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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

TierraNet has been around for a while and promotes itself as being an experienced and reliable web hosting company. Their emphasis is on bloggers, small and medium-sized businesses.

But do all of those people get a good product?

In my TierraNet review, I tested and investigated their services to see what it had to offer.

Easy To Use From The Start

One of the best things about TierraNet is that they make it really easy to set up. They have a lot of step-by-step tutorials and excellent FAQs that can help even beginners get going without any issues.

TierraNet Review Front Page

There's also a live chat option once you're set up which, when added to the email, phone and helpdesk options, proves that TierraNet has a very good customer service infrastructure.

Scratch the surface though, and things start to fall apart. Other TierraNet reviews have mentioned that standards have slipped over recent years. The recurring issue is that if you have an issue, the TierraNet customer service team look to deflect blame on to a third party. This slows things down and becomes terribly frustrating.

This alone is enough to throw me right off.

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TierraNet Pricing

The Email Only package does exactly what it says on the tin, offering hosting for 5 mailboxes - but not much else.

On a positive note: TierraNet offers a quite interesting $19.95/month package which gets you 1TB of disk space and 5TB of bandwidth.

However, it'd perhaps be more impressive if the complaints hadn't have been so off-putting.

TierraNet Review Pricing

Plan Features

Email Only UltraLite Professional
Disk space limit 500MB 1GB 1TB
Bandwidth limit N/A 100GB 5TB
How many domains allowed No Yes Yes
SSD or HDD used in servers HDD HDD HDD
SSL N/A Included Included
Email accounts 5 10 Unlimited
Website builder - - -
Money back guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days
Support Online, phone, and live chat Online, phone, and live chat Online, phone, and live chat

The emphasis on eCommerce is very nice. It's clear that TierraNet is backing up claims that they focus on small and medium businesses. Shared SSLs are added with the purchases, and private SSLs are available as well. The latter is a very useful addition for eCommerce-driven sites.

To get value out of TierraNet, however, you certainly should consider UltraLite or Professional; the Email only option isn't really worthwhile unless you're already hosting elsewhere and only need email. But if you're only looking for email, you might be better off searching for the best email hosting provider instead.


TierraNet's performance is average; the response time is decent enough, but it still doesn't quite compete with many competition services. Considering that TierraNet positions itself as a hosting provider for businesses, it should do just a little bit better.

TierraNet Review Performance

I didn't have any problems with downtime and all of the add-ons (MySQL databases and FTP accounts) worked seamlessly, so I have no complaints with that.

Concluding My TierraNet Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Despite being called the "Professional" package, TierraNet is really geared up to help the beginner or intermediate web-based businesses get set up. This I liked very much. However, the pricing is a bit steep compared to what a regular, personal user may want to pay.

But you still get some of your money's worth. A comprehensive list of FAQs and walk-throughs that come with TierraNet are very lovely.

That being said, it's hard to see the value in the tutorials and guides when you consider the complaints regarding poor service. Sure, every company is bound to receive some criticism. But TierraNet's complaints were exceptionally severe, and there were many more than just the two that I referred to.

Although the price and features were quite appealing, I can't directly recommend TierraNet as a result of the numerous complaints left in recent years regarding a significant drop in standards.

If you have tried it yourself, though, please feel free to leave any TierraNet reviews of your own in the comment section below. I'm curious.


  • Excellent FAQs and walkthroughs
  • Exceptional value on professional plan
  • Good commerce options


  • Not the greatest performance
  • Support not as good for advanced issues

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