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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 4th

Verio is one of the oldest active hosting providers - starting in 1996, it offers "made simple" web hosting services, as well as website building tools and domains.

In this Verio review, we'll see whether it's a trusted veteran of the business or a relic of the old times. Let's see how it does.

What is Verio?

Verio is a hosting provider that hasn't changed much in the last decade. It also offers a fairly small selection of services. Here's what that includes:

  • Shared Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Domain Names

So, if you are looking for dedicated hosting or VPS hosting you won’t be able to get them from here. The company only offers shared hosting plans for Linux and Windows users. However, there is a special plan called the "Design Suits" that covers everything you would ever need to design a website.

This plan can be an excellent option for those who don't already have an existing website or want to launch a brand new one from scratch.

But for this review, we'll be having a look at the main service Verio offers - its shared web hosting. Let's see how good it actually is.

Verio Pricing

Verio offers two shared Linux hosting plans - and they cost $9.99/month and $18.99/month respectively. The price is valid when buying for 2 years in advance - and that's actually quite expensive.

verio review linux plans

For example, the cheaper, $9.99 Verio Basic plan will actually be $10.99, should you decide to pay for 1 year in advance instead.

And the more expensive, $18.99/month plan will cost $19.99/month if you choose a shorter payment cycle.

And if you're interested in Windows hosting, Verio also has a Windows plan, which costs $9.99/$10.99 a month.

verio review windows plans

Now, since we had a look at all the plans, let's see what features will they get you.

Features of the Verio plans

In this part of the Verio review, let's have a look at the main features of each of the plans available:

  Verio Basic Verio Enhanced Verio Windows
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Scalable Scalable Scalable
How many domains are allowed? 1 Unlimited Unlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers? HDD HDD HDD
SSL Shared SSL Shared SSL Shared SSL
Email accounts 1 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting panel vDeck vDeck vDeck
Auto-installer Included (Mojo Marketplace) Included (Mojo Marketplace) Included (Mojo Marketplace)
Auto-installer scripts 70+ 70+ 70+
Money-back guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Customer support Phone, Live Chat, Ticket Phone, Live Chat, Ticket Phone, Live Chat, Ticket

Overall, a pretty good showing.

Verio Performance

Performance is an important part of every hosting provider. And overall, Verio doesn't perform as well as it should. For response time testing, we've checked out a website hosted on Verio servers and saw how fast it was all around the world.

Results were below average.

Verio performance

They did a fairly good job in the US and UK region - but they went over 500 ms in Japan and Bangalore. Other regions like Singapore and Sao Paolo has an average score.

The uptime test wasn't all that great either. A website hosted on Verio was up for only 99.87% of the time. It might seem like a lot - but actually, this means that a website is down for nearly an hour every month.

In a market where many good providers can deliver an uptime of 99.99% and better, this output disappointed me.

Verio Pros

So, in order to wrap up this Verio review, I'd like to start with the things that I liked about this provider. There are a couple:

Easy to use

Verio offers easy solutions and makes it even less complicated when it comes to adding resources. Even though they only offer the vDeck control panel, you will be able to install scripts using Mojo Marketplace without any hassle.

Stress-free upgrades

Moving from one plan to another is instant. Files don't have to be moved and there is no downtime. Moving the website to a new plan is very simple - just contact the customer support and let them do the job. also streamlined here. Moreover, they made completely stress-free. All you need to do is ask for the subscription, and they would upgrade it.

Verio Cons

Bad customer support

While the customer support has no issues upgrading your plan, this is where their expertise ends. And the truth is, I haven't seen any good customer reviews online for their customer support so I'm not the only one who's spotted that.

Verio does offer a live chat option, but it takes them a lot of time to get back to you.

Moreover, they all seem to have minimal knowledge about any technical stuff and are often unable to get back at you - or when they do, do any proactive help. Overall, customer support is weak. Really weak.

Seriously bad prices

The shared hosting plans are simply too expensive. $9.99/month for a regular hosting plan is a price tag right out of the 90s. Especially considering that with the plan, you're not getting good features nor solid performance.

Many standard features come as premium

Let's speak about the features then. Despite the plans being expensive, you're not getting a lot of the premium options there. Site Backup & Restore service is $27 for two years. Website Security is $19.95 a year. A website builder (a free premium for many hosting providers!) is an extra $8.99/month.

Just like that, your expensive hosting provider is turning even more expensive. Not great.

Verio Review – The Verdict

All in all, Verio is not a good host anymore. It's been founded in the 90s, and for the most part - it stayed there. Subpar service quality, bad customer support, and awful value for money and among the reasons why you should look elsewhere.

Instead, you could be much better off with other hosting providers.


  • Easy to use
  • Upgrading the plan is straightforward


  • Pricing is too high
  • Extra features inflate the price even more
  • No cPanel
  • Awful customer support

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