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Paul Mahony


2019 October 2nd

Tigertech have been around for a long time - since 1999, to be precise. They clearly haven't done too bad for themselves to still be up and running nearly 20 years down the line.

They claim to offer 'affordable, 100% green web hosting', while also labeling themselves as providers of 'reliable hosting services'.

My Tigertech review put their reputation to the test.

You Can Relax From the Start

Over the course of my Tigertech net review, I spoke to three separate members of the customer service team.

This is remarkable in itself, as many other sites I have reviewed recently haven't bothered responding to pretty much anything.

Tiger Tech Review Front Page

Everyone involved with the operation is helpful and responses are clear and prompt.

It's also extremely easy to switch host from another company. The claim of no downtime is accurate and once again, customer service works well.

I'm also a big fan of their attention to ethics; their commitment to energy saving and renewable sources is admirable. At the moment, they fully classify as a carbon-neutral hosting provider, not causing any additional damage to our planet.

Presumably, such an excellent first impression will cost me a lot of money? Let's take a look at their prices.

Tigertech Pricing

There are three options with Tigertech. The basic plan is $10.95 per month ($9.95 if you pay annually) and includes an impressive 40 MySQL databases.

Meanwhile, the top-level plan is less than double the price, at $17.95. There is no super-premium option and it's clear that Tigertech are aiming at the small-to-medium business market. But even then, the starting prices even for the cheapest plan are pretty big.

Tiger Tech Review Pricing

I took a more in-depth look at the features of their plans.

Plan Features

Basic Hosting Plus Hosting Business Hosting
Disk Space 20GB 30GB 50GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
How many domains allowed 10 15 25
SSD or HDD used in servers SSD SSD SSD
SSL Included Included Included
Email accounts 100 150 250
Website builder Not included Not included Not included
Money back guarantee 90 days 90 days 90 days
Customer Support Ticket, email, phone Ticket, email, phone Ticket, email, phone

The first thing to notice here is that business hosting offers well over double the disk space, mailboxes, MySQL databases and domain names of the basic plan. This is despite not being double the price.

The number of databases across the three plans is excellent and you get a large number of mailing list options. Everything scales well, with there being a clear progression through the plans. The ratio of features to increases in pricing per package is very reasonable, and for that reason, I'm a fan.

Ultimately, though, the choice of which plan to take probably comes down to disk space. Some people might find 20GB to be a little on the small side.


As part of my Tigertech review, I conducted a performance test. Unfortunately, the speed didn't exactly leave me jumping for joy.

Tiger Tech Review Performance

But while there were definitely some issues with loading and connecting, I didn't notice any downtime.

Tigertech Review: Is it as Good as their Reputation?

For small and medium-sized businesses, Tigertech has to be one of the best choices on the market. Their packages all come with decent disk space for the price and a huge amount of databases.

It certainly isn't the fastest hosting available, but the switching service is extremely efficient and there is no downtime.

For me though, it all comes down to customer service. Tigertech offer great basic support and are contactable by a wealth of methods. When you get hold of someone, they're efficient, knowledgeable and polite.

And if you want to feel good about your choices, it's great to see a hosting company being conscientious about environmental impact!

What do you think about Tigertech? Would you be swayed by their approach to renewable energy sources? Let us know with your own Tigertech reviews in the comment section below.


  • Good customer service
  • Efficient switching with no downtime
  • Environmentally responsible


  • Not particularly fast
  • Not enough disk space for larger businesses

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