Sitelio Review


Paul Mahony


2019 October 2nd

Looking for a website? Sitelio promises to deliver and get you online - in 3 easy steps.

Doing all of that since 2014, this DIY website builder has never been big enough to challenge the big boys like Wix or Weebly. But maybe it's as good, and is actually worth all the praise?

In this Sitelio review, we'll give them a chance to shine. So let's begin.

Sitelio - First Impression

Signing up with Sitelio is easy, just as it is with most web builders these days. There is a huge list of templates to choose from, each one in its deserved category. For those who prefer to start from scratch - you have this option too.

The Sitelio editor performs well, it is easy to use and fully responsive. The best thing about the desktop editor is that every aspect of your website is customizable - click anywhere on your site and a toolbox appears. 


The manage panel is an excellent resource that allows the user to customize their outgoing social channels, such as Facebook, Google +, as well as favicons and HTML inputs. It can also be used to update PayPal for sites that are being used as an online store.

Which brings me on to Sitelio's eCommerce feature. Overall, it's a solid store package but is only available for users who upgrade their account to the captivating plan.

In terms of support, Sitelio offer a live chat feature and a support center packed full of useful information.

Sitelio Pricing

Their simple plan is priced at $4.61 per month. This plan is basically an extension of the free trial with your own domain. Sitelio's captivating plan is priced at just $5.38 and includes eCommerce. This plan seems to be the best value for money.

Ahead of them all is Sitelio's outstanding plan, which includes priority support. Priced at $9.23, this package is also great value for money, and considerably lower than most other web builders. 

Sitelio offers its clients three subscription options: monthly, annually, or every two years. If you think that Sitelio is the one for you and want to save yourself some money, it would be a good idea to choose longer subscriptions.

And there's also a Sitelio free plan that could be useful for beginners.

Free Simple Captivating Outstanding
Free Hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bandwidth 1GB 2GB 10GB Unlimited
Number of Templates 300+ 300+ 300+ 300+
Free Domain No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Domain No No No No
Support Forum and Live Chat Forum and Live Chat Forum and Live Chat Priority Support
Drag and Drop Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad Displayed Yes No No No
eCommerce No No Yes Yes

Overall, there isn't too much separating the four plans. If you're not prone to contacting support very often - their captivating plan seems to have it all - and for just $5.38.

Sitelio Performance

To complete the performance of Sitelio, I ran some tests to check how well It performs in the speed field.


These are rather average results from Sitelio, and therefore I cannot say anything too good or too bad.

Final Thoughts from My Sitelio Review

Sitelio is one of the better basic website builders on the market. It is extremely well priced and will appeal to individuals who are looking for a professional looking website within a few hours.

Sitelio can be proud of what its achieved - this basic website builder has a lot to offer at a brilliant price. On the other hand, larger businesses may suffer from its simplicities.

If you do try Sitelio, please feel free to leave your own Sitelio reviews and experiences below but if you are looking for something different, check other great website builders.


  • Fair-priced packages
  • Good selection of themes
  • User-friendly design
  • Numerous templates


  • Lack of features
  • Lack of priority support
  • Poor customer feedback

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Deb Lyn picture
Deb Lyn

2019 November 19th

Sitelio has fantastic customer service, Daniel was professional, knowledgeable, kind and helpful! Their web was easy to create with available templates. I’ve received a few compliments on my website. I... Read more

Sitelio has fantastic customer service, Daniel was professional, knowledgeable, kind and helpful! Their web was easy to create with available templates. I’ve received a few compliments on my website. I came from eHost and had no problems with my website or renewing my plan.