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Bart Keating


2019 October 29th

There are hundreds if not thousands of great hosting providers. However, some of them are not as famous as the biggest fishes in the industry. But that does not make them any less good.

And this is the case of THCServers.

The small hosting provider offers a reliable, high-performance, and scalable service for every beginner and web hosting professional. The affordable starter plans let you launch a personal or small business website easily, while tons of scalability options allow you to grow.

In this THCServers review, we tested the performance and features of the provider to find out how good it actually is.

What is THCServers?

THCServers is a relatively new web hosting service, in 2013 created by two college buddies, who puff a lot of heart in coming up with its relaxing name.

Being a rarely small company, up to this day it has fewer than 20 employees.

THCservers Review About Us

Using a small scale web host can either be a good or a bad thing: some small web hosts take advantage of their size to offer personalized customer support while others have too few technical staff to provide a reliable hosting experience.

So which category does THCServers fall into?

THCServers Pricing

THCServers has 4 different plans on offer: the $1.95/month Geek plan, the $3.95/month Nerd package, $5.95/month Freek option, and also the Ultimate plan for $20.95/mo.

THCServers review: THCServers pricing

All of the plans include a huge package of features as a default. That's free SSL, daily backups, DDoS protection, spam filtering, and unlimited bandwidth. So what are the other features included?

  • Geek for $1.95/mo includes 1 website, 2GB disk space, and 5 email accounts.
  • Nerd for $3.95/mo hosts 5 websites, includes 10GB of disk space, and 10 email accounts.
  • Freek for $5.95/mo will host unlimited websites, emails and includes 25GB disk space.
  • Ultimate for $20.95/mo includes 120GB disk spaces for unlimited websites and emails.

THCServers are pretty limiting in terms of disk space, especially with the cheapest plan. On the other hand, it will be perfectly enough for a small personal website.

Here you can compare all the technical details of each of the plans:

Geek Nerd Freek Ultimate
Disk Space 2GB 10GB 25GB 120GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
No. of Domains 1 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Backups Daily Daily Daily Daily
Customer Support 24/7 live chat and tickets

Budget pricing is probably the most impressive thing we found in this THCServers review. At just $1.95/month for unmetered bandwidth and tons of premium features, the Geek package really does offer good value. It should be suitable for small personal and business websites.

However, if you do want to run multiple domains or sites from your server, you should consider the Nerd or Freek plans. They support multiple domain hosting and are inexpensive as well.

More to add, any privacy-conscious readers will be happy to hear that you can pay using multiple cryptocurrencies. A Domain Privacy add-on, which will keep your details off of the WHOIS domain registry database, can also be incorporated into any package for just $4/year.

THCServers Features

THCServers has some impressive features on the list. That includes everything from hosting management and scalability to great customer support and reliability.

Here are the main highlights of THCServers.

Industry-Best Control Panel

Despite its 'For Geeks, By Geeks' branding, getting a website started with THCServers could've been done by pretty much anyone.

From the easy and instant launch process to the cPanel with Softaculous - everything's made simple and convenient. Even for a beginner user.

cPanel is perhaps the most popular control panel you can get. Its graphical interface doesn't let you get lost. And that's great both for beginners and advanced users.

THCServers review: THCServers cPanel

Beginners are able to set up their hosting accounts hassle-free, while pros have all the freedom in configuring settings.

Another useful tool you'll find in the control panel is the Softaculous auto-installer for hundreds of apps.

It can be used for installing such software like WordPress or Joomla in one click - no need to go and download the applications and go through a lengthy installation process.

Scalable Hosting

THCServers offers a range of different hosting types:

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento Hosting
  • VPS servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • Reseller hosting

A wide list of services is great if you want to start from a small personal website and grow it into a big online business.

Worldwide Data Center Locations

Signing up to a hosting package was straightforward thanks to THCServers' no-nonsense website design. During the process, I was pleased to be offered the choice of 6 different global data centers on 3 different continents. 

THCServers review: THCServers server locations

If you do decide to use this host, make sure you select the server that reduces latency for your target audience.

The closer your website is hosted to the audience, the faster web pages can load. And speed is crucial both for user experience and search engine results.

Friendly Customer Support

For a small hosting provider, THCServers has many support options. That includes 24/7 ticket and live chat support, as well as a knowledge base and a blog featuring all the latest news and tutorials.

However, given the small size of its team, we were concerned that THCServers' support service wouldn't be as 'legendary' as its website proclaims.

THCservers Review Support

Fortunately, those fears were unfounded. We tested THCServers' support ticket system and the 24/7 live chat service. We quickly received rapid and friendly responses. 

THCServers, despite the small team, has a friendly, fast, and helpful support.

THCServers Performance

THCServers has a 99.99% uptime guarantee which is impressive and leaves only a 1-minute weekly gap for your website to be down. But the real-life results are even better, during the testing, THCServers has not gone down at all.

The speed is also worth a mention. While the provider is not the fastest, its shared hosting servers are rather impressive, scoring 376ms average response time. 

THCServers review: THCServers performance

On the other hand. 376ms does not fit in Google's 200ms it uses to rank websites. This means, that your site won't be ranked as fast to get a better search engine ranking.

At the same time, rarely any host does pass this test and THCServers performance is way better than the industry average of 553ms.

Combine it with great reliability and you shouldn't have any problems in the performance department with THCServers.

THCServers Review - the Verdict

During our THCServers review, we were pleasantly surprised about how good this host actually is. We were impressed with its customer support, pricing, and reliability.

The one downside was that THCServers does not pass Google's benchmark to be ranked as fast - but it's still better than an average host.

Also, while cheap, the more advanced packages are still not the cheapest options in the business. So if you're looking to save every penny, there's are plenty of other cheap web hosting packages you could look into.

In this review we focused our attention on THCServers' shared hosting packages. If you are interested in an alternative server architecture, we certainly recommend checking out its VPS and dedicated server packages too.

If you have THC Server reviews of your own to add, please post them below!


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Worldwide data centers
  • Reliable 99.99% uptime gurantee
  • Helpful support


  • Speed could be improved
  • Doesn't include a CDN

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arkadiy invanovich picture
arkadiy invanovich

2019 November 11th

Great support and extremely helpful. Uptime is as expected, did not encounter any issues so far with service. Also, very intuitive and easy for use.

Great support and extremely helpful. Uptime is as expected, did not encounter any issues so far with service. Also, very intuitive and easy for use.

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