SiteGround uses, is well optimized and speedy enough to compare with a few lines of HTML code.

Server Overall Uptime

Click here to see the performance of SiteGround hosting: server response times and uptimes.

NOTE – This section of the review will be constantly updated with the latest information.

I’ve set up a web hosting uptime status tool and tracked a basic WordPress website once every minute. By doing so, I was able to check the host’s overall availability.

These are the current results:


First of all, the response time appears to be quite stable. Only a few spikes a day. The overall response time of 400-500ms is nothing to complain about as well.

NOVEMBER UPDATE: The test has started in July and it is constantly ongoing. During the time I have not noticed any specific changes, although there was a slight increase in very big spikes, going from 30 to 60 seconds. They seem to appear only once or twice a week, so it shouldn’t be a serious problem: still, something worth noticing. Apart from that, most of the time the response will take 350 to 600 ms – similar, if not improved, compared to the times of August.

In three and a half months of testing, we have finally had our first serious downtime as well. In was on the 8th of September and took 5 minutes.

siteground downtime

There we two other downtimes our software has spotted. Yet to be truthful, they only took around a minute, so that was barely enough for us to detect. All in all, a solid showing from SiteGround. We finally had our first issues but they aren’t enough to push it down to a lower spot.

Click here to see SiteGround real-time performance: server response times and downtimes.

Anti-Theft Protection Evaluation

The test was conducted in two parts. At first, I logged out of my account and simulated a brute-force break-in. I tried entering my password incorrectly for 30 times as quickly as I could. That should’ve made the system think I was guessing the password. However, on my 31st attempt, I was allowed to login.

Some websites include a simple security system which monitors the unsuccessful login attempts and then locks out the IP address of the user. This is supposed to protect the account that’s being logged into. As you can see, I was unable to trigger such a security measure here. It may very well not be used at all.

Now it was time for the second test to do an evaluation on how does SiteGround handle sensitive user information. I’ve used plenty of names, changed my IP addresses and went through several chats trying to get my own password without providing any tangible proof. This is what transpired:


As I was simulating a break-in, I couldn’t have provided them with my own phone number. So I spun the tale even more, asking for a conversation using my “new phone number”. Such an audit has revealed me that SiteGround security system consists of multiple ways of authentification. Firstly, it’s your e-mail you have used to register for the website. Then, it’s your phone. Having a conversation using the same phone number you used on the day of your registration gives you a master access to the account. And finally, if that fails, you have to send a picture of your credit card and ID. This is the last thing you can do to get your account back. So, if hackers have access to at least one of those things, you can lose your account. Other than that, SiteGround representatives handle user information securely. You can rest knowing they won’t give your password away just because someone said “please”.

NOTE – keep your important personal and payment information safe! Regularly change passwords and don’t use simple combinations!

SiteGround Reviews – Conclusion

SiteGround definitely matches its ambition with its quality. The company combines high-quality performance with an intuitive menu to offer a very good web hosting experience. It is not cheap but the price is certainly justified, even with the low disk space they provide.

There are plenty of features that I admired, however, their customer service was a level above everyone. There were some interesting links and tutorials provided for me and if I didn’t find what I wanted, agents were there to help me. Wait times for live chats, phone calls and tickets were practically non-existent and the representatives were great, knowledgeable people. To sum it up, I can say that this is a good web hosting service for many users.


  • Multiple server locations. Five datacenters in three continents and you can choose the one you want.
  • SSL certificate, DDoS and malware protection included with every plan.
  • Using fast SSD disks.
  • Amazing customer support.


  • Very limited drive space.
  • Plans not very flexible.

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    • Nina
    • 2017-November-27th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I agree with the consensus here. The support is AAA but it makes you think…wouldn’t you actively agree with getting robbed off just because the Lachezar the Gruesome calls you his buddy during a live chat? I think SiteGround went ahead of the game there. By investing in customer support they manage to keep the lowest tier of clients super happy. They can afford that by stupidly limiting the disk space (many hosts allow up to 300GB before saying literally anything) so they don’t need a lot of drives to keep the operation going. What SiteGround is, is a three SSD disks with 140 very cheerful guys talking to you about them. What’s funny though, is that it works. In a business that is so disconnected and doesn’t give a shit about the user (look at Endurance International and their web of lies!) a seemingly human company like SiteGround can basically charge you for not spitting in your face. That’s a something. I think I’m impressed.

    • ethan mf fkn
    • 2017-November-24th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    “This hosting provider costs a limb and it’s slower than GoFuckingDaddy”

    “Ewwww no.”

    “You can know that the chat service guy loves skiing!”

    “OH BOY, I’M IN”

    • ahmed
    • 2017-November-15th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    lovely bunch of people doin god work

    • shibepinot
    • 2017-November-10th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Hey everyone. I know this is a shameful question but it’s important for me.
    I know Black Friday is coming and….my hosting is expiring. I want to continue with SiteGround but I don’t want to pay that much money, I’d much rather just renew with another starting contract. Do you guys know if this is possible? Thanks in advance.

    • uWu
    • 2017-November-9th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    i love siteground more than my mother. that being said, she’s a bitch sometimes.

    • sdfghfds
    • 2017-November-8th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    moving to siteground from hostgator was like having sex instead of getting shot in the stomach. completely different experiences.

    • fdgnbfd
    • 2017-October-13th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    that website looks like its from 02. future looooooool

    • EthanAsh
    • 2017-October-8th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Expensive as hell but absolutely worth it.

    • MJK
    • 2017-October-2nd
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    uh yeaaaaaah. I had problems with them earlier but it was a solid few years ago. This review feels like it’s a completely different host. Hey, if they fixed themselves up, good for them.

    • Sonya
    • 2017-September-16th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I love the support and the services are very simple to use! If there is a problem, support is available in like, 16 seconds. i agree with the reviewer, it’s what makes this host so interesting)))

    • King bongo
    • 2017-September-11th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    SG is my favourite because you can upload files as long as you don’t exceed the limits. I always was like “daaammnnnnn will i get banned” when i uploaded videos and pictures to my previous host. This one has strict limits but they are better than no limits that will get u banned lol. I want a host that has the same but only offers more space. not happening afaik

    • eath
    • 2017-September-8th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    may have been on a different server or smth. Ive always had my website going down. Sure, the customer support is good but I needed it once every day. No idea what I think about that. it’s good. but it’s also not. but it’s good. but I don’t know.

      • King bongo
      • 2017-September-11th

      ahhhhhh dude, you can easily change a server in the panel. If it’s not good, just ask for that lol. UNless it’s smth different completely.

    • lllllll
    • 2017-September-1st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    No idea why, I just can’t stand them. Cheery, you can sense that they are just so full of themselves. Feels like a PR campaign with a side hobby of hosting.

    • Joel Alvarez
    • 2017-September-1st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    wish I could give support an 11 :D. I like how it’s very quick and informative, you can tell a company put a lot of work into this. Can admire that

    • Boris
    • 2017-August-17th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    i like SG , they do good services and have good support. There are other hosts who only pretend to promise you good quality but SG is always top with their speed and customer care. Its a good host.

    • Powell
    • 2017-August-7th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Complaining about 10-30GB of disk space is stupid. Rarely anyone uses over 5GB, video and photo files are usually hosted elsewhere. If you take over 30GB, most Hosts just punch you with a suspension :). Siteground are just being honest with you

    • Garrett
    • 2017-July-24th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I’ve been using SiteGround for a couple of weeks now and I think it has to be said: this is one of the few, if not only provider, which doesn’t lie to you. This is why I, maybe weirdly, give it all around 10 stars despite it maybe not being that sometimes.

    I saw the disk space and yet it is small – it’s enough for most operations and suits most of the people, like me for example. The dashboard is excellent, the support is amazing, everything is terrific. And you get what you pay for – which is just about enough. Also the speed of hosting is A+. I mean I didn’t run into any problems. And that’s what you want. Thank you for getting this to my attention.

    • dean
    • 2017-July-2nd
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    SG has awesome client support but that’s where it ends. Not sure if they are really the second best in the world

    • dfhnfg
    • 2017-June-30th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    That cloudflare and ssl protection is free already. You don’t have to pay to get it elsewhere. This is a common trick.

      • bryce
      • 2017-July-10th

      the “free” SSL is only included with the cheap plan. If choosing a more advanced plan, you get a better SSL, that is paid. You get what you pay for.

    • Marcus Teague
    • 2017-June-14th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I like this a lot. Really a lot. Took it from your link a few weeks ago and it’s honestly amazing. Perhaps it would be even better if I went with Hostinger but this, oh THIS, it hasn’t been bad either.

    • Silvia H
    • 2017-June-12th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    It’s expensive. It’s good. It’s somewhere in between for me but will I continue using it? Absolutely.

    • Max
    • 2017-April-10th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    That panel looks like it still listens to bootcut jeans. What is that from, 2004? Very old school but if it works….it works, i guess. Should check them out.

    • Joshua
    • 2017-March-30th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Used in back in 2016, then something happened to the servers and my site went tits up. Aparently some big breakage. Didn’t look back since because i want my host to work properly.

    • susan
    • 2017-February-9th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I love that agent bio thing. I actually spent a few minutes talking to one of them about extreme sports once. Looking for a VPS now, so can’t speak much on it but their shared hosting is good too! Recommended, my seal of approval.

    • Pete
    • 2017-February-1st
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    The prices are ugh. 50 dollars a year and not even unlimited storage?

    • hilarious
    • 2017-January-11th
    Reliability Pricing User friendly Support Features

    30gb of disk space in a “PROFESSIONAL” PLAN. :DD what kind of professional do they think of? Two raw photo albums and you’re finished

      • bryce
      • 2017-July-10th

      You are not supposed to be using website hosting for storage. It is not what it’s meant for. RAW photo albums can be uploaded to Flickr and Google and then linked to your website. If you want to store files, perhaps choosing a VPS/dedicated hosting would be best for you.

      All the best 🙂