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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

StartLogic seems to have an average reputation in the hosting market community. Previously, StartLogic offered VPS hosting along with shared hosting. However, they now solely focus on shared hosting.

This StartLogic review is to point out what this provider is capable or incapable of. Perhaps it can be your choice for hosting provider? Let's find out if it would be a good one!

What is StartLogic?

StartLogic is a U.S. based hosting company that has over 100,000 customers. Currently, it's focusing on shared and VPS hosting and also offers domains.

startlogic review plans

The founder of StartLogic is Thomas Gorny who also established iPower. After the launch, StartLogic merged with the leading Endurance International Group, responsible for many popular hosting providers. However, it still has a level of independence.

StartLogic offers three types of plans for its shared hosting service. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any other hosting services such as dedicated or reseller hosting.

In a nutshell, they don't offer flexible plans, which is a letdown. But, we should expect a significant output from the only hosting service they provide.

For this StartLogic review, let’s see what shared hosting packages offer.

StartLogic Pricing

StartLogic has three plans to offer: starting with the Express for $5.99/mo it gets more expensive with advanced plans Pro and Supercharge.

startlogic review pricing

Let's take a quick look at all three plans:

  • Express - $4.50/mo (with a 2 yr subscription). Provides 5GB space and 100GB bandwidth. Allows one domain and has a website builder included. This plan is suitable for beginner users to get online fast.
  • Pro - $5.99/mo (with a 2 yr subscription). Unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as domains. This plan has full eCommerce features and 10 MySQL databases. Pro plan is for bloggers, portfolios and small businesses.
  • Supercharge - $8.99/mo (with a 2 yr subscription). Along with Pro specifications, this plan has unlimited MySQL databases and also Weebly eCommerce. Offering more safety, this plan is more suitable for eCommerce and sites with higher traffic.

StartLogic uses a regular trick when the advertised prices are valid only when purchasing for a long subscription term.

Here we have four subscription periods to choose from. You can pay monthly or every 12, 24, 36 months. With the longer term, the monthly cost drops.

For example, the Express plan is advertised for $4.50/mo but that is the cost when you sign up for two years. If you want to go monthly, the price would be $5.99/mo. Yearly - $4.99/mo and so on with all plans.

startlogic review pricing terms

And then there are renewals. So, when your initial term ends the plan will be automatically renewed for the same period but with the 'regular' pricing.

Which is a little more expensive.

There's no fixed percentage for how much the price increases for each plan and term. But for example, the Pro plan for a year costs $83.88 and the renewal would be $119.76 for the same term.

But let's take a look at what is actually offered for those prices. Here's a table with all StartLogic plans and their main features.

Express Pro Supercharge
Disk Space 5GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 100 GB Scalable Scalable
Sites hosted 1 Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Shared SSL Shared SSL Shared SSL
Email accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Customer support 24/7 live chat, ticket, phone 24/7 live chat, ticket, phone 24/7 live chat, ticket, phone
Free automated back-ups Daily Daily Daily

What is great, StartLogic uses SSD servers and these are more reliable than HHDs. You’ll also get a free domain with the hosting plan. And a free SSL certificate is also coming with the plan.

Talking about the website itself, each plan has a website builder included. These can be SiteExpresso or Weebly. Both are simple to use drag-and-drop website builders. And they come with modern looking templates to make great looking websites.

StartLogic review website builder

Looking at all the plans, the cheapest option Express stands out having little resources. However, for users that are just starting their online presence, one page with 5GB space can be enough.

For the unlimited disk space and bandwidth, you should go with Pro or Supercharge. Those also come with unlimited FTP and Email accounts. And here you will find eCommerce features as well as options for Java and Power plugins as and website traffic statistics. 

Overall, StartLogic has quite a complicated pricing system but the plans have useful features included. At least the higher priced plans do.

Anyway, if StartLogic turns out to be unfit for your needs, you get 30-days money back guarantee.


It’s time for us to judge the actual performance of StartLogic. With only a few plans on the offer, we expect exceptional quality output from this provider. Let’s see if they can truly deliver what they claim.

Decent Response Time

StartLogic averages at a speed of 440.5ms, which is good. Compared to other hosting providers on the market this response time isn't exceptional but it really is decent.

The standard response time is around 500ms and StartLogic is faster than that. I wasn’t expecting this output from a mid-level hosting company.

Excellent Uptime

Like many other hosting companies, StartLogic claims to provide 99.99% uptime. However, after I checked them out, I found that they can provide 99.98% uptime, which is not too far from its promises. Although they only offer shared hosting plans, still with this level of output this could be a suitable provider for many users.


Bad Customer Support

I wanted to check out the quality of their customer support. That’s why I went ahead and contacted them through their chat portal as a potential customer. However, it was one of my worst experiences ever. And I have some experience...

The sales representative didn’t have any knowledge about the plans they offer. The representative gave me false information, mostly contradicting to the offers on the main website.

When I asked about the contradictions, the representative confused me even more.

In a nutshell, customer support is definitely not one of their strong suits. And you need a support that's knowledgable and be always ready!

No cPanel

From a company that is so focused on hosting only, it’s normal to expect the best of the features. However, the plans don't have a cPanel. Instead, they offer vDeck with one click installer Mojo Marketplace. Mojo Marketplace only provides 73 installer scripts and that is quite limiting.  

So, this was another let down from StartLogic's side.

Expensive renewals

It's nothing new that hosting providers charge more for renewals. The first term is to allow your customer to try out the services for a more affordable price. However, StartLogic renewals jump up very high.

No anti-DDoS or anti-malware protection

That is a strong disadvantage! Website security is one of the basic features of a hosting provider to offer. But StartLogic doesn't include those. Instead, anti-DDoS and anti-malware can be bought as separate products. That's a shady pricing trick to do!

StartLogic Review: Can They Fulfill Your Needs?

It’s difficult to recommend whether StartLogic. The provider has a shady pricing system, and some of the basic features have to be bought separately.

Thus, StartLogic fails to offer flexibility for a bigger audience. If you want to host a low traffic website or want minimal features, then you can go for them as they have a fair response time and good uptime. Otherwise, I won't recommend them.

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  • Great uptime
  • SSD servers


  • Poor customer support
  • Tricky pricing system
  • Expensive renewals
  • No malware protection

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