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As soon as I opened Web.com main website I've started getting flashbacks from the late 2000s and the old-school internet marketing techniques that decade introduced. Web.com main website has it all - cheesy one-liners, multi-colored & somewhat messy design, and a massively overcrowded footer.

This really took me by surprise, considering that the company itself is specializing in website building solutions. After doing some research and reading a few Web.com reviews I understood that they are mostly specializing in assisted website building. This basically means that they can create a website you want without you even touching the website's code. Since we are still focusing on the website builders themselves, I will not review their development services as of yet.

In this particular Web.com review, I will be evaluating their website builder packages (don't mistake them with their shared web hosting packages)

Prices & Features

The majority of Web.com reviews seem to be focusing on one factor quite negatively - the renewal pricing.

Web.com pricing structures are based around attracting more clients with an exceptionally low initial monthly price (starting at $1.95/mo) and then increase the renewal price at least 10 times (starting at $22.95/mo) the very next month. Here is how their official package structure looks like:

And here is what I found in the billing terms agreements:

Web.com actually has only two builder-based packages. The last 'eCommerce' plan is actually just a Business Builder package with some eCommerce add-ons:

So essentially, Web.com provides premium-priced website builder services with a low-cost 1-month trial. What's more interesting is that the renewal costs are so hidden, it's very easy to accidentally sign up for a very expensive automated subscription you don't necessarily want.

So, what does a $22.95/mo hosting package give you?

  • A free domain registration
  • A website builder to work with
  • A variety of website templates

Sadly, the list of provided features doesn't seem to justify the enormous renewal prices of this host so far. Frankly, it all comes down to the features' quality, so let's take a look

Performance & User Experience

In order to evaluate Web.com user experience, I've purchased their smallest website builder package. The purchase was quite smooth. I didn't experience any issues or payment irregularities. I did, however, had problems with connecting my own domain name to their service since they don't seem to have any nameservers. After a successful talk with their chat support representative, I was able to connect my domain via IP address. Just as a side note - their chats don't seem to have any queue time. I was able to establish a conversation at any point during my testing period.

The first thing I was introduced to, was Website Templates selection:

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and variety of website templates with different color schemes and different purposes. Some of those templates seemed to be quite outdated considering the latest website design trends, however, they all had a sleek 'professional' look.

Upon choosing a template, I was able to play around with the website builder. Here is how it looks like:

It's rather simplistic and honestly, - quite appealing. I was able to drag and drop all the components of the website wherever I wanted. Some menu options do seem to be out of place and the control design doesn't seem convenient, but it definitely has a lot of custom options to further enhance your website. The other nice thing I should mention is the fact that you can always open a chat support window if you get stuck with anything during the website build-up. As I've mentioned earlier, they don't seem to have any queue times and they tend to open your chat almost immediately. Although, the support has disappointed me during one specific procedure. As I was trying to cancel my account, it didn't work and I was charged for an additional month. After calling to the customer service to cancel for sure, I was prompted to tell my account password to the representative. It's a very unusual process, and certainly something Web.com should consider changing.

Now, let's see the website's performance:

Overall, I've monitored my website for over 22 days and it went down only once. The overall speed of the website is not too bad either, considering that most shared hosting providers average in around 600ms response time.

I must say, I didn't expect such a stellar performance from an old-school web hosting provider like Web.com. It definitely has few cards up its sleeve.


Web.com is a veteran web hosting provider with an extremely aggressive sales pitch. It does have some charm left, but its design and price structures are screaming in demand for an update. After all, it's a $22/mo website builder service with mediocre features and an old-school control interface.

Would I recommend it?

No, I am afraid I wouldn't. It has way too many gaping flaws to justify the obscene $22/mo price tag. There are countless of way better options which would cost you at least 2, 3 or even 4 times less (eg. Wix, Hostinger, BlueHost, etc.).


  • Stellar Uptime
  • Fast Customer Service
  • Large Amount of Website Templates


  • Old Interface Design
  • Huge Renewal Costs
  • Pricing Structure is Unclear

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  1. Wilber Weiler picture Wilber Weiler
    2018 November 8th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    For more than just marketing your brand, an online store is a must-have for business owners. In 2016, analytics firm comScore found that consumers buy more things online than in stores. More than half of the US population shops online, so businesses should find a web host with strong eCommerce options.

  2. Mo Fayed picture Mo Fayed
    2018 March 14th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    No good wweb. it looks old and expensive. wix is better for me and you

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