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Weebly is yet another website builder provider which provides a highly customizable and user-friendly website making tools. Like its competitors, Weebly specializes in attracting inexperienced & new website developers who are looking for an easy way to make and sustain their own website. In this particular Weebly review, I will evaluate its reliability and performance while using Weebly free package and later compare it to the paid one.

Weebly Pricing & Features

Luckily for our wallets, Weebly doesn’t cost anything when signing up. By default, it gives you access to Weebly website builder and the majority of its tools. This excludes video, audio and search bar placements on the website. For these, you would have to upgrade to one of the Premium packages. There are, however, a couple of more significant disadvantages with the free service:

  • You cannot attach a proper top-level domain name to your website unless you upgrade.
  • Forced Weebly ad in the footer which cannot be removed or otherwise customized. (Even if you get the cheapest paid package, the ad would not be removed)
  • You wouldn’t be able to add a search bar to your website unless you get one of the two most expensive plans.


These are the Weebly ads you’d see on your website unless you upgrade

Now, let’s take a look at Weebly pricing of paid packages:


As you can see, the overall prices of Weebly packages don’t seem to be much different from any basic web hosting provider. The most optimal ‘Starter’ package comes with almost all the essentials a personal website would ever need. It would cost $96 ($8/mo) if you would get it for 1 year and $120 ($5/mo) if you would go for 2 years upfront.

The most significant advantage of Weebly is that it would give you a free domain registration with either one of the paid packages. By default, domain registrations would go for $10-15 per year.

Performance & Personal Experience

All successful website builder providers tend to have two distinct features – great accessibility and ease of use. Weebly is no exception. While traversing through Weebly website builder I found a lot of customization options which were presented to me in a very understandable and convenient manner. I was, however a little frustrated with some of the restrictions, especially the inability to resize and place your own text freely. The awkward invisible borders restricting my image placements led me to believe that flexibility is not Weebly’s strong suit. However, I was still able to publish all the content I wanted reasonably quickly. Here is how Weebly website builder looks from the inside:


Later, I went on and purchased Weebly’s Starter package in order to see if anything changes in terms of the builder’s functionality. Sadly, it didn’t change much. Upon upgrading, I unlocked the ability to attach my own domain and Weebly ads disappeared from my footer. I was also able to claim my free domain registration.

How about its speed? Let’s see:


Having an approximate 1 second response time for a builder-based website is definitely not too shabby. What’s more surprising is its consistent uptime. I’ve monitored my website for over 20 days and the website has only been down for 2 minutes. Props to Weebly’s server administrators on keeping their servers afloat almost flawlessly!


Weebly definitely has its pros and cons. Its package pricing & feature structures are painfully similar to other website builder providers, such as Wix or Squarespace. However, Weebly is still able to distinguish itself apart from the rest by providing cheaper premium solutions and more worthwhile extras.

The most obvious flaw for Weebly is its lack of flexibility. I often found myself in a difficult position where a certain tool wouldn’t be able to customize my content exactly how I wanted. Other, more significant disadvantages were showcased in Weebly’s free version – the inability to attach your own domain name and forced Weebly ads at the footer of the website.

The main advantage of this host is its price and add-on value. Weebly goes the extra step by giving you one of the cheapest subscription prices in the industry and providing you with a free domain name registration. Website’s overall uptime and speed are not to be underestimated either. 99.98% uptime combined with a 1 second average response time is extremely good for a website builder company.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Weebly. Similarly to Wix, Weebly has the potential to be the ultimate website building platform, even though it’s cheaper.


  • Relatively Cheap Upgrade Options
  • Superb Uptime
  • Easy to Use Website Builder
  • Free Domain Provided


  • Forced Ads on Free & "Connect" Plans
  • Inability to Attach a Domain on Free Plan
  • Lack of Flexibility

Main Features

  • Cheaper Upgrade Options
  • Free Domain Included
  • Flawless Uptime

Server Locations

  • United States

Server OS

  • Linux logo Linux

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