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Dani Nolan


2019 September 4th

SkySilk is a young but ambitious cloud hosting provider from the US, exclusively offering unmanaged cloud hosting. With the use of open source technologies and enterprise hardware, it aims to bring cloud VPS machines to more users.

As cloud hosting isn't usually cheap, SkySilk stands out from other providers because of its low pricing. So we explored SkySilk's services and tested what exactly can users get for just a couple bucks a month.

Check out this SkySilk review and find out if SkySilk's extra-low prices bring extra-good cloud hosting.

What is SkySilk?

SkySilk is a cloud services provider that offers affordable cloud hosting to people and small to mid-sized businesses. SkySilk uses corporate-level hardware and open-source technologies to deliver one of the cheapest VPS solutions in the market.

SkySilk Homepage

Unmanaged cloud services are only part of SkySilk's offer. It also aims to build a strong community that would provide users with additional help together with SkySilk's support team.

To understand if everything is as good as it sounds, we looked at SkySilk's services, starting with its low prices.

SkySilk Pricing

SkySilk prices start at as low as $1/mo. The next-tier Standard plan begins at $2/mo, although the cost can go up to as much as $600/mo depending on chosen hardware capabilities. But there are a lot of options between the lowest and the highest-level price. The cheapest most popular plans are subject to availability.

SkySilk Prices

Can it really be that cheap?

Yes - and there are no hidden clauses, either. You'll pay your chosen amount monthly without a long-term subscription and with the ability to change your plan if you so desire.

But the important question is - what do you get for these low prices?

The Standard plan with up to 500 Mb/s bandwidth, a triple replicated 10 GB SSD and 500 GB transfer capability. Also, SkySilk allows adding scheduled snapshots and/or backups for 10% of the total cost. All in all, with added snapshots and backups, you can set up your cloud server for just $2.40/month. 

These capabilities are good for testing, basic apps, and smaller websites. If you need more RAM or extra SSD space, the cost can increase, but there are 10+ extra options of the Standard plan to choose from that start at $5/mo.

Reward System

Unlike other hosting providers, SkySilk has a reward system. It gives you points for every purchase you make - for example, you get 5 SkyPoints if you buy a $5 plan. It also rewards you for other actions, such as referring new users, leaving feedback or following Skysilk's Facebook page.

SkySilk Rewards

100 SkyPoints converts into $1 of Cashback value. Once you accrue 2,500 SkyPoints, you can redeem them for Amazon and BestBuy gift cards, pay for SkySilk's services or get a Visa Gift Card.

SkySilk offers plans starting from as low as $1/month. Costs can increase with higher needs, but there are lots of variations of the plans. There is also a special Reward program.

Skysilk Features

SkySilk allows easy 1-click server setup with a clean Linux OS or one of the software templates. It is very user-friendly and easy to set up.


When signing up for SkySilk, you can choose to install a clean Linux OS or one of many software options integrated.

Available Linux OS Distros include the commercially widely used CentOS, popular Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and others. You can choose the latest or previous versions if needed.

SkySilk Linux Distros

You can pick software integration instead of a clean install.

SkySilk App Integration

Available software includes WordPress and LAMP Stack, which users usually need, or recently added Drupal, Odoo, Ajenti, and VestaCP.

SkySilk offers clean Linux OS Distros as well as popular software integrations, including WordPress and LAMP Stack.

Is It User-Friendly?

SkySilk is very user-friendly: its VPS is simple to set up even for beginners.

For example, you can create a WordPress site in a few simple steps: choose "Create VPS", select WordPress, choose your data center and plan, enter some simple details and hit GO!

SkySilk VPS Creation

That's it - you can now access your WordPress admin panel and start building your website.

The VPS itself will be available in SkySilk's dashboard. Here, you can view statistics, perform backups and snapshots, and configure other settings.

SkySilk User Interface

If you need advanced capabilities, SkySilk offers full root access to the server. This is convenient if you want to further customize your server.

SkySilk is very user-friendly. It is suitable both to users who want a simple way to set up and manage VPS and to those who need root access for further configuration.

Is It Secure?

SkySilk's servers should be very secure: it promises strict on-site security measures and provides triple replicated SSD storage and 3 Gbps DDoS protection with all cloud VPS hosting plans.

This means that data is secured and also replicated in multiple storage devices to preserve its integrity - nothing should be lost even if the server is down. And with DDoS protection, websites are guarded against attacks that can slow them down.

SkySilk VPS snapshots and backups are also protected - they are stored internally on a network of NAS/SAN servers that is not visible publicly.

SkySilk Security

To add to all this, SkySilk offers 2-factor authentication to protect your account and mobile app.

SkySilk is a secure solution for VPS hosting. It has strict on-site security and offers triple replicated SSD storage, DDoS protection, and 2-factor authentication.

Customer Support

SkySilk offers 24/7 ticket support and additional customer-service resources, such as a large knowledge base and a strong user community.

SkySilk does not offer phone support, which can be inconvenient to some. But there is around-the-clock ticket support with a promise of quick response and same-day resolution. In fact, plenty of customer reviews that I've found online back these promises: users appear to have had a very positive experience with SkySilk's support team.

SkySilk also wants its users to be able to join a community of experts and other users.

For example, you can suggest or request a feature on SkySilk Community Forum or join SkySilk's Discord - a public communication channel.

SkySilk Discord Chat Window

Discord is convenient because you can get answers from SkySilk's experts and community about various topics.

SkySilk does not offer phone support, but offers a quick-response 24/7 ticket support. It also continues to build a strong and helpful community support for its users.

SkySilk Performance

SkySilk's server was tested with a basic WordPress website with the base 1 VCPU/512 MB RAM/10 GB SSD plan.

The results were promising. For example, GTmetrix returned a high site speed score:

GTmetrix SkySilk Sample Page Score

LoadImpact showed respectable load times, the fastest coming from the US - unsurprisingly, given the servers' locations. Most other times stayed within the "golden" 200ms line boundaries, meaning that they were quick.

Loadimpact Score For SkySilk

SkySilk offers a way to increase your performance: it has a unique Boost function allowing to temporarily scale your server.

Simply by clicking the Boost button in your SkySilk VPS dashboard, you can enable VPS Boost and increase your machine's RAM and CPU for 24 hours.

This is helpful if you need extra resources for testing your website on a larger scale or compiling code but do not wish to permanently upgrade your plan. Also, once you've boosted-up your plan, you can try out the next available plan.

SkySilk Performance Boost

Another important performance indicator is, of course, the uptime. We monitored the test WordPress site using ServiceUptime monitor and saw no outages (it reported a good average response time, too).

ServiceUptime Results Table For SkySilk

So there is a chance that you won't experience any downtimes, especially because of the nature of cloud VPS. When you use it, resources are allocated across different machines and accessible even if one machine is not available.

SkySilk's performance statistics are way above average. During our tests, the servers did not experience any outages and the response times hit the recommended benchmarks.

SkySilk Pros

  • Cheap cloud hosting: SkySilk offers extremely affordable cloud VPS plans.
  • Rewards system: you can earn points and pay for services or get gift cards.
  • Easy to set up and use: it isn't difficult to set up and manage a VPS even for beginners.
  • Root access for configuration: convenient if you want the ability to fully customize your site.
  • Good expert and community support: the support team is very responsive and you can rely on community help.

SkySilk Cons

  • No data centers in Europe or Asia: more data centers could help improve response time and uptime.
  • Doesn't support Windows or Docker: Windows/Docker would be a great addition to the available platforms.
  • No phone support: a 24/7 phone line is the golden standard in customer support.

SkySilk Review: The Verdict

SkySilk is different from most hosting providers because it offers cheap cloud hosting. It also promises reliable customer support and a strong user community and shows good performance results.

SkySilk is a very promising cloud hosting provider for users and small to middle-sized enterprises: it is very easy to set up a VPS for extra-low prices and you can always rely on the support team and the community for help.


  • Cheap cloud hosting
  • Rewards system
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Root access for configuration
  • Good expert and community support


  • No data centers in Europe or Asia
  • Doesn't support Windows or Docker
  • No phone support

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