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Squarespace is yet another builder-based web hosting provider which tends to invest the majority of its resources into making an effortless website publishing experience. In this Squarespace review, I will be aiming to evaluate the quality of Squarespace website builder and test the host’s performance in terms of speed and general uptime.

Pricing & Features

Unlike many other website builder platforms, Squarespace doesn’t necessarily have a free plan option. Instead, they provide a 14-day trial so that all the potential customers would be able to freely play around with their website builder features and later purchase Squarespace service if they feel that it’s worth it.

Squarespace has two separate plan categories – Two packages for simple ‘personal’ websites:


And two packages for business-related eCommerce websites:


What’s the first thing that comes into your mind after reviewing those prices? Yup, these plans are quite expensive. Even if you pay for the whole year upfront, your monthly price equivalent will result in at least $12/mo for the smallest package. Even though it gives you unlimited bandwidth (traffic capability), storage and a free domain registration, – it still doesn’t even compare with some of the other hosts’ prices which offer exactly the same amount of features (eg. Hostinger – $5.84/mo or Siteground – $6.45/mo).

There may still be a silver lining here, – Squarespace is known for its sophisticated & professional website building platform. Let’s see if it compensates for Squarespace’s sky-high pricing structure.

Performance & User Experience

Upon signing up for the Squarespace trial version, I was immediately greeted with a huge array of website templates to choose from. All of those templates seemed to be specifically designed for further enhancement and most of them had a sleek, professional look.


I do believe that Squarespace website templates are one of the best-looking in the industry. They all seemed somewhat exceptional and uniquely designed. Each website template had a short description as to what purpose they were designed for and whether or not you should start using it. Once I chose one, I didn’t even feel comfortable editing it in the website builder.

While on the topic of website builders – Squarespace has a rather simplistic one. Upon starting to build my website from a template, I didn’t even notice most of the tools which were offered to me. Editing tools were hidden from view unless you click on not-so-obvious “+” sign. The majority of customization options have symbols on them, which makes all newcomers cringe in frustration(including me) when they can’t find the editing option they require.


Even though I found it difficult to use at the start, Squarespace website builder was fast and didn’t lack in customization variety. Once I’ve gotten used to the editing tool placements, I was able to create almost anything and build the website without any major problems.

How about the host’s performance? Well, here are some preliminary results after 20 days of monitoring:


Squarespace showcases a somewhat similar average website response time compared to other builder-based hosts with 627 ms (Wix – 569 ms, Weebly – 1099 ms). However, it does seem to have issues with the uptime. Having less than 99.9% overall monthly uptime on a paid host is not acceptable by today’s standards and some hosts would even offer compensations for going lower than 99.9%. Uptime is something to be desired out from Squarespace, unfortunately.


Squarespace is presenting itself as a professional website builder provider, aiming to provide the very best web hosting solutions. By doing so they inflate their subscription prices to the point that it doesn’t seem reasonable to buy any of them. While Squarespace has an impeccable assortment of professionally-designed website templates, it definitely lacks performance in order to justify its huge price tag.

Having fully reviewed Squarespace, I wouldn’t recommend them as a go-to website building platform. There are many other much better alternatives such as Wix, Weebly or even Hostinger. They are all – cheaper, faster and more reliable than Squarespace.


  • Beautiful Website Templates
  • Fast Website Response Time
  • Appealing Website Builder
  • Free Domain Included


  • Expensive
  • Low Uptime
  • Difficult Builder Interface

Main Features

  • Exquisite Website Templates
  • Responsive Website Builder
  • 14 Day Trial

Server Locations

  • United States

Server OS

  • Linux logo Linux

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