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Bart Keating


2020 January 6th

WebHostFace aims to be the face of a company providing customers with secure, flexible and reliable hosting solutions. But is WebHostFace genuinely as reliable as it claims?

This WebHostFace review is here to find out exactly that.

What is WebHostFace?

WebHostFace is a hosting company offering a wide range of services. WebHostFace is relatively new on the market. It only started back in 2014 but continued to grow quicker than others over the past years. Now WebHostFace covers a full list of hosting services:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Names
  • SSL certificates

Having servers around the globe, it aims to provide a trustworthy hosting and also with a great price. So, if you want a provider that offers a lot of variety, WebHostFace just might be the right call.

The most popular type of hosting is shared web hosting. So for this WebHostFace review, I’ll be doing a thorough analysis of its shared hosting services.

Let’s see how well it actually performs!

WebHostFace Pricing 

WebHostFace has 3 plans starting from as little as $1.38/mo with the Standard plan and going up to Ultima which doesn't cost too much either - $3.98/mo.

The key to such low prices is that you get an 80% discount for the first term. So the renewal prices would be much higher. Let's run through all the WebHostFace's plans:

  • Face Standard: Comes with unmetered bandwidth and 15GB of disk space. The regular pricing for this plan starts at $6.90/mo. This plan can be perfect for any beginner.
  • Face Extra: This plan comes with 20 GB disk space and you can have multiple domains as well as work on SEO. Without the discount, it will cost you $10.90/mo. If you want to expand projects this plan might be a good option.
  • Face Ultima: With 30GB disk space and a merchant account, this plan is suited for more prominent business sites. And its regular price is $19.90/mo.

There's another interesting thing with WebHostFace pricing. It offers LifeTime deals - you make a one-time payment to have an account for as long as you want.

webhostface lifetime

So this means what you think it means - a lifetime deal. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with your web hosting provider, it's only logical to consider this option.

And what is included in these plans? Here's a detailed table for each shared hosting plan in this WebHostFace review:

Face Standard Face Extra Face Ultima
Disk Space 15 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Domains allowed 1 Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Free Free Free
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Auto-installer Included (Softaculous) Included (Softaculous) Included (Softaculous)
Auto-installer scripts 400+ 400+ 400+
Customer support Ticket, Email, Phone, Live Chat Ticket, Email, Phone, Live Chat Ticket, Email, Phone, Live Chat
Automated back-ups Yes Yes Yes

All plans have a cPanel included. That's currently the best choice of a control panel in the market, so you won't have problems administering your website.

As for the website builder, the Extra and the Ultima plans have it included. Also, WebHostFace offers free assisted website transfer with each plan, so if you plan to migrate your website, don't worry about all the technicalities. And you get a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, there are some crucial features missing. That is anti-DDoS protection and anti-malware protection. So you will have to purchase those separately.

WebHostFace Performance

To test the reliability of WebHostFace, I checked its response time. And the output was excellent - the response time averages at 207.25 ms.

WebHostFace response time

Scoring a solid A, it honestly did an excellent job here. The response times are fastest in the USA, however, as you can see, even the slowest time in Bangalore is just a bit over 500 ms.

Such good results seem like a natural outcome when hosting provider uses SSD in servers and has multiple locations around the world.

And how about the uptime? WebHostFace offers a 99.96% uptime guarantee. It’s a good level of uptime, no question in that. Moreover, if somehow it fails to provide such uptime, you will get the compensation fee. That looks like a provider taking its promises seriously.

WebHostFace Pros

Great live support

WebHostFace provides live chat options for both potential customers and already existing customers. And it's top-class customer support. Not only the customer representatives are knowledgeable, but they also are really fast.

Strong knowledge base

A vast knowledge base and video tutorials are ready to help you get started. Moreover, the video tutorials cover almost everything you would need to get your website running without any hassles.

Free SSL certificates

WebHostFace provides free SSL certificates with every plan they have. You will see many hosting providers charging you an annual fee for getting SSL certificates from them.

But not in this case. WebHostFace certainly beats the competition in this section.

Free CDN

WebHostFace also gives you free CloudFlare CDN with every plan it offers. Free CDN allows you to improve loading speeds by placing your website in servers closest to your users.

This also gives you DDoS protection with it, so you can improve performance and security, a win-win situation.

Choice of server location

There is only a handful of hosting providers, who let their customers choose the server. If you have a specific region based audience, selecting a server close to that would be a plus point.

In this regard, WebHostFace will let you choose the server location when subscribing to any of its plans. You get to choose between the USA, Europe, and Asia.

WebHostFace Cons

Premium Support

While you get 24/7 customer support by quite the knowledgable and helpful agents with every plan. WebHostFace has another layer of assistance available - premium support.

Customers who subscribed to their high priced plans will get the topmost priority and will be at the top of the queue. But it doesn't quite mean that the regular won't help you.

Even with a small plan, you get fast customer support and all questions about hosting are treated equally. While the premium will guarantee you a much quicker response and extra development services.

WebHostFace Review – Is It a Good Investment?

Summarizing it all, WebHostFace is a good hosting provider. The performance looks reliable and all of its plans have great features.

However, they don't include all the necessities and after the initial term, plans become pricey.

To back up the pricing, WebHostFace offers a lifetime payment option, which can be a good choice in the long run. But of course, before you make any decisions, check out other hosting providers with their best plans. See if there's something more suitable for you!


  • Great response time
  • 99.96% uptime
  • Includes cPanel
  • Free assisted website transfers
  • Free CDN


  • Expensive regular pricing
  • Low disk space
  • Premium support

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Wyatt Baldwin picture
Wyatt Baldwin

2019 March 7th

This is an unethical and dishonest company. This company will not accept a cancellation of services and will renew without your consent. They delete help desk chats. They will also... Read more

This is an unethical and dishonest company. This company will not accept a cancellation of services and will renew without your consent. They delete help desk chats. They will also suspend your account without communicating it. Very unprofessional. They have sent me an email saying services were canceled and I should receive a chargeback only to offer store credit.

Liktor Gabor picture
Liktor Gabor

2019 March 5th

Dirt cheap host + outstanding support. They help quickly and reliably. It happens that I even get answers for questions I only have in my mind (no joke)! 6 stars... Read more

Dirt cheap host + outstanding support. They help quickly and reliably. It happens that I even get answers for questions I only have in my mind (no joke)! 6 stars out of 5. I asked them at least 5 times by now (totally different topics) and they always helped in minutes! I tried at least 3 different providers before I finally arrived to these guys. They deserve attention.

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