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Straight out of North Carolina, Veerotech has been providing web hosting services for nearly a decade, having been founded in 2010. However, in comparison to many of the giants in the business, it's still fairly young.

Let's find out if Veerotech has what it takes to provide the right option for your website.

Veerotech - First Glance

On first glance, the front end of Veerotech is very neatly put together. The color scheme and design give off a rather professional first impression, reassuring me that Veerotech may indeed have something promising to deliver.

And with further digging, it became clear: Veerotech is not your everyday web host. By that, I mean that Veerotech goes the extra mile to ensure its customers are well looked after and have a solid relationship with their host. It does this by providing a knowledge base, blog (great for offering extra value to their customers) and 24/7 live support.

Veerotech Review Interface

I can't say a bad word about Veerotech so far.

But, what do others have to say about Veerotech?

Veerotech Reviews from Other Customers

veerotech review

When I scoured the internet to find out what its other customers have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

It seems Veerotech reviews are practically flawless (4.95/5 in 115 ratings), which is very reassuring for anyone thinking about using Veerotech.

I was particularly delighted with the emphasis most people placed on its customer service, which is something that I can now agree with after trying it out for myself.

You have access to a 24/7 support service that performs just as it should, answering your query

Veerotech Pricing

Pricing for Veerotech is quite reasonable, while the company provides several different options for those seeking web hosting services.

veerotech pricing

With the SSD Micro starter package beginning at just $5.95 per month, it is possible to enter the world of web hosting with Veerotech without breaking the bank.

Other plans include more powerful options, but also cost more money. All the way up to the Enterprise L3 package, which costs $59.95 per month.

veerotech review hosting plan

I would certainly say that the pricing of Veerotech is at least comparable with other providers.

Plans in More Detail

The table below includes the three of the Veerotech plans available, with an affordable, mid-range and enterprise option featured.

SSD MicroSSD BusinessSSD Enterprise 3
Disk Space Limit5GB SSD50GB SSD100GB Pure SSD
Bandwidth LimitUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Speed & IOPS5MB/s + 2.5K IPOS5MB/s + 5K IOPS15MB/s + 8K IPOS
Email AccountsUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Website BuilderIncludedIncludedIncluded
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%99.9%
Money Back Guarantee30-day30-day30-day
Customer Support24/7 live chat24/7 live chat24/7 live chat

Veerotech hosting is definitely competitive. The company covers every base with its hosting options, while pricing is pretty reasonable. The only drawback is the limited disk space, but there is certainly enough to cover most users.

While you can certainly get better deals elsewhere in terms of disk space, the technical hosting specs that these plans offer are much more premium than those from generic shared hosting providers.

Also, there are other options available, but these 3 (cheapest, mid-range and most expensive) give you an appropriate rule of thumb.


During my Veerotech review, I tested the provider on Bitcatcha.

webhero review

Veerotech performs decently around the world but response times from India fall far behind. If you're not concerned about traffic in this region though, it's not an issue.

Final Thoughts - My Veerotech Review

Veerotech is a great competitor in the premium hosting niche. Its pricing is reasonable, it offers lots of subscription options for users, and customer support is terrific.

Like other Veerotech reviews, I found the web hosting delivered by Veerotech to be impressively fast and reliable.

Anyone looking for premium web hosting should give Veerotech some serious consideration. Although, those with the visitors around India may need to look elsewhere.


  • Good pricing
  • Fast hosting
  • Great customer support


  • No free trial
  • Mediocre response time

Veerotech User Reviews

  1. paul picture paul
    2019 January 4th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I have veerotech for over a year now and i really regret being with them. they promise a lot of things but dont go through with it. the server is very slow which makes my website down for over 3 hours at a time. i m changing to a new host because i waited for them to get better but nothing.

    1. Bob Austin picture Bob Austin
      2019 July 4th

      Looking to move my hosting. What would it cost?

      Thanks in advance.

    2. VeeroTech Support picture VeeroTech Support
      2019 January 4th

      Hello – can you please provide us with a ticket ID to validate this? We have not had any outages.

  2. Bill picture Bill
    2018 December 30th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    I just crossed over 3 years with Veerotech and they’ve kept me around with more than just excellent pricing and fast server speeds. I have a reseller account and host and change quite a few domains, with a few team members that constantly have to update and fiddle with things.

    Their support team is absolutely lightyears ahead of my previous host, and I’d venture to say right along the best there is as far as hosting goes. Ridiculously fast to respond, no time wasted with “escalations”, and their advice is sound and works quickly.

    Pair the insanely good support with competitive pricing and fast hosting speeds and here I am writing a review for the first time in years. They deserve it, check them out!!!

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