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Hosting reviews are sometimes simple. Take something like GoDaddy or Bluehost. These are internationally known and very well-settled hosting providers, so it's pretty easy to get a good feel for them before even purchasing. A Tsohost review, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. Not because they aren't a good provider, but simply because they are a relative unknown.

Tsohost has actually been around for quite some time, since 2003, in fact. Frustrated at the fact that high-performance hosting at an affordable price didn't seem to exist, founder Darren Lingham decided to make it possible. UK based web hosting is a competitive market, and Tsohost hopes to be a company that not only attracts customers from the UK but from all over the world with their attractive pricing model and 24/7 customer support.

Let's find out how it does, shall we?

*This review is based on the 'Startup' package*

Tsohost Hosting Services

What does Tsohost offer? Well, hosting, obviously. But let's look a little more deeply into exactly which options we have available to us.

  • Domain names
  • Web hosting
  • Virtual private servers
  • Dedicated servers

Strong options! Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's nice to see Tsohost offering more than just simple web hosting.

However, web hosting will be the thing we take a look at in depth today. It is worth mentioning though, that the first thing you'll find after landing on the Tsohost homepage, is a big old search box for domain names. Take a look.

Tsohost review

Well, it's a good start, at least aesthetically. It's always a nice treat when a hosting provider puts some effort into their website design. Looking at you, Arvixe...

Moving on to the next part of the Tsohost review, we'll take a look at the packages on offer.

What’s Included In The Tsohost Hosting Packages?

Tsohost review

Four in total.

With prices ranging from £1.34 per month to £18.02, Tsohost have an option for almost everyone. It's a welcome thing to see a package that is aimed primarily at eCommerce sites, too!

I'll now go ahead and break down the plans in a little more detail in the table below:

Disk Space Limit500MB15GB50GB100GB
Bandwidth LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
How Many Domains Allowed13820
SSD Or HDD Used In Servers?HDD for Shared Hosting, SDD for VPS & Dedicated ServersHDD for Shared Hosting, SDD for VPS & Dedicated ServersHDD for Shared Hosting, SDD for VPS & Dedicated ServersHDD for Shared Hosting, SDD for VPS & Dedicated Servers
SSLLet's Encrypt SSL SupportLet's Encrypt SSL SupportLet's Encrypt SSL SupportLet's Encrypt SSL Support
Anti-DDoS ProtectionNoNoNoNO
Anti-Malware ProtectionNoNoNoNo
Email Accounts5 x 200MB Mailboxes100 x 200MB Mailboxes100 x 1GB MailboxesUnlimited x 10GB Mailboxes
FTP AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderNoNoNoNo
Website TemplatesNoneNoneNoneNone
Assisted Website TransferFreeFreeFreeFree
Auto-Installer Scripts28282828
Money Back Guarantee60 days60 days60 days60 days
Customer Support24/7 Live chat, Ticket, Phone24/7 Live chat, Ticket, Phone24/7 Live chat, Ticket, Phone24/7 Live chat, Ticket, Phone
Choice Of Server Location NoNoNoNo
Free Automated BackupsDailyDailyDailyDaily

Well, lots to talk about! Let's get on with it.

First Impressions


Features, features, features!

Starting with the good points. Unlimited bandwidth on all plans. This is pretty great, as you won't be capped or slowed down if your bandwidth is exceeded, as is the case with some other providers.

You also get unlimited FTP accounts, as well as free automated backups daily on every plan.

In terms of storage space, things scale as you go up in price. Starting with 500MB for the Personal plan, and ending with 100GB for the eCommerce plan. Good stuff, most people won't be exceeding 15GB of disk space, let alone 100GB unless your site is incredibly graphics and video heavy.

'Let’s Encrypt SSL Support' is included on all plans, too.

Tsohost review

Now onto the not so good stuff.

There is no built-in Anti-DDoS or Anti-Malware protection. It's down to you, the user, to ensure the security of your site through PHP and plugins. There is no included website builder or website templates and you also cannot choose your server location.

Now the biggest downsides, to me at least are the following:

On all web hosting services, only Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are used. You only have access to Solid State Drives (SSD) when purchasing VPS hosting or Dedicated Server hosting.

This is pretty disappointing, as a modern and seemingly forward thinking company should really be using SSDs for their web hosting, at the very least on the £18 per month eCommerce package. SSDs are much faster at responding and far less prone to being damaged than HDDs.

The next incredibly disappointing thing is the lack of cPanel. Tsohost include their own control panel, named 'Tsohost Cloud Hosting Platform' which is accessible through your account on the Tsohost website. In theory, this is fine, but in practice, things are quite different.

Tsohost review

Above you can see the dashboard presented to you immediately after logging in. Pretty standard so far. I imagine this is particularly useful for users that have more than one website, as you can easily choose to manage whichever site you have from here.

For people with one site, like we have here, just going directly to 'Manage website' after login would be a smarter way of doing things, I believe. Still, it's only a small issue, not much to complain about so far.

The issues become a little more evident once we jump into managing our website.

Tsohost review

See the problem? It's just a lack of features. If you take a look at something like ResellerClub, you'll see cPanel in its glory. Full of features and very easy to understand. Sadly, it's not the case here.

I still am not quite sure why Tsohost decided to implement their own control panel instead of just using cPanel, but each to their own, I suppose.

There is an auto-installer present, but quite frankly it is dreadful. It just installs/uninstalls applications in the background. There is no visual clue of how the installation is going, and other than an 'installing, please wait'  message, you just have to sit and wait for the page to refresh once it's done.


Pricing is something that seems relatively straight-forward, right? You see that you have to pay £1.34 per month, and you think that's it. Well, as is often the case with monthly plans, these numbers are not as simple as they look. Let's break it down completely, and find out exactly what you'd be paying for each plan in the cart.

Payment Period / PlanPersonalStartupBusinesseCommerce
1 MonthN/A£3.82£8.78£23.98
12 Months£17.88£37.90£87.90£239.90
24 Months£32.22£70.00£158.22 £432.37

*Excluding VAT

So there it all is. These are the prices you'll be paying at check out. Because, oh yes, you pay up front. Even though the prices you see in the promotional plans are monthly costs, you don't have the option to pay monthly, you have to pay it all right at the start. This is typical for hosting providers, so not much room for complaints.

Tsohost Customer Service

Tsohost review

Those are some pretty great options. A knowledge base is always a welcome thing to see when checking out the support section of a hosting provider, as it shows they have thought not only about proactive but preventative support, too.

The rest of the support options are fairly standard, you have the following:

  • Live chat (available from 7AM - Midnight, GMT)
  • Phone support (available from 7AM - Midnight, GMT)
  • Ticket support (available 24/7 through your Tsohost account)

Like I said, pretty standard. It's a little disappointing, however, that the live chat is not available 24/7. This is a problem, as let's say you have an issue that comes up at 1AM GMT. You can go ahead and submit a ticket, but chances are the ticket support will take a long time to get a resolution. Or, you can wait for 6 hours before being able to talk to someone live, either by chat or by phone.

Live chat in action

I've had a fair few issues that needed support since purchasing Tsohost, so it gave me a great chance to put their live chat support to the test.

In this part, I will take a look at the chat services and see how they perform on the 3 main qualities every good company should be striving for:

  • Response times. Live chat is supposed to be quick and 'live' – people starting them often don’t want to wait.
  • General knowledge of the agents. They should know the nooks and crannies of their company better than anyone else.
  • Human factor. The agents are supposed to act like real human beings and be emphatic. It’s expected, considering a lot of people who come to them will be angry and want their problems to be resolved.
tsohost reviewtsohost review tsohost review tsohost review tsohost review tsohost review

✓ Good response time

✓ Knowledgeable agent

✓ Friendly and human

Ticket support

Just a quick section here. I pretended to be having issues with the control panel not responding and giving me error messages, just to see if the technician would check it out and offer any kind of advice or solution.

Well, there is good news and bad news. Which would you like first? Hmm, sadly I can't hear your answer, so let's go good first, bad second.

The good: The response I received was professional, personable and offered a solution that probably would help if I was, in fact, facing this issue. (Clearing the browser's cache)

The bad: Response time was pretty poor. I must say that the first thing the technician wrote was 'I apologize for the delayed response!', which was welcome. But still, the fact I had to wait over 8 hours for a response to a technical issue is pretty disappointing. There is always the live chat, though!

Support is really where Tsohost shines. I can honestly say I haven't come across any better service in the world of hosting providers. The only downside here is the lack of 24/7 chat support, which hopefully they will change soon!

First Impressions During And After Purchase

Before making your purchase, you are prompted to either log into an existing Tsohost account, or create a new one.

Tsohost review Tsohost review

You have three payment options when purchasing a Tsohost plan. Paypal, BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services), and Credit/Debit card. Pretty standard options, but it would have been nice to see cryptocurrencies available as a selection.

Anyway, moving on.

After paying for your desired package, you'll find yourself on the Tsohost dashboard.

Tsohost review

Not much interesting to talk about here. You have the options to see your products (hosting etc), your invoices, domains and tickets. Up top, you also are able to see all control options.

After we hit the 'Products' tab, we are taken to this page.

tsohost review

From here, you can see your domain, username and some other useful information like server name, IP address and nameservers.

More interestingly, though, is that here is where you access the aforementioned control panel. Now we have already talked about the control panel and my frustrations with its limitations, so let's talk about webmail instead.


Like we saw from the table earlier, the startup plan comes with allowances for 100 200MB Mailboxes. Now, you'd think after clicking that link 'Login to Webmail' for the first time, you would be prompted to create a mailbox or at least a username/password to access it, right? Well, no. It turns out, you do it like this.

Step 1

Tsohost review

Firstly, you have to login to the control panel. From there, head to 'manage my website' and you'll find this list of 'Basic Management Tools'. You'll next want to hit 'Email Accounts' and you will be onto...

Step 2

Tsohost review

Here is where the magic happens. You'll have to hit the 'Create Mailbox' tab, and from there you'll be prompted to create an email address (****@yourdomainname.***) and a password for said account.

Step 3

Tsohost review

And finally, you can login with the credentials you just created. It's a bit of a shame that this isn't more streamlined. Tsohost could pretty easily implement the email account creation into their webmail application, or at the very least, have the link to webmail inside the control panel. It feels disjointed.

Performance Evaluation

Now you have already seen the 2/10 rating in regards to reliability, so you can probably tell that the performance section of this Tsohost review is going to be, well, interesting, to say the least.

I can sum it up in one word. Terrible.

Here are the 4 things we will be testing in terms of performance:

  • Host’s speed during low upkeep
  • Host’s speed with a website created using concrete5 website builder
  • Server’s overall uptime
  • Anti-theft security strength

Host Speed During Low Upkeep

This test shouldn't be difficult at all, it's a really simple HTML page that I quickly created. Sure, there are some links and CSS in there, but anything other than the absolute worst servers should handle this with ease.

Tsohost review

And let's take a look at how it performed:

tsohost review

Honestly, pretty great! Some of the response times are pretty weak, but overall not bad. Don't put too much stock into that 'A+' rating, as I've seen scores almost identical get rated anywhere from B to D+. So take it with a pinch of salt. The actual ms' though, those are accurate!

Host Speed During High Upkeep

This test should be more challenging. Using concrete5, a builder that is part of the 28 auto-installer scripts offered through Tsohost's control panel, I created a simple site, with some pictures, a rotating carousel and some Javascript plugins, to see how it would fare.

Tsohost review

A little more complex, but still something that should be not bogging down a server much at all. Here is how it performed:

Tsohost review

Not great. These speeds are again, kinda decent, but we can clearly see a slow down when compared to the simple HTML site. A quick note on the concrete5 builder, by the way. It's not bad at all! For a free add-on, I would say it's probably one of the best things that Tsohost offer.

Server Overall Uptime

For this part, as always, I set up a simple WordPress site and popped it into our handy friend Uptime Robot for tracking. This gives us a detailed breakdown of any and all downtimes, server response speeds and current server status.

Here is how it has performed over the last few days of monitoring:

Tsohost review

I don't even know what to say here. This kind of performance is not something I expected in any way at all. Peaks and troughs all over the place. Only 95% uptime over the last week! And where do I even begin when we look at the average response time?

Over 7500ms. Touching 8000ms. With spikes up to and exceeding 30000ms. That is 30 seconds of waiting time. Quite frankly, it's unacceptable to charge people for this kind of dreadful performance.

These kind of results are not something I expected from a company that boldly proclaims:

Tsohost review

'Super fast speeds and highest reliability...' 

Uh, well, either Tsohost are lying to us, or they really aren't aware of just how bad their servers actually are.

However, after a few more days of monitoring things have improved dramatically. I won't get ahead of myself, the average response times are still weak, very weak, but nothing like what we were seeing at first.

tsohost review

As you can see, things have improved. The average response time over the past 24 hours has been around the 2000ms mark. Still poor, but much better than almost 8000ms!

Sadly,  there has still been some downtime present, the most recent one lasting almost 2 hours.

Anti-Theft Security Evaluation

Now it's time to take a look at how much impotence Tsohost put on security.

First up, a brute-force protection check. Imagine someone that may have an idea of what your password is – but doesn't know the entire thing. Maybe even an automated script that tries out all possible combinations until the password is guessed correctly.

I attempted to replicate these things by changing my IP and browser before quickly entering the incorrect password 20 times, and finally entering the correct one on the 21st attempt. I was allowed in.

This is poor. Tsohost could easily implement an additional step after incorrectly guessing say, 5 or 10 times. A Captcha, answering the security question you are made to choose when signing up? Anything is better than nothing.

The second test involved connecting to the live chat and trying to convince the agents that I had lost access to both my email account and my Tsohost credentials, and I attempted to get the logins from them with no solid evidence from my side.

No luck. Nothing, zilch. Without knowing anything about myself, Tsohost wouldn't give anything away. They would only provide my username and logins if I provided my ID, proof of the card number I used to purchase, my address, as well as the answer to the security question I set up. Good stuff, finally!

Tsohost Review - Conclusion

Hosting reviews are sometimes simple. A fairly unknown company that claims to offer amazing performance at a great price seems like something too good to be true. And as is often the case with things that seem too good to be true, it is.

Performance is woeful. In 2018 you cannot charge paying consumers for a web hosting service that has frequent downtimes, even if your server response speeds are amazing when they are up. Tsohost doesn't even offer that as a consolation. The speeds are among the worst we've ever come across, and I'm truly shocked that things turned out this way.

You look at Tsohost's home page, their ethos and the clear effort that has gone into their site; and you assume that they really are a great provider. Clearly, this has taught us to never judge a book by it's cover.

To sum things up, Tsohost is like a car that looks great on the outside but has the performance of a desert jellyfish. You're better off buying literally any other provider in our best web hosting list. With the possible exception of Network Solutions, of course.


  • Good pricing options
  • Great customer support
  • Free daily backups


  • No SSD servers
  • Dreadful performance
  • Lack of cPanel

Main Features

  • Free Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Hosting Prices

tsohost review

Server Locations

  • United Kingdom

Server OS

  • Windows logo Windows
  • Linux logo Linux

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    • John portrait John
    • 2019 January 10th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Support laughing at me because despite phoning them because my website was being hacked and raising a ticket and phoning the number they said to call. My ticket was actually being dealt with by some other department – stupid me. Server is slow, their monitoring is pants, the staff are incompetent and unhelpful.

    • Alexander portrait Alexander
    • 2019 January 10th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    After browsing trustpilot, hosting.review and hostingadvice we have found our new home for our 67 websites. TSOHost/GridHost platform has been nothing but a honest pain, sluggish MYSQL mixed with poor support. We’ve been with them since 7 years but it’s only right we’ve moved away. After the purchase of Godaddy, we can simply say things have gone from great to poor. When speaking to an agent, sometimes i feel like i tend to know more? Repeating things multiple times and going in circles, there’s a limit and now it’s over.

    Godaddy > TSOHost – Hope you see this and realise what you guys are actually doing!

    • Joe Taylor portrait Joe Taylor
    • 2019 January 9th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Finally started to move my sluggish websites to a better host. Tsohost used to be great, but now, since Godaddy took over, the speeds are terrible. Couldn’t even properly update things without there being some kind of problem. When I asked support they simply said…”hmm 2/3 seconds”…but that was on a good day!! Godaddy in my view are akin to Slumlords operating in Internet World:- they take over, keep the rent, but get rid of resources.

    • Jonathan Bling portrait Jonathan Bling
    • 2019 January 7th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    What a joke, deleted my whole website and not a single recovery for backups. Left a strong review on trustpilot, started to find an alternative and seeing from this post we found other option.

    They are a UK based, UK Hosting company with UK Support unlike TSOHost. We get proper answers to our questions, a professional set of a young team and fast services. We moved quickly away from Godaddy owned TSOHost.

    • A very disgruntled portrait A very disgruntled
    • 2018 December 28th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Absolute cack, they take money out of your account for services you’ve cancelled and then won’t give it back. Support is sloooooowwwwwww and useless when you do finally get a response. I can’t believe it can take than 8 hours to reply and say, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?

    Absolutely useless – can’t wait to leave these clowns!

    • A very disgruntled portrait A very disgruntled customer
    • 2018 December 28th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Love taking money out of your account – when you inform them you don’t want the service they’ve taken money out for, they refused to give you the money back.

    Terrible support – every query is met with denial of problems, even though 5 hours later, they’ll post something on their status page.

    Stay away and go elsewhere

    • Aria portrait Aria
    • 2018 December 25th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I moved away from TSOHost after the purchase from Godaddy, the lack of understanding, service and support provided was poor. We researched a fast UK host via trustpilot and came across Speedydot. After weeks of questions (answered amazingly in a swift manner) we went ahead and signed up… It’s now been 5 months with 0 downtime, fast rapid servers and service.

    Speedydot is our new go to UK host.

    • Amber portrait Amber
    • 2018 December 17th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    My Mr Site websites have been taken over by TSHost after a buy out. Have discovered they are not covered by a SSL cert. They claim to be working behind the scenes to fix this, (saying the sites in this scheme can not be linked to SSL certs. currently), but are not notifying customers of this fact unless they call to complain! Even though Google is now highlighting their sites as unsafe, (therefore useless commercially)! They claim to have been working on this for 4 months but can not say HOW LONG it might take to rectify. No one seems to know who runs the Co., they plead ignorance. They DO NOTHING! Just pass you on to someone else WHO DOES NOTHING!

    • Biobob portrait Biobob
    • 2018 November 22nd
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I switched over from Vidahost when they were bought out, the service was still good so decided to pay for a 3 year contract, that turned out to be a mistake as my sites are now currently running at about 70% uptime. Sometimes one of my main sites is down virtually every minute. When they are up they are super slow. The support is generally good and they keep promising that it is getting upgraded and will be better but nothing seems to happen and I just keep getting told to upgrade to a dedicated server for about £40/month which is far too high as my sites are only small, they are not Amazon or anything.
    I have tried to add some black friday deals but it is just constantly off, It is now time to cut my losses and move which is annoying as I will not get my remaining 2 years payment back.

    • Tom Ballard portrait Tom Ballard
    • 2018 October 23rd
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    They deleted parts of my website, were repeatedly rude and incompetent and generally provided a poor service. Their email hosting was an absolutely horror show.