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Dani Nolan


2019 October 29th

If your site has grown beyond shared web hosting or you are launching something huge - VPS is the logical choice.

Virtual Private Servers work as dedicated ones but for a much cheaper price. So you get all the benefits and no drawbacks. Potentially.

In order for the VPSs to work good, they need to be managed by professionals. And that's what Time4VPS is.

Time4VPS is a branch of one of Lithuania's largest web hosts, Interneto Vizija. As the name suggests, its main focus is providing VPS hosting. It claims to offer fast and reliable services for an affordable price.

So, is it really "Time4VPS" or, is it more "time to keep looking for another web host"? In this Time4VPS review, that's exactly what we're going to find out. 

Time4VPS Pros

Time4VPS has quite a few promises to deliver and it appears that the host succeeds.

It offers really affordable pricing for the entry plans, great customer support, and a lot of scalability options.

1. Time4VPS Pricing

Time4VPS offers 4 different VPS services. Linux VPS hosting starts at €3.99/mo, Windows VPS costs from €5.99/mo, you can get Container VPS for €2.99/mo and VPS Storage costs from €2.99/mo. 

Time4VPS review: Time4VPS services pricing

In this Time4VPS we'll cover the features and pricing of the basic VPS plans.

You can group the pricing of Time4VPS into 2 categories - starter and advanced. At the same time, even the cheapest plan can handle heavy websites with high levels of traffic.

So, the starter plans range from €2.99/mo to €9.99/mo. You can get resources from 2GB RAM, 20GB of storage, and 2TB of bandwidth to 16B RAM, 160GB of storage, and 16TB of bandwidth. 

Time4VPS review: first category pricing

Considering the resources you get and the pricing - this seems seriously affordable. However, you can get even more.

The more advanced packages range from €17.99/mo to €129.99/mo. The huge amounts of resources vary from 24GB RAM, 240GB storage, and 24TB bandwidth to 64GB RAM, 640GB storage, and 64TB of bandwidth.

Time4VPS review: second category pricing

Unfortunately, for the advertised pricing, you only get the server without any additional features. This means, that SSL, domains, backups, and security will cost you extra.

Overall, Time4VPS's base plans are affordable: at €3.99/month, the Linux VPS plan offers excellent value for 20GB storage. You can also save 17% by paying annually. 

2. Time4VPS Customer Support

Time4VPS has 24/7 live chat and ticket support. It also has an extensive help desk and an active community forum.

The provider ensures that no matter what time of the day, you can get the best help possible.

During this Time4VPS review, we tested all of the options available.

Ticket support and live chat are just as expected - fast and helpful. You can expect to be connected to the agent via live chat immediately while ticket support will solve any of your issues in a day.

The more impressive was the community forum.

Time4VPS review: Time4VPS community

Once the comment is published, you get the answer immediately. Moderators, support staff, and other members join in to help and share advice.

Despite Time4VPS being a relatively small provider, it has all the support options. Best of all, they all function properly - fast and helpful. Especially the community forum where you can get tips and advice from the pros.

3. Time4VPS Scalability Options

Time4VPS has a whole bunch of VPS services including Linux, Windows, Container, and Storage plans. And for all of these, it's ready to handle projects from everyday small website to huge enterprise projects and web-based apps.

For everyday tasks, Time4VPS recommends Container VPS starting at €2.99/mobut more advanced users can go ahead and skip all the way to Linux VPS for €3.99/mo. 

All of the types of hosting including Container VPS, Linux, and Windows can be scaled up yo 640GB of storage.

To put it in a perspective, 640GB of storage can hande over 600 small websites. So if you are planning something big - Time4VPS will have an option to scale.

Best of all, you can upgrade all the plans on-demand without experiencing any downtime or burdensome migrations.

Time4VPS has all the options for both start-up projects and scalability for huge enterprises. You can upgrade on-demand without suffering from downtime.

4. Industry-Leading Uptime Guarantee

Time4VPS has an amazing 99.95% uptime guarantee. This leaves the provider merely 5 minutes of weekly downtime. You can be sure that your site will be available at all times.

But the best part is, Time4VPS manages to exceed the expectations.

We did a month of testing and monitoring a website hosted with the provider and it hasn't gone down even for a minute.

Time4VPS review: Time4VPS uptime

So if you're looking for reliable hosting for the Europe-based audiences - Time4VPS is definitely the one.

Time4VPS has a nice 99.95% uptime guarantee promising high reliability. It even exceeds the promises - during our monitoring it has kept a 100% uptime.

Time4VPS Cons

Just like all of the hosting providers, Time4VPS has its issues. While these are not huge problems, the provider might want to work on its features, datacenters, and tools to enhance server performance.

1. Paid Essentials

One of the biggest drawbacks that Time4VPS has is that it only includes the server for your project with no essential features included.

While it's very convenient for the developing pros, it won't cut for beginners that want to host business or eCommerce sites themselves.

Choosing Time4VPS you'll experience extra costs for domain names, control panel, software licensing, SSL, and more.

So if you are a beginner user that needs hosting for a big website, Time4VPS might not be an excellent choice. But if you already know exactly what you need - go ahead and give it a try.

Time4VPS provides only the bare server hosting. And while you can purchase extra features, the pricing jumps quickly.

2. Lack of Server Location Choice

Time4VPS has only 1 data center located in Vilnius, Europe. This means lightning-fast response times in the whole of Europe, yet it might be slower in different regions.

In fact, Time4VPS promises to reach all corners of Europe in less than 50ms which is an amazing result.

This makes Time4VPS perfect for Europe audiences. However, if you target the US or Asia countries - we would recommend the provider offering server locations closer to them.

Remember, you can decrease latency by choosing a server closest to your target audience. This way you'll ensure the best possible performance of your website.

Time4VPS has 1 server location covering Europe and ensuring the best response times for the region. On the other hand, if your target audience is located in US, Asia, or other regions, Time4VPS might not be the optimal choice.

3. Average Performance Results

During my Time4VPS review, we tested the site and found that Time4VPS delivers perfectly adequate results in North America and Europe, but subpar performance in Asia.

 Time4VPS Review Bitcatcha

Again, the provider is excellent for Europe audiences but not optimal for other regions.

Time4VPS is excellent host for Europe audiences but you might experience slower loading times in other regions like US, Asia, or South America.

Time4VPS Review - the Verdict

I was impressed with its customer service and the range of different plans it offers. The performance in the whole Europe region and uptime are impressive too.

However, Time4VPS isn't a great money-saving option as you have to pay extra for so many important features. Still, thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee, you'll have time4deciding if this service is for you.

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  • Wide range of VPS packages
  • Superb customer service
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Very reliable
  • Active community


  • Charges for usually free additions
  • Only operates a single data center

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