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2019 October 2nd at 4:29






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Ucraft is an easy to use website builder designed for all kinds of projects - from a simple one-pager to big online stores. It offers many beautiful and responsive templates and a live editor so even without any coding skills, creating a website is easy.

But is Ucraft better than the competition?

In this Ucraft review, we tested, whether this website builder is as good as it claims to be. Let's see!

Ucraft Pricing

Ucraft has 4 plans, including the free one, available. The pricing of premium plans starts at $10/month. For online stores, Ucraft has Pro Shop plan for $21/month. You can also choose the BigCommerce plan for larger stores for $39/month. 

ucraft review pricing

What do you get with each plan?

  • Free Website - 1 Landing page, add your own domain, free hosting, Ucraft watermark.
  • Pro Website - 1 Website, 50 online store products, drag & drop builder, multilingual site, connect your own domain, no Ucraft watermark.
  • Pro Shop - same as Pro Website plan, but 1000 products allowed, and plenty of eCommerce-specific features.
  • BigCommerce - same as Pro Shop plan, but unlimited products, eBay, Facebook, and Yandex support added.

So plenty to take in! Let's break the plans down even further and find out exactly what each is offering!

Free Website Pro Website Pro Shop BigCommerce
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website Templates 18 70 70 70
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connect Your Own Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Websites You Can Make 1 1 1 1
Email Accounts No No No No
Builder's Ads On Website Yes No No No
eCommerce Option No Yes Yes Yes
Products Available 0 50 1000 Unlimited
Add-Ons N/A 15+ 15+ 15+
Choice For Server Location No (Google Web Servers) No (Google Web Servers) No (Google Web Servers) No (Google Web Servers)
Free Auto Backup No No No No
Money Back Guarantee N/A 14-day free trial 14-day free trial 14-day free trial

Advertised pricing is available if you choose to pay yearly. Monthly pricing is slightly more expensive, take a look at the table to compare:

Period / Plan Free Website Pro Website Pro Shop BigCommerce
1 Month Free $13 $24 $42
1 Year Free $120 $252 $372

All in all, paying yearly is worth it. And if you're not sure, you can take the free plan and see if Ucraft is enough for you.

First Impressions

For our Ucraft review, we took a look at what it has to offer in terms of features. Also, we checked whether the Ucraft prices are worth it!


From the first time I visited Ucraft website, I was impressed by how legitimate it felt. That isn't a dig against Ucraft by the way. I was just a little surprised that such a young company seems to have created, at first impression, a fully-featured and polished product.

All plans are offering unlimited bandwidth and disk space, as well as the ability to connect your own domain for free even on the most basic plan. Compare this with the likes of Wix or Weebly, who both only allow you to connect your own domain when using a paid plan. Good stuff!

If you look at the benefits section of Ucraft site, you'll see 6 main features listed.

Multilingual websites feature is a big one! All of Ucraft templates are fully language compatible, with over 100 languages supported. This is something really nice, and it's not that common, either. The only other website builder we've seen offering this is Voog (Keep on the lookout for that review, too!).

ucraft review

Everything is fully drag & drop, so you don't need any coding skills at all to build a beautiful site with Ucraft. With that said, you are able to add your own HTML element to the page. Sadly, there is no way to edit the actual code of the template you're using. 70 website templates is pretty fantastic too.

That's almost 20 more than Weebly offers! In terms of integrations, Ucraft is a bit behind of the industry leaders, sadly. It offers just around 15 add-ons/integrations.

It's worth mentioning when talking about templates, that with the Pro/BigCommerce plans, you can't change the template of your site after creating with one. This is a big limitation and something Ucraft really should change.

Now let's quickly touch on the extra bonus features that come with all Ucraft plans. SEO optimization comes as standard, as well as the Designer tools, a logo maker, and the articles app.

The Articles is basically a way to create, edit and publish content on your website. You can upload images to the content here too, as well as connect integrations for sharing and comments.

ucraft review

Designer tools allow you to edit the look and feel of your site. In the Typography tab, you can edit the weights, colors, sizes and more of each type of text (H1, H2, Paragraph, etc).

ucraft review

In the UiKit tab, you can edit text forms and buttons. And in the layout tab, you can change the distance between blocks, elements and your container width. Don't worry if some of that went over your head, Ucraft has a tutorial for everything!

The SEO manager is a fairly basic add-on, which allows you to name and describe each page on your site. You can also make redirects from here too.

Ucraft review

And finally the logo maker. Actually, the logo creating app you see here is available to everyone for free! It's nothing incredibly thorough, unfortunately. But as for a free addition to the website builder, it's not bad at all.

Ucraft review

For anyone looking for truly professional looking logos, though, you should either hire a designer or work on it yourself in a full design application like InDesign or Illustrator, but for basic needs, this is perfect.

Ucraft prices

Ucraft prices are good in general. Especially considering what you get for them. A $10-a-month Pro Website plan, for example, includes all the features of a premium website builder, plusit has some of the eCommerce capabilities.

If you wish to have unlimited products and premium features, you will have to fork out $39 a month. Sure, this may seem expensive. But seeing what you get for that money puts things into perspective. Ucraft can get you plenty of value for money.

Overall though, if you wish to save, the long-term plans are definitely the ones you should go for. There's plenty of cash to be saved if you commit to an annual plan.

Building a Website With Ucraft

In this part of Ucraft review, we tested out the website builder. Two main features we looked at were:

  • Accessibility 
  • Ease Of Use

So, let's take a look at how Ucraft stacks up!

Here is how things get started. You choose which package you're interested in and move forward to the template selection stage:

ucraft review

There are 70 website templates available with Ucraft. Each one caters to the different audience, user-base or aesthetic. You really have the freedom to start however you want here. Strangely, however, there is no option to start entirely from scratch. You can just go ahead and delete all modules until you have a blank slate if you want, though.

After selecting your desired template, you create your subdomain. Don't worry, you'll be able to connect your own hosted domain later if you want to, this is just the free subdomain that Ucraft provides to get you started. All Ucraft subdomains mean that your site will end in .ucraft.me 

ucraft review

If you have chosen any of the eCommerce packages, you will now be prompted to enter your business' name and country.

Again, you can change this later from the dashboard if you need to. If you haven't chosen an eCommerce package, at this point you'll be prompted to either login or sign up and purchase the product! Unless you're using the free landing page, of course, in which case you'll just sign up and go!

ucraft review

When you enter Ucraft's builder, the first thing you will see is the tutorial video. It's not super in-depth, only around 2 minutes long, but it's still very useful for people that have no website building experience!

Ucraft doesn't muck around with any fancy 'Artificial Intelligence'  (AI) systems, they simply present you with your template options and let you decide what is next. If you ever get stuck, you can contact support or check out its knowledgebase.

ucraft reviewucraft reviewucraft reviewucraft review

Above, you can see the options present in the Ucraft sidebar. From left to right they are - Blocks - Elements & Fx settings.

The blocks tab contains the blocks themselves. These are broken down into three categories: Header Blocks, Main Blocks, & Footer Blocks. All three are heavily editable and can be resized, moved and changed as you wish.

The elements tab allows you to add extra things to your site, usually smaller or foreground items. Things like text boxes, images, buttons, etc. Not only that, though. The elements tab also enables you to add social, eCommerce or add-ons, too.

Finally, the Fx tab. This allows you to edit how blocks and elements appear on the page when loading in.

Now, let's find out how easy it was to recreate our Hosting.Review homepage using Ucraft builder!

Recreating Hosting.Review website

In this part of the Ucraft review, I attempt to recreate our own homepage! Complete with fonts, headers, pictures, providers and a search bar. By doing so, I can quickly tell just how easy it is to build a website when you have a clear vision in mind.

Here’s how it turned out, and how it compares to the real thing.

Here's the real thing:

ucraft review

And this is the Ucraft version of Hosting.Review:

ucraft review

Not too bad! Some things were really quite easy and simple, like adding the image, logo and header info. However, there are some big problems that we need to address.

ucraft reviewFirstly, there is no search element.

Well, there is a search element: strangely, it prompts you to connect to Algolia, a hosted search platform. This is so strange, as a website search should be something every builder has without the need to sign up for a separate platform.

Once you sign up for an account with Algolia, it's really easy to get things connected and working.

But it's still very odd to make you jump through this hoop for such a simple and obvious element.

The second issue is that there is no tables element. The only good way to recreate our hosting provider list is with a table element, so this would be tricky! I attempted making it with text boxes and line breaks, but when it got to the stage of aligning the hosting provider logos, I could go no further.

This is because whilst Ucraft is a drag & drop builder, it isn't free real estate. You can only drop elements in certain places, which means aligning them next to the text how I wanted to was not possible.

When I asked support about this, they suggested making my own HTML table and importing that using the HTML element. While it is a solution for someone familiar with coding, it is of no help to someone that just wants a site to work! That's the whole appeal of drag & drop builders, so not having such a simple element is pretty shocking, to be honest.

Ucraft Performance

For Ucraft review, we monitored its performance and uptime for several months. And the result was not great.

Ucraft uptime was 99.22%, meaning it was down for over an hour per week! The response times were bad as well. It averaged at 1150 ms - about 2 times worse than the industry average of 553 ms. 

ucraft review

Even though you can create a beautiful website with Ucraft (and even do so for free), your site is going to be slow. Before everything can load, you'll experience over 1-second delay - that's 1 second you can save by choosing a faster website builder!

Ucraft Customer Support

Ucraft has a pretty standard set of customer support options available - 24/7 live chat, email tickets, and a knowledge base. Unfortunatelly, you won't find phone support.

Like I said, standard! However, the quality of the support was sadly not to the norm I would like or expect. Take a look:

ucraft review ucraft review
ucraft review

See those timestamps? I connected at 11:07 am and received a response that the agent would check something for me almost 20 minutes later, and then after 1 hour and 10 minutes I had to follow up and see what is going on.

This is really poor. But I thought that maybe I connected to a new agent who is not quite sure about what I asked.

So I connected to another agent. And things got worse:

ucraft review

I wanted to confirm the number of add-ons available on Ucraft, so I thought that asking a support agent this simple question couldn't really go wrong.

Sadly, I was wrong. After my message at 6:05 pm, I received an automated message basically informing me that they are busy right now and to wait. So I did.

Then, at 06:18 pm, I was contacted that same 'let me check something and get back to you'. This left me a little worried.

And my worries were justified! That was 24 hours ago at the time of writing, and my message still hasn't been answered!

What's the point of a live chat that takes hours at best and days at worst to get a response to?

Ucraft Review - Conclusion

In this Ucraft review, we found out that it is a great website builder if you want to create a free website. It is also not at all expensive - the plan with all eCommerce features is cheap.

However, some limitations are in place.

Ucraft lacks a lot of integrations and it is pretty limited, too. The support team is also proved to be problematic. Not to mention the poor performance and uptime.

All in all, the website builder is still behind its competitors, though you should definitely try it. Especially if you want to use its free features!


  • Beautiful Templates
  • Free Plan Available
  • Afforfable Pricing


  • Poor Customer Support
  • Below Average Performance And Uptime
  • Some Basic Integrations Missing





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

Ucraft User Reviews


jane k picture
jane k

2019 November 3rd

Serious flaws. Customer care over chat is very responsive. However, their eCommerce platform, by default and without permission, authorization or notification, sells their stuff through your website! It is bizarre and outrageous, but it had already happened twice to me. I have a law firm website, but someone was selling all sorts of black t-shirts, then a few months later, black boots. And I only learn of it when Google Analytics tells me there are errors on my site. UCraft tells me to go and clear it with Google. In the mean time, anyone searching for our site sees links to black t-shirts! How outrageous. And I had to pay for it to get access to SEO.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Liddy picture

2019 August 18th

Ucraft is an amazing team. They know what they are doing. The team is very informative if I have any questions and offers a variety of templates at a decent price with plenty of options. Other services include slogo makers and landing page creators. Altogether a well-rounded service.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Nat Palin picture
Nat Palin

2019 June 24th

I found elements/design use clunky to start with, but persisted and then managed just what was needed. Balance of redirection to domain with good layouts and no adverts definitely worth it. Struggled with DNS and a few other things – live chat was amazingly helpful and walked me through every step. Would definitely recommend – for a free sites option, loads more classy than most others available and friendly knowledgable live help makes even learners able to make the best of it …

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Chris Tucker picture
Chris Tucker

2019 June 18th

Absolutely no service. Shady billing practices. hard to cancel. Stay away and use any other builder.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
djb picture

2019 March 3rd

Where will the data of the contact form go whenever visitorssubmits one. Is it to the user spreadsheet/e-mail or to ucraft database. If to ucraft database, how will user fetch required information provided on ucraft by their leads?

elio picture

2019 February 7th

it does’nt work. The builder does’nt work. And the customer service is unuseful.

I like free stuff! picture
I like free stuff!

2018 August 30th

Considering it is free it is pretty user friendly and has a nice result – although think the template should have more important information to the top e.g. event information before gallery

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
themoreyouknow picture

2018 May 29th

that’s pretty cool:). never heard of this company but it feels like a good upandcomer. logo builder looks lush when i played around with it, shame they ask to register if you want to download it though. that’s how they get you haha

    On mobile

    2018 August 30th

    I’ve tried it and it look ok on desktop, but is one of the better looking and responsive website builders on mobile. Templates are good also. The one problem that I’ve noticed is that you cant roll back to previous version of your website. But I hope they’ll fix it soon