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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 4th

Are you looking for a hosting provider who emphasizes on cloud technology? Vultr is one of the growing companies with a specific goal – 100% customer satisfaction. Their services are more developer oriented, and they boast about their high-end SSD servers.

Vultr happens to be a present-day kind of hosting company. That's why you'll always get the latest technologies from them. As a matter of fact, this is the exact reason why they are still growing so much even after their launch back in 2014.

Now they have over 100,000 customers with 17 million cloud servers and 50+ developers in their team.

But the main question remains unanswered – Can they truly provide a simple high performing and reliable cloud hosting?

To help you out we disassembled every part and gathered up all the necessary information in this Vultr review.

Therefore, take a step back and go through this review before making the last call.

What is Vultr?

Vultr won’t offer you any typical hosting plans like other hosting providers. Their major focus is on the servers. They will provide a wide range of server options for you to choose from.

They also offer the latest generation solid-state drives along with a control panel. They have 15 different server locations around the world, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up for one of their server plans.

Vultr Pricing

At the moment, Vultr offers 4 types of server options to choose from. Their prices start from $0.004/hour ($2.50/month) to $1000/month, depending on the product you choose.

All four classes have different characteristics and are rendered especially to fulfill the needs of various types of users. In this part of the Vultr review, we will look through what they do and who are they good for.

Vultr Cloud Compute

This is an equivalent of a classic VPS option. The best part about this hosting plan is that you won't have to go for a long-term commitment. They'll give you an option to deploy in any server location.

You will get a dedicated IP address along with full administrative access to the server. The option also includes any choice of the operating system along with a wonderful feature-rich control panel and a robust API.

Almost all the things you will need for your website - or any other project that requires a VPS.

Vultr cloud compute plans pricing

Bare Metal

Want more customization power? Then Vultr’s Bare Metal plans might be just right for you. They are kind of like dedicated servers but with more customization options. That’s why it so easy to set up and start running.

You will be able to get full control of your surroundings with this plan along with full administrative access to the server.

If you are looking for a more powerful option, then Bare Metal can be the perfect one.

Vultr bare metal plans pricing

Dedicated Instances

This is more of an alternative to their Bare Metal plans. You will get an option to rent a portion or a full dedicated server in this one. It gives you more flexible options to the typical dedicated server hosting plans.

Maybe the Cloud Compute plans are not big enough and Bare Metal plans feel like too much - this is what Vultr offers for that.

Vultr dedicated instances plans pricing

Block Storage

Many providers try and tell us that their hosting is not a storage solution. The disk space is seemingly unlimited, but once you start storing files, you get banned.

If that bugs you, then look no further than Vultr's Cloud Block Storage. It's a storage solution, offering 99.999% availability and up to 10 terabytes of storage, at only 10 cents a GB a month.

Vultr block storage plans pricing

Vultr Cloud Compute prices

Plan Name Disk space (SSD) Bandwidth          CPU RAM Monthly Rate Hourly Rate
Cloud Compute 1 20 GB 0.50 TB (IPv6) 1 CPU 512 MB $2.50 $0.004
Cloud Compute 2 20 GB 0.50 TB 1 CPU 512 MB $3.50 $0.005
Cloud Compute 3 25 GB 1 TB 1 CPU 1024 MB $5 $0.007
Cloud Compute 4 40 GB 2 TB 1 CPU 2 GB $10 $0.015
Cloud Compute 5 60 GB 3 TB 2 CPU 4GB $20 $0.030
Cloud Compute 6 100 GB 4 TB 4 CPU 8 GB $40 $0.060
Cloud Compute 7 200 GB 5 TB 6 CPU 16 GB $80 $0.119
Cloud Compute 8 300 GB 6 TB 8 CPU 32 GB $160 $0.238
Cloud Compute 9 400 GB 10 TB 16 CPU 64 GB $320 $0.467

Vultr Bare Metal prices

Plan Name Disk Space (SSD) Bandwidth          CPU RAM Monthly Rate Hourly Rate
Bare Metal 1 2 x 240 GB 5000 GB 8 CPU 32768 MB $120 $0.179

Vultr Dedicated Instances prices

Plan Name Disk Space (SSD) Bandwidth          CPU RAM Monthly Rate Hourly Rate
Dedicated Instances 1 120 GB 10 TB 2 CPU 8192 MB $60 $0.089
Dedicated Instances 2 2x120 GB 20 TB 4 CPU 16384 MB $120 $0.179
Dedicated Instances 3 3x120 GB 30 TB 6 CPU 24576 MB $180 $0.268
Dedicated Instances 4 4x120 GB 40 TB 8 CPU 32768 GB $240 $0.357

Vultr Block Storage prices

Plan Name Disk Space (SSD) Monthly Rate Hourly Rate
Block Storage 1 10 GB $1 $0.001
Block Storage 2 25 GB $2.50 $0.004
Block Storage 3 50 GB $5 $0.007
Block Storage 4 100 GB $10 $0.015
Block Storage 5 250 GB $25 $0.037
Block Storage 6 500 GB $50 $0.074
Block Storage 7 1000 GB $100 $0.149
Block Storage 8 2500 GB $250 $0.372
Block Storage 9 5000 GB $500 $0.744
Block Storage 10 10000 GB $1000 $1.488

What Other Features Does Vultr Offer You?

Vultr is not your regular hosting provider. And there are a couple of things that make it very interesting. Here's what they are:

Custom Control Panel

Vultr providers their own control panel, which is very easy to use. Most of the features can be accessed with just one click, making managing a VPS as easy as dealing with shared hosting. It takes just a few seconds to start deploying a server and less a minute to have it tunning! On top of that, you’ll be able to see the overall health of your server right from the Control Panel.

The interface is quite intriguing, straightforward and easy to use.

Hourly Rate

What we really liked about Vultr is their hourly paying process. This way you won't have to go for a long-term commitment with them. All of their hosting plans come with the hourly rate. In simple words, you'll be paying for just the time you'll be using them.

Some of the companies want you to pay for years in advance. Vultr gives you an option not to.

Pros of Vultr

During this Vultr review, there were quite a few things we liked about this provider. Here's what they were:

Exceptionally Quick Response Time

This speaks volumes about the hardware that's being used and the work the engineers put in. Vultr comfortably responds to requests in around 200 ms, making it one of the faster VPS options around.

Great Uptime

With their fast working servers in 15 different locations, you will rarely see a downtime. They provide 99.99% uptime - and the Cloud Storage option is well known to comfortably exceed that too.

Loads of Server Plans

With hourly rates and multiple options in the four of their categories, Vultr offers both flexible payments and plenty of plans. Developers will easily find the perfect match.

Downsides of Vultr

However, not everything is perfect. There are also some things that weren't quite as good - so be wary of these issues, should you decide to start using Vultr.

Only Cloud and Dedicated Hosting

Indeed, developers will have an easy time choosing a plan. Beginners? Not so much. Vultr doesn't play around with shared hosting or, for example, managed WordPress hosting plans. You won't be able to use Vultr to buy a domain name, too. This is meant for professionals, not less-experienced users looking to host a website. If you're one of them, Vultr is not for you.

Lack of customer support options

It's modern times - and most hosting providers offer live chats as a way to contact the customer support. Unfortunately, Vultr isn't a part of the club. Instead, you can only reach them via email and phone. Vultr, get with the times!

Vultr Review: Conclusion

With many great options and smart pricing. Vultr is a great option for storage, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Performance also fits the bill - Vultr servers are both quick and reliable.

However, Vultr could definitely try and be more of a one-stop shop. With domains and more hosting types on sale, they would perhaps attract even more users. And extra customer support options wouldn't hurt either. Overall though, it's quite a decent option.


  • Excellent response time
  • Different hosting plans
  • 99.99% uptime


  • No live chat
  • Limited services
  • Pricey

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rudolph meighan picture
rudolph meighan

2019 November 15th

vultr is providing very bad services services vps runs very slow even after having good configuration of vps their performance is only in words typed on their website but in... Read more

vultr is providing very bad services services vps runs very slow even after having good configuration of vps their performance is only in words typed on their website but in reality it is nothing not happy anymore

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