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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Strikingly is one of the better website builders for one-page websites. It is strikingly "trusted by millions of entrepreneurs and creatives", and there is apparently no formula like this one.

With such a stance in the website building niche, I decided to put its award-winning designs to the test.

First Glance at Strikingly

My first impressions were decent but not striking. Strikingly's website is sleek, informative and looks professional. Signing up is through Facebook which is quite simple and convenient. After the signing up, you can instantly add a blog or store to any website.

strikingly review signing up

There are also 25 themes to choose from - which is up from just 13 last year. This progression from Strikingly is a great thing to see but 25 isn't something to boast about yet. Let's see what number the next year will bring.

Unlike Wix, another website builder that allows you to create one-page websites, Strikingly uses an intuitive sections editor that works well for one-page websites.


These sections contain blocks of content which can be stacked up and fully customized. Also, with Strikingly's pro package, you can even create your own sections by adding columns, videos, images etc.

Overall, the process of building your website is easy, their unique sections editor is great and it only took me just a few minutes to get familiar with it.


Other excellent features include fully functional iOS and Android apps, where you can edit and manage your website. However, when using the iOS app, I had a little trouble with some of the editing features.

Strikingly also offers a simple eCommerce feature - you can set product variations, categories, and create coupon codes.

So far, it's a strikingly good performance from Strikingly, but let's check out some websites that have been built using this website builder.

Strikingly - Websites

To get a better idea of what your Strikingly website could look like, here are a few examples:


In my opinion, websites built with Strikingly seem to have a very modern and clean feel to them.

Although there is a lack of theme customization with Strikingly, (unless you upgrade to pro) all of their themes are fully responsive and work extremely well on mobile devices.

Strikingly Pricing

For most businesses, value for money is key.

Strikingly's pro plan has a lot to offer for only $16 per month (billed yearly). Key features in this package are 3 pro sites, password protection, full font library, and mobile action buttons. When you compare these features with those from the limited plan - you simply cannot complain.

strikingly review pricing

Strikingly - Free Plan

Unlike Squarespace, which doesn't offer a completely free plan (but just a 14-day-free-trial), the Strikingly has a completely free plan and it has a lot to offer - more than enough to encourage you to upgrade.

With the forever free plan from Strikingly, you'll get domain, unlimited websites, 5GB monthly bandwidth, 24/7 support and a simple store (1 product per site).

Paid Plans in More Detail

You can take a further look at the plans offered by Strikingly in the table below:

Limited Pro VIP
Bandwidth 50GB Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Websites 2 3 5
Number of Templates 25 25 25
Support 24/7 Support 24/7 Support Priority Customer Service and English Phone Support
Custom Domain Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes
Password Protection No Yes Yes
eCommerce No Yes Yes

As you can see, the limited plan has a lot to offer. It has a good number of websites and the option to connect a free domain. I also noticed that it includes all of the pro and VIP templates, which is actually quite rare in the web builders sphere.

With this being said, though, for most entrepreneurs and creatives I would recommend the Pro plan. The number of websites you can create is impressive for the price, and so is the multi-page feature. Also, when comparing the pro plan with the VIP plan, there aren't enough significant differences to justify the much-increased price tag.

As an extra added note: when purchasing either of these plans yearly, you can save up to a reasonable $48.


After testing the performance of Strikingly on Bitcatcha, the results are quite disappointing, to say the least.


It's a very mediocre performance on the speed side of things. The tests results show that response times in countries such as Singapore, Japan, and Bangalore are average, while the response times in London and Sydney could be better too.

Strikingly Review - Final Thoughts

I must say, there is a lot to love about this product.

The free plan offered by Strikingly is a great shout-out for creatives and small businesses, while there are also excellent features included in their limited plan.

I also like that Strikingly aims to offer something for everyone - with eCommerce integrated into its platform for desired sellers, and fully functional Android and iOS apps for users who are always on the go.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Strikingly is an investment you won't regret. In all my experience of using web builders - Strikingly is up there with the best. In all my experience using one-page web builders - Strikingly is the best.

If you do try Strikingly, please feel free to leave your own Strikingly reviews and experiences below.


  • Simpl sections editor
  • One-page design
  • eCommerce is integrated
  • Compatible with Android and iOS apps


  • Low number of templates
  • Lack of customization

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