WebON Site Builder Review


Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

WebON is an all-inclusive website building and hosting service from Malaysia. It presents itself as a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

But is this the right service for you? Find out in my WebON site builder review.

What Is WebON?

WebON's core product is a custom site building and hosting service tailored to the needs of small and medium enterprise (SME) users.

Large scale businesses and users who want to create a simple personal website should consider alternative options.

WebON First Impressions

As soon as I loaded the WebON website, I noticed some significant red flags. Given that it's a representation of the product itself, the website of a site building service should be slick and up to date. Put simply, WebON's is not.

WebON Review Homepage ErrorThe WebON website loads slowly and isn't secured by an SSL certificate. Also, there are some major formatting issues right on the homepage, such as a deal count-down timer that displays only zeroes.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the site is also full of grammatical errors.

If a company isn't bothered to make their website look good - how could they do it with yours?

Unusually Slow Sign Up

Once I'd looked past the errors on its website, I went ahead and signed for a website builder plan. Weirdly, I had to wait a day before I could access my account. Basically, this isn't a good service to use if you need to create a website in a hurry.

WebON Review Sign Up

Why could this be a thing? Well - I have a theory. In order to avoid fraudulent signups straining the builder's resources, all the requests are being approved manually. And that takes time.

It all sounds good. But many other companies have easily solved this issue by implementing monitoring software and automating the entire process. Why hasn't this been done here? We can only assume.

Basic But Usable Site Builder

WebON Review Website BuilderWebON's site builder actually runs off the Google My Business platform. Fortunately, that means it's more stable and designed better than WebON's clunky website would suggest.

Getting to grips with the builder was a quick process. It uses a drag-and-drop design, so adding and modifying text and images is simple.

Everything does feel a little basic though. You get a lot less freedom to modify small page details than you would with an alternative builder like Wix.

Acceptable Themes

The WebON site builder comes with access to 200+ different themes. In general, they aren't as stylish as those of competitor website builders but they still work well.

Poor Customer Support

I was saddened to find that WebON doesn't offer any kind of ticket, live chat or phone support system. The only way to get in touch with representatives is through an email form.

WebON Pricing

To keep things simple, WebON only offers a single website building package. It costs 699 RM, or about $171, for one year. However, if you commit to a two-year contract, you can save 35%.

WebON Review Pricing

The website builder package comes with free web hosting and domain registration. Although stats on server storage and bandwidth restrictions aren't available on the WebON website, you can create an unlimited number of pages. 

Support for eCommerce stores of up to 1,000 products and SEO analytics also come standard. Therefore, at an effective $14/month, WebON's package is reasonably priced considering the number of included features.

WebON Performance

During my WebON review, I evaluated my site speed using Bitcatcha.

Though not fast, load times were acceptable. The server are not fast by any means, but at least the performance won't be a bottleneck.

Final Thoughts

Although the WebON site builder is functional and inexpensive, I struggle to recommend this service. It's very basic, slightly outdated, and very expensive. And the lack of customer support means you shouldn't rely on it to host mission-critical business websites. There are many better alternatives to choose from.

Do you disagree? If you have WebON site builder reviews of your own, post them below!


  • All-inclusive website building and hosting
  • Free domain registration
  • Uses a reliable Google's Business platform


  • Error-riddled website
  • No customer support
  • Unusually slow sign up process

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