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Bart Keating


2019 October 2nd

WebStarts claims to have it all - easy to use website builder with a long list of integrations. That should be a catch for any user. But how much those statements are reflecting the reality?

Let’s dive into our WebStarts review to see if this can be a suitable option to create your website!

What is WebStarts?

WebStarts is a user-friendly website builder. It offers over a hundred beautiful templates that are fully customizable with a drag-and-drop editor. This website builder has plans for complete beginners as well as large businesses. Also, it has an entirely free plan!

webstarts features

Upon landing on WebStarts, I was immediately drawn in by the sleek, modern feel of their website (although I’m certainly not a fan of their logo). I also got the impression that the features they offer were comprehensive.

But let's go with the pricing and features for this WebStarts review. Time to find out what's the actual worth of this offer.

WebStarts Pricing

WebStarts offers 3 plans: there's a truly free plan (not as a trial but permanently), then the Pro Plus for $7.16/mo and the highest is the Business plan for $19.99/mo.

webstarts review pricing

These prices are comparable to those of some of the bigger names in the space, such as Wix or Weebly.

But there is one strong inconvenience with WebStarts - plans must be paid annually. You cannot pay monthly. Moreover, there is no money-back guarantee. I guess WebStarts really trusts this product to be liked by every customer.

And you would think that the Free plan could be a way to try out the services, but that's not exactly the case. Thing is, the free plan is quite limited. A lot of their premium features are only available with their paid plans. And some of those features are really, for example, a mobile version or the access to your website's code.

But let’s take a further look at what each WebStarts plan offers:

Free Pro Plus Business
Price Forever Free $7.16/month $19.99/month
Custom Domain No Yes Yes
Search Engine Submission No Google only Google, Yahoo! & Bing
Free Advertising No $250 $500
Social Integration No Yes Yes
Business Email Addresses No No 5 Addresses
SEO Tools No Yes Yes
Contact Forms No 1000 Contacts Unlimited
Slideshows/Galleries No Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud Storage 1GB 10GB 40GB
Bandwidth 1GB/month 100GB/month Unlimited
Ads Shown Yes No No
Mobile Optimization No Yes Yes
Access To Code No Yes Yes
Online Store No No Yes

Despite the very limited Free plan, WebStarts plans have really decent features. The pages are unlimited, there are built-in SEO and traffic statistics, and the websites can have many integrations with other platforms.

webstarts review integrations

Every plan has its limits as they all aim at different users:

  • Free
    Webstart’s free plan is perfect for someone who wants to start a small personal website or blog without taking it too seriously. It offers basic but limited features - 1GB space as well as bandwidth, subdomain only and there is no mobile optimization.
  • Pro Plus
    At $7.16/month, this is the first WebStarts paid plan to offer some decent features. You get the option for a custom domain, access to your site’s code, and full mobile optimization. You get 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth.
  • Business
    if you’re serious about building a decent website, I would recommend forking out $19.99/mo for the Business plan. The main features here are online store integration and 5 business (custom domain) email addresses. The storage is 40 GB and you get unlimited bandwidth.

So as you can see, there are some restrictions, however, the most important subject of this WebStarters review is the website builder itself. So let's see how it works!

Building a Website With WebStarts

The WebStarts website builder turns out to be a really powerful tool. The templates are well-designed and on top of it, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of customization.

Upon completing a short registration form, you get to choose if you want to pick a template yourself or take the AI questions and get the template offer based on your answers.

And there are over a hundred of beautifully designed templates. What's great, that they all have modern looks and look distinctive from each another.

webstarts review templates

When picking the design yourself, you can scroll through the examples. The templates are grouped by the themes and you can also simply put a word to the search field.

Moving on to the template customization. The editing window has menu bars at the top and on the left side of the screen. It's quite intuitive and easy to navigate.

webstarts review editing menuThe builder allows a lot of flexibility.

Text, images, and other elements are positioned using a drag-and-drop editor, and you can change font styles and sizes to suit your liking.

Also, you can change colors to the most exact shade. There's even an eye-dropper tool to pick colors from images!

And putting pieces together will be no problem.

Changing the size of content boxes and images is with no restrictions. And every box can move completely freely. You can simply drag each element to whichever place you want. While doing that, the appearing guidelines will help you keep the consistency of alignment.

webstarts review - drag and drop editor

You can preview your page in a different window. Also, there is a mobile preview and it is fully responsive. However, for the Free plan, the mobile version is not available.

A huge stock image library also comes handy. The images are of high quality and can search by topic or even by color.

webstarts review - stock images

Overall, I'm impressed by WebStarts website builder. It allows you to create very professional and unique websites.

Although at the same time, this might seem a drawback for those, who would like to spend as little time as possible on the website creation process. But in that case, the original templates are entirely usable - you can simply add your content and publish the website as it is.

WebStarts Performance

Not to get a complete WebStarts review, we need a performance check. And the response times test results are really great! Take a look:


The average response time would be 300ms and WebStarts beats that well. Its response times in the U.S. are wonderful, with other locations around the globe not far behind. In fact, only Bangalore and Sydney fell short of exceptional, but even those were good.

It’s worth keeping this in mind if you’re planning on building a complex site with a lot of content and you want to appeal to readers all around the world, as response times will be extremely important to you.

WebStarts Pros and Cons

Every service has great features as well as something that might be missing. So to summarize this WebStarts review, let's look through the pros and cons.


  • A very flexible drag-and-drop builder which gives you almost complete customizability
  • Access to HTML and CSS code so you can further customize your site
  • Well over 100 templates to choose from (126 at the time of writing)
  • Excellent worldwide speed


  • Support seems limited and is only available during US business hours by phone or email
  • You will need to upgrade to a paid plan if you want a mobile-optimized site and a custom domain
  • Payments have to be made yearly rather than monthly

Final Thoughts on WebStarts Review

If you’re looking for a simple, no-strings-attached website builder that is flexible and customizable, then WebStarts is a great option. It’s also very useful for those who are interested in building sites with lots of content, as its global hosting speeds are near exceptional.

The Pro Plus and Business packages offer great value with similar prices to Wix and other top website builders.

However, there are some inconveniences such as yearly payment period or lack of 24/7 customer support. And some users might find the website builder a little too flexible for a beginner.

Do you have an opinion of your own? I would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts on the matter — leave your own WebStarts review in the comments section below.


  • Flexible drag-and-drop builder
  • 100+ templates
  • Great worldwide speed


  • Limited support
  • Mobile optimization only with Pro plan
  • Yearly billing cycle

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Dont trust these 3 guys with your information. There is no customer service. When you do get a reply, they are extremely rude and your site and financial information is not safe. Please be warned.

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