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VPSDime provides, just like the name suggests, various VPS hosting services. It can be a great option if you're planning a big online project or your website has grown out of your current shared hosting plan.

We tested VPSDime whether it can provide reliable performance, speed, and affordable pricing just like it promises.

Let's take a look at how our VPSDime review went!

What is VPSDime?

VPSDime is one of the younger brands in the web hosting industry providing VPS hosting services. Established in 2013, VPSDime currently operates 6 data centers. 4 of them are located in the United States (Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Piscataway) and 2 in Europe (Maidenhead, UK, and Amsterdam, NL).


The company targets slightly more advanced users – there’s no managed VPS in its offer. So, in order to be able to host a site with VPSDime, you need to know how to configure your server on your own. But, that doesn’t mean its offer isn’t looking interesting.

What does the host offer?

VPSDime has 4 different VPS packages that include Linux, Premium, Storage, and Windows VPS plans with various options available, so everyone can find the right option for them. And as the host states, the main goal is to provide affordable services for people on a budget. At the same time, it tries delivering top-quality as well.

So let's continue and see, whether VPSDime is what it claims to be.

VPSDime Pricing

VPSDime has 6 tiers of Linux VPS with the starting price of $7/month which provides you with 6GB RAM. It is possible to update up to 36GB RAM for $42/month. 

To see the prices of different tiers, simply move the slider to the right or left. The biggest surprise and a very significant advantage of the company’s offer is its very straightforward pricing

Starting with $7/month, the pricing is the same for either quarterly, semi-annually, or annually plans. You'll just need to pay in advance.

Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually
6GB Memory $7.00 $21.00 $42.00 $84.00
12GB Memory $14.00 $42.00 $84.00 $168.00
18GB Memory $21.00 $63.00 $126.00 $252.00
24GB Memory $28.00 $84.00 $168.00 $336.00
30GB Memory $35.00 $105.00 $210.00 $420.00
36GB Memory $42.00 $126.00 $252.00 $504.00

Officially, there is no difference in monthly or annual billing, just as there is no legally-binding contract. You are free to go after the period for which you have paid has passed. But, VPSDime encourages you to contact them should you wish to sign up for a quarterly or annual contract leaving some room for negotiation.

Overall, that's the example of how pricing of hosting should work. But more important are, however, the features you get with the plans.

As I mentioned above, in this VPSDime review I focus exclusively on their Linux VPS. Just by looking at the plan comparison I start to believe that its technical team follows the same simple guidelines its sales team does.

All plans upgrade your resources with mathematical precision – disk space, bandwidth allowance, and RAM grow by the exact same numbers tier-to-tier.

In the table below, you can compare what data allowances you get with each plan and see what's included in the packages

Disk Space 30GB 60GB 90GB 120GB 150GB 180GB
Free Bandwidth 2TB 4TB 6TB 8TB 10TB 12TB
RAM 6GB 12GB 18GB 24GB 30GB 36GB
CPU 4 Virtual Cores
Domains allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
HDD or SSD used in servers? SSD SSD SSD SSD SSD SSD
SSL No No No No No No
Anti-DDoS protection No
Anti-malware protection Only if you install one yourself
Free assisted website transfer Not available
cPanel $15
Available OS Multiple versions of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora 23 and SuSE 13 64Bit
Root Access Full Root Access
Money-back guarantee 72 hours
Customer support Ticket System
Choice of server location Yes – Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Maidenhead, UK
Automated back-ups $5/mo for nightly backups

As you can see, VPSDime resource offer is very generous. An allowance of 6GB RAM and 30GB SSD in a plan that costs just seven bucks sounds like a steal. Unfortunately, there is a catch – but you have to look in their FAQ to find it:

The above means that despite the plan being named VPS, the resources are not fully private. This means, that with any of the plans mentioned above, you don't get dedicated CPU resources - you share them with other users.

To get your own dedicated CPU, you'll need to purchase a Premium VPS plan which can cost several times more. For example, 12GB RAM Premium VPS plan costs $60/month, instead of $14/month which you would pay for Linux VPS.

On the bright side, VPSDime doesn’t try to upsell you anything that you could not live without. While I believe that giving you a semi-private VPS and then trying to upsell you a Faster CPU (3.3GHz) package sounds ridiculous, there’s no one forcing you to buy it.


VPSDime does not force you to buy its add-ons, but there are pretty good options like Plesk or cPanel, as well as nightly backups.

VPSDime Performance

Despite sharing your resources with other users, the company offers a very decent 99.9% uptime guarantee which is considered a standard in the industry. According to our uptime calculator, its “allowed” downtime is just 1m 26s a day or less than an hour every month. Here you can test it yourself - and see just how much it really is.

Your hosting can go down for:





Naturally, if your site is flooded with traffic at all times, even one minute of downtime can cost you a lot – but if that’s the case, there are better VPS options out there.

Often, reliable hosts use the downtime gap for installing updates and fixing server issues. Any other downtime should be considered as bad server management.

And what about the server performance?

VPSDime performance is not impressive at all. It was graded with C and showed varying results. You can see, that in the US and Europe, we've got great response times not reaching 100ms. However, other locations are slower. Japan is especially concerning with 1 sec response time.

If you host for the US or Europe visitors, VPSDime is worth it. On the other hand, you might experience problems in other locations.

VPSDime Pros

Server performance is definitely not the main reason to sign up for VPSDime offer. But, it has a few advantages I’m happy to include in my VPSDime review.

Great pricing with no fine print

There’s no fine print, strange long-term contracts or super discounts that turn into an overpriced nightmare once the first term is over.

You pay exactly the price that you see in VPSDime intuitive pricing tool and the price difference between all tiers is equal, which makes it easy to prepare the budget for upgrades.

Big choice of operating systems at no extra fees

Unlike many of its competitors, VPSDime doesn’t charge you for different operating systems.

When you're checking out, you can simply choose the one you are most comfortable working it.

So whether you’re used to working with CentOS, Fedora or Ubuntu, you won’t be charged anything for your choice.

That is a very fair practice you don’t see too often.

Plenty of bandwidth

Just like with other resources, VPSDime is very generous with its bandwidth allowance.

From 2TB in the basic plan all the way to 12TB in the most advanced one, you get more than enough for a basic, as well as for a more advanced and high-traffic site.

On top of that, its extra bandwidth packages are very affordable – just $4 for an extra TB of data.

VPSDime Cons

Just like all providers, VPSDime has its drawbacks. That includes not exactly private servers, limited support, and different speeds across data centers.

Not fully private

Despite VPSDime calling its offer 'Linux Virtual Private Server', the resources are not allocated exclusively to you.

Naturally, unless you buy its Premium VPS package (starting at $20.00/mo. for 1 dedicated core and 4GB RAM) or get their CPU Upsell (3.3GHz Faster CPU package for $5.00 + $3.00). But, the latter still doesn’t guarantee you full exclusivity.

Limited support

The company offers unmanaged VPS services – so while this point cannot really affect the final result of my VPSDime review, it’s worth reminding all users with little or no technical experience that they are left to themselves.

The support is limited to network, hardware or performance issues – so everything that you actually pay for. But, you can only contact the support using a ticketing system.

So even though VPSDime promises an average response time of 15 minutes tops, it’s far from real-time.

Network speed difference between locations

The last big drawback is the strange difference between network speeds.

While there is no difference in price, network speed in Maidenhead, UK, and Los Angeles differs 10x from that in Dallas & Seattle – 1Gbit speed in the former vs. 10Gbit in the latter.

While I fully understand that differences happen, this one is so big it looks strange.

VPSDime Review - Summary

VPSDime could be a really good VPS hosting provider - it has affordable plans, many features, and stable uptime.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. Digging deeper in our VPSDime review we found out, that its Linux Virtual Private Servers are not that private. Also, performance should definitely be improved.

And if you're beginner, you will most likely be struggling without live chat support option.

Have you hosted with VPSDime? Share your experiences in the comment section down below!


  • Straightforward pricing with no contract
  • Big choice of OS at no extra fees
  • Lots of bandwidth


  • Not really private
  • Location network speed difference
  • Limited support





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

VPSDime User Reviews


Lefresko picture

2019 January 30th

They suspended my order, before even being deployed – Because they thought I was selling VPN Access in mass quantities which I wasn’t. I explained I wanted to setup a VM Deployment system, and they said they don’t allow it. So it was a huge waste of time.
Stay away from this provider. They’re scared if someone DDoS(s) any of their virtual servers.

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