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"Rock solid hosting" and "superior customer support" are the name of the game with WebHero — or so they say.

But can they meet the requirements of a busy customer who needs guaranteed uptime and an easy-to-use interface?

I reviewed WebHero's services to see what they could really offer.

Not a Good First Impression

For the purposes of my WebHero review, I went straight to customer service to get some assistance with setting up a site.

The live chat was unavailable and the "help" button displayed an error message.

It's not the best first impression...

WebHero Review Front Page

Once I registered though, the control panel is clean and intuitive. I didn't have any problems getting started.

There were some connection issues; and when they occurred, there was nobody available to talk to.

I'm not the only one either — other customer feedback (such as that featured below) reflects a similarly frustrating experience. It isn't ideal if you're relying on decent connectivity, integration and uptime.

WebHero Review Sample Web Review

WebHero Pricing

You've got two pricing options with WebHero. Startup Hero limits your disk space and bandwidth to 20GB, while Business Hero offers all the standard features as unlimited, along with 25 MySQL databases.

Both are on the expensive side, but become much cheaper, if you join the company's Hosting or Wholesale Club. Joining them costs around 100 and 200 dollars a year respectively, but gives you sizeable discounts.

For example, Startup Hero works out at $16.66 per month over a year-long term, but this drops to $4.16 per month if you choose the wholesale option.

Similarly, Business Hero goes down from $33.33 to $12.46.

Overall, you pretty much break even if you buy one plan with you Club account, and do some savings if you want to purchase more.

Next, let's take a look at the difference in the features offered.

Plan Features

Startup HeroBusiness Hero
Disk Space20GBUnlimited
How many domains allowed2Unlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversHDDHDD
Email Accounts20Unlimited
Website builderNoNo
Money back guaranteeN/AN/A
Customer SupportLive chat, helpdeskLive chat, helpdesk, priority support

As you can see, the Startup Hero is fairly limited. Although 20GB of disk space isn't bad if you're a start-up or a small business.

The options for Business Hero are excellent though, allowing for plenty of upscaling.

The offer of 25 MySQL databases is also particularly good.

It's quite an expensive package unless you go for a wholesale option, which is where I'd put my money. But be vary - in Webhero's Terms of Service, it was simply impossible to find any mention of a money back guarantee.


WebHero isn't particularly quick and this is a bit of a concern as the pricing is premium.

Load times and connections are pretty slow and it isn't at all easy to get any help from customer service.

WebHero Review Performance

Webhero Review: A Conclusion

WebHero's speed and support both fail to impress. It certainly didn't prove its claims of 'Rock-solid hosting' or 'Superior customer support', which is bizarre considering its expensive pricing.

In short, I wouldn't recommend WebHero. The customer service is unreliable and it's not a high-performance host.

On the off chance that you feel like giving WebHero the benefit of the doubt, the wholesale Business Hero option is by far the best value for money that WebHero offer.

What do you think, though? Perhaps you've already tried WebHero and had a better customer experience? Let us know of any WebHero reviews of your own by submitting a comment below.


  • Business Hero excellent for growing businesses
  • Control Panel easy to use


  • Sluggish performance
  • Non-existent customer service
  • Quite expensive unless you go for wholesale

WebHero User Reviews

  1. Tim Vandehey picture Tim Vandehey
    2019 March 7th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    WebHero is the worst. Unreliable and the worst customer service imaginable.

  2. DISS Me Again WebHero! picture DISS Me Again WebHero!
    2019 February 7th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    THE ABSOLUTE WORST !!!!! Use them at your own RISK! You will deserve what you get from them if you Don’t heed this review! They used to be ok, but now they are horrible! Lazy, Smart ass attitudes – when you can get customer (which is rare). Use anyone but these jokers – or you will be so soooorrrry. I know.

  3. Denise picture Denise
    2019 February 3rd
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    The website gets hacked very often. Customer support on the phone is almost non-existent. Everytime we needed to hold over an hour. Frequently, website goes down, getting server error message. I will not trust web hosting company. They overcharge you and do not give refund.,

  4. Tim Vandehey picture Tim Vandehey
    2019 January 12th
    Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

    Webhero has been a disaster for me. I just need email hosting; I’m a freelance writer—one guy, not complex. I went with them on a recommendation, but they have been horrible. I have periodic outages for no reason, I’ve been on a rolling blacklist for more than a year and they seem unable or unwilling to help me get off it. Now, I can’t even get my email from my primary domain, and their response was to give me useless DIY steps and advise me to get on their live chat—which is not working. DO NOT give Webhero your money. They’re useless.

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