Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Is it Sitey, is it Sitelio?

No! It's

It's becoming more and more popular for one website builder to work under multiple identities, and it can often be misleading or frustrating.

However, there are sometimes good reasons for doing it.

The secrets behind this website builder identity crisis are all unraveled in this review.

Is Legit?

To solve this puzzle - yes, is legit - but authentic? No.

In fact, there are two other web builders using the exact same software as SiteBuilder. I discovered this after writing a review for Sitelio, where I noticed the similarities. After conducting further research, it became clear there was another culprit - Sitey.


Since the three websites merged, they have acquired quite a catalog of poor customer feedback. And though many problems have been amended, some still persist.

Aside from the negative feedback, the platform itself is straightforward to use. Like all other web builders, it uses sections to organize your website. With over a hundred pre-designed sections, there is a lot to choose from, but you can also design your own.

But for those hoping for a 100% pain-free experience, don't hold your breath. review

While the pre-design sections are a great timesaver, other features are not.The interface itself can be overwhelming, with a baffling number of toolbars displayed.

Also, another confusing element: there are plenty of animation options, yet images aren't retina-ready. 

 How 'out of date' is this thing? Themes & Other Features

When it comes to the themes, provides a very healthy 100+.


They are modern, however, they don't particularly stand out. And for some bizarre reason, once you have selected your theme, you cannot go back to change it. This is frustrating, to say the least.

However, there is some good news. has built its own eCommerce system with a tasty amount of features, such as product variations and email customization. 

The blogging platform provided is yet another useful feature and is, in fact, one of the better blog editors I've seen from a website builder. You can edit the permalink, create cover images, pin posts and more.


Plans and Pricing in More Detail offers its clients only one subscription option which is to pay monthly. Unlike many other website builders, also offers a completely free package.

Although the free plan has a large number of templates and unlimited bandwidth, I wouldn't recommend it against sites such as WordPress.

Free Premium Business eCommerce
Free Hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Templates 100+ 100+ 100+ 100+
Custom Domain No No No No
Free Domain No Yes Yes Yes
Support Email Email Priority Priority
eCommerce No No No Yes
Ads displayed? Yes No No No

On top of the free one, there are three paid plans to choose from. SiteBuilder's premium account is $4.61 month-to-month, while its business account starts at $5.38 month-to-month. Both plans are packed full of features and at a fairly good price too. However, they fail to lack significant features, unlike the eCommerce plan.

For those users who will benefit from eCommerce, this will set you back $9.23 month-to-month. Compared to its competitors, this price per month is reasonable.

Overall, the three price plans are very similar and lack flexibility. I would struggle to recommend either of the packages due to their lack of features and poor customer feedback. For users who would like to take a risk, then I'd personally go for the eCommerce package.


To complete the performance of, I ran some tests to check how well it performs in the speed field.


These are rather average results from, and therefore I cannot say anything too good or too bad, as it completely depends on where your business is located. Review - Final Thoughts

Honestly, it's hard to trust consider its awful billing practices and outdated duplicate software. While its pricing is highly competitive, the product is not.

And despite being a fan of the eCommerce system and pre-designed sections, I'm afraid the only thing I have to say about is to avoid it. If you still fancy giving it a whirl out of curiosity, keep your expectations low.

So, if you do try, please feel free to leave your own reviews and experiences below and if you are looking for cheaper and all-around better website building options, there are plenty to choose from.


  • Great blogging feature
  • Fair priced packages


  • Poor billing practices
  • Bad customer feedback
  • Non-flexible packages User Reviews

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