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Who is TMDHosting?

Do you want to find a web hosting provider that offers the full package? Well, who doesn't?  Our TMDHosting review may help you in your search for the perfection. TMDHosting was launched back in 2007 and slowly began building popularity. In 10+ years they facilitated over 300,000 websites and now are the proud owners of  data centres all around the globe: U.S., U.K., Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Throughout these years, TMDHosting significantly emphasised on their security measures and established themselves as the reliable hosting provider among its clients.

Services Offered By TMDHosting

TMDHosting offers a large number of services, including:

  • Shared Hosting.
  • VPS Hosting.
  • Cloud Hosting.
  • Reseller Hosting.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • Domain Names.
  • Dedicated Server.

At the first glance it seems that they have a lot to offer.  Among the hosting services the most famous is the Shared Hosting. No wonder - it's cheap and offers all the fundamental features.

That being said, other services offered by TMDHosting also have quite a positive feedback from their dedicated customers.

Another nice touch is their very own tutorial to get newbies started.  So, if you are just a beginner, then TMDHosting can help you to set up your very first website.

Well, at this point TMDHosting surely seems like an excellent choice, but before making a decision, check out their pricing and plans with our TMDHosting review.

Let’s see what they offer!

TMDHosting Pricing & Plans

Take a quick look at their plans and pricing:

For Linux Hosting –

TMDHosting pricing plans for Linux

-    Starter Plan: The starter plan starts at $8.95/mo. With unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. The plan also supports unlimited Email and FTP accounts. A special offer with 65% discount, reduces the price to $2.95/mo.

-    Business Plan: The business plan package starts at $9.95/mo. With unlimited storage space, and unlimited bandwidth. It supports unlimited FTP accounts and Email accounts. A special offer with 40% discount, reduces this price to $5.95/mo.

-    Enterprise Plan: The enterprise will cost you $16.95/mo. This one also offers the same features as the other two: unlimited storage space, and bandwidth. It supports unlimited Email accounts and FTP accounts. A special offer with 30% discount, reduces this price to $12.95/mo.

Obviously, the starter plan is a perfect choice if you are on a budget and only need one website for your needs. However, if you add $3 more, then you’ll get the business plan for multiple websites and bigger traffic. This might help you expand your business.

The enterprise plan seems a bit pricey with $16.95/mo. Although the discount offer reduces it $4, still it’s not really budget oriented. However, if you are thinking of managing more complex websites and need heavy traffic, in this case paying $12.95 each month for enterprise plan is the best option.

Comparing to other hosting providers, these rates seems to be reasonable. However we would recommend starting with starter (kind of obvious) plan and try it for yourself.

Note: You’ll get free domain registration and premium support with all plans. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free dedicated IPs.

For Windows Hosting –

TMDHosting pricing plans for windows

-    Starter Plan: It starts at $8.99/mo. This plan also comes with unlimited bandwidth, storage space, Email accounts and FTP accounts. A special offer with 60% discount, reduces this price to 3.99/mo.

-    Business Plan: Starting at $9.99/mo. This plan offers unlimited storage space with unlimited bandwidth. It also supports unlimited Email and FTP accounts. A special offer with 40% discount, reduces this price to $5.99/mo.

-    Enterprise Plan: It will cost you $16.85/mo. With unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. It also supports unlimited FTP and Email accounts. A special offer with 30% discount, reduces this price to $11.99/mo.

Well, if we compare the pricing with other hosting providers, these rates seem to be reasonable. However, we’d recommend you to go with the starter plan. It indeed offers a large number of benefits with a low price.

Note: You’ll get free domain registration and premium support in these plans too.

Breakdown of the Price Plans

So, is there any loophole? Unfortunately, yes. We know how the starter plan looks extremely lucrative for a beginner and it is right on the budget. However, to get the 60% discount you’ll have to go for the 36 months billing cycle.

price plans for domain registration

You’ll only get the discounted rate for this billing cycle. It’s a bit of a drag but still can save you a lot in the long run.

If you go for this plan, you’ll have to pay up $106.2. This rate is comparatively cheaper than other hosting providers.

So, you see, this package can be the best deal. Although if you are not sure about it and want to check the water before diving in, then we recommend you to go for the one-month billing cycle.

It will cost you, but they don’t have a flexible billing cycle for Linux hosting.

If you want Windows hosting, then go for the starter plan with three months billing cycle. The prices for Windows hosting are comparatively lower in TMDHosting. This is one of their plus points.

Payment PeriodStarter PlanBusiness PlanEnterprise PlanStarter Plan (Win)Business Plan (Win)Enterprise Plan (Win)
1 Month$18.90 ($9.95 setup fee)$19.90 ($9.95 setup fee)$16.95--$16.85
3 Months---$26.97$29.97-
6 Months------
12 Months$47.40$83.40$179.40$71.88$95.88$167.88
24 Months$94.80$142.80$310.80$119.76$167.76$311.76
36 Months$106.20--$143.64$215.64$431.64

The Plans in More Detail

Now, let’s see how the plans look in more detail. Our TMDHosting review completed a careful research and pointed out all the particular features you might be interested in.

Let's see what they are:

 Starter PlanBusiness PlanEnterprise PlanStarter Plan (Win)Business Plan (Win)Enterprise Plan (Win)
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
How many domains allowed?1UnlimitedUnlimited6UnlimitedUnlimited
SSLLet's Encrypt SSLStandard SSLWildCard SSLLet's Encrypt SSLLet's Encrypt SSLLet's Encrypt SSL
Anti-DDoS protectionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Anti-malware protectionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website builderIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website templatesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Assisted website transferIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
cPanelYesYesYesNo (only Plesk)No (only Plesk)No (only Plesk)
Auto-installer scripts200+200+200+200+200+200+
Money-back guarantee60 days60 days60 days60 days60 days60 days
Customer support24/7/365    Email,

Phone,      Tickets,    Live Chat,   Inquiry Form

24/7/365    Email,

Phone,      Tickets,    Live Chat,   Inquiry Form

24/7/365    Email,

Phone,      Tickets,    Live Chat,   Inquiry Form

24/7/365    Email,

Phone,      Tickets,    Live Chat,   Inquiry Form

24/7/365    Email,

Phone,      Tickets,    Live Chat,   Inquiry Form

24/7/365    Email,

Phone,      Tickets,    Live Chat,   Inquiry Form

Choice of server locationUSA, SG, JP, UK, NL, AUUSA, SG, JP, UK, NL, AUUSA, SG, JP, UK, NL, AUNo-USA onlyNo-USA onlyNo-USA only
Free automated back-upsYesYesYesYesYesYes

TMDHosting Pros

Take a look at their advantages with the help of our TMDHosting review. It might help you to make the decision accordingly.

  1. 99% Uptime

TMDHosting claims to provide 99.99% uptime. The surprising part is that they really can provide this. They don’t usually have any downtime. They are somewhat rare but short, only a few minutes in a couple of weeks. Let's just hope all the down minutes will not happen in one day.

However this is an exceptionally great performance. And it is one of the many reasons why we decided to go with TMDHosting review.

  1. 60-day Money Back Guarantee

Numerous web hosting providers offer at least 30-day money back guarantee, in case you are not totally satisfied with the services. But TMDHosting outran them here. They went ahead and provided a 60-day money back guarantee to their customers.

  1. Free Domain Name & Website Transfer

They also offer free domain names and website transfer for every customer. The offer actually makes the pricing plan even more attractive.

  1. Fast Customer Service

TMDHosting has 24/7 live chat options, which is a pretty great service. They were extremely quick to respond to our queries and gave a knowledgeable response. We were completely satisfied with their customer service.

The only limitation is the phone support, as it’s only available during the U.S. business hours.

  1. Easy To Use

TMDHosting can be an excellent platform for the newcomers. The interface and the one-click installation process will help you to complete the setup process in no time. They also provide a wide range of tutorials for your further benefit.

TMDHosting Cons

Nobody is perfect and TMDHosting is not an exception. Let's  take a look at some of their negative aspects through our TMDHosting review.

  1. Bad Response Time

The response time fluctuates between 750ms-1100ms, which is extremely bad. It’s below average and is 23.59% slower than the standard response time.

  1. Fewer Billing Cycles

Although their plans are incredibly lucrative, they don’t really have many billing options. Cheaper plans have the minimum of 12 months billing cycle, which is a bit of a letdown.

  1. Setup Fee

They will charge you with a setup fee for every plan with one-month billing cycle. However, it’s a small amount. But if anyone wants to try them out before fully committing, they’ll have to pay the extra setup fee.

  1. Starter Plan Only Has One Domain

Unfortunately, our TMDHosting review found out that they only allow one domain for the starter plan. This is one of the main negative aspects of TMDHosting.

TMDHosting Review – Should You Go For It?

Hopefully, our thorough analysis will help you to decide whether this hosting provider is worth the money. In spite of some negative aspects, we came to the conclusion that TMDHosting looks pretty decent as a hosting provider.

Although they have quite a horrid response time they guarantee  99.99% uptime to back that up. More to add, they offer great features in almost all of their hosting plans.

Overall, we think you could give them a shot, but remember that you can still check out our other web hosting reviews to find the best option for you.


  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free domain
  • Great customer service


  • Bad response time
  • Setup fee
  • Limited billing cycles

Leave a Review

  1. Chantz Martin picture Chantz Martin
    2018 December 13th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    To start, I purchased hosting from TMDHosting over a year ago in hopes of running and online business. I abandoned that venture and did not use the service at all the following year.

    When I signed up to the platform, unless I dug deep into the terms of service, there was no information regarding an automatic renewal given at checkout or in the introduction email.

    Moving forward to when I cancelled the service, I saw an email stating that my card was being charged for another year of the service and since I obviously didn’t use the service I figured I would just cancel before the charges hit my account. I literally cancelled the day of the email and yet I am not allowed a refund even though I will not be using this service at all, and haven’t for a year now.

    My issue with this policy they have created, is that there is no fair notification of charges from the company before any charges occurred. I never received any emails letting me know that the account would be continuing in “X” amount of days and that I would be charged. I was only let know of this renewal after the fact.

  2. Wayne Herbert picture Wayne Herbert
    2018 August 8th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Early July, 2017… I am searching for an ISP that can support my Moodle LMS application. I talk to the folks at TMD Hosting. They say they are sure they can get it running. So, I sign up.

    It turns out that, in spite of their best efforts, they cannot get it running… I can understand that… it’s a mess. But, I’ve gone beyond their 60 day money back guarantee, so I eat my year’s subscription as part of the costs of transitioning the LMS.

    Fast forward to July 2018. I get an invoice for $239.40… it’s already been charged to my credit card.

    I contact them. I tell them I’ve never used the service and that I don’t need it. I ask for a refund.

    Very snottily, they explain to me that I am beyond my 60 day guarantee, that I should have been aware of the auto renew, and that they will not issue me a refund.

    The plonkers are adamant about this. They say they sent me an invoice… maybe they did, maybe it got caught in my spam engine. Point is, they now know this renewal was done in error. Does it matter? No! They’d rather screw me out of another $240 for a year of service that I will never use, than simply say, “No problem, refund issued, hope we can help you again.”

    Then they have the temerity to add, that they “have established ourselves as trustworthy and reliable hosting company”… unless of course it has to do with anything involving your money.

    TMD takes my money and refuses a refund for unused service in advance, knowing full well the renewal was made in error… the message I get loud and clear from TMD is, “SCREW YOU!”

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