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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 2nd

WholeSale Internet is one of the oldest dedicated hosting providers out there. But not only that, Wholesale Internet instant-deployment dedicated servers are some of the cheapest in the industry as well.

With its affordable hosting, WholeSale Internet claims to offer great performance and reliability too.

In this WholeSale Internet review, we tested whether that's true.

What Is WholeSale Internet?

WholeSale Internet is dedicated server hosting provider based in Kansas City, USA. It is one of the oldest service providers, operating since 1999.

But the host is not outdated. WholeSale Internet offers feature-rich data center with advanced technologies to meet today's standards. For customers, it has two dedicated hosting options - instant deployment or custom built servers.


This way, WholeSale Internet can provide many scalability options and meet the needs even of the most demanding customers. For an affordable price as well. 

So the main focus of the host is to provide dedicated server support at a lower price, keeping performance standards high. 

So let's take a look at what WholeSale Internet offers.

WholeSale Internet Pricing

WholeSale Internet instant-deployment server pricing ranges from $15 to $799/month, according to your needs. Custom server pricing starts at $34/month and can cost up to $724/month. 

To protect your hosting, WholeSale Internet uses triple redundant utility power to back servers up, as well as UPS and Generator backup systems. All of the servers have N+1 cooling systems as well as fully redundant networks. That includes BGP blend provided by different carriers.

Depending on your needs, you can choose 1 of over 60 servers. 

In the table below, we put all of the server specifications in different categories, so you know what to expect:

Price Range/mo Disk Space RAM Bandwidth
$15 - $50 up to 4TB 4 - 32GB 100mbps unmetered - 100TB/month
$50 - 100 up to 6TB 24 - 96GB 20 - 100TB/month
$100 - 200 up to 8TB 96 - 128GB 100TB/month
$200 - $400 2x2TB SSD 128GB 100TB/month
>$400 up to 10TB SAS 32 - 256GB 100TB/month

As you can see, WholeSale Internet has scalable hosting options. But if none of the 60 different options meet your needs, you can customize your own server.

By choosing any of the 7 custom servers, you'll be able to choose main and 2-3 other hard drives, RAM, operating system, bandwidth, and hard drive partition layout.

So if WholeSale Internet manages to deliver great performance and reliability for the price, it might be one of the most scalable and affordable dedicated hosting choices that we can recommend.

On the other hand, WholeSale Internet only provides users with the servers. The rest is up to you - software for security, backups, SSL certificates, etc. So that will add up to the final price you pay for your affordable hosting.

WholeSale Internet Features

WholeSale Internet provides its users only with two hosting choices - dedicated instant-deployment hosting and dedicated custom server hosting.

Apart from that, it's not very feature-rich, meaning, you'll have to find the needed add-ons elsewhere. However, there are 2 things WholeSale is good at - the choice of servers and technical support.

Vast collection of servers

WholeSale Internet comes with a diverse selection of servers for you to choose from. You'll get to choose from over 60 instant-deployment servers both very affordable and high-end. 

The selection of hardware and software is perhaps the largest in the industry.

You'll be able to get Intel processors or AMD with different amount of disk space, RAM size, processor speed and many more. The servers seem to change with their availability, giving you a hassle-free solution.

Proving ultra-fast service, you'll get your dedicated server within minutes.

Custom servers have their own sets of customization options. This provides basically limitless scalability options.

Though getting a custom server might take as long as a few days.

Qualified technical support

WholeSale Internet technical support gained a lot of praises from their customers. Though the response times are not brilliant, technicians know their job well. 

They will assist you with any hardware issue and they seem to know just what they are doing. You will be able to change parts, check if the power supply is ok or add more juice to your system.

However, if you run into any software related problem, you'll have to figure that one out yourself.

Sadly, the support is only qualified for hardware, not software.

WholeSale Internet Pros

WholeSale Internet seems to be a great dedicated hosting provider. It shows great performance and uptime results, as well as provides you with a money-back guarantee.

See the details.

Great Response Time

Just like other sole dedicated server providers, WholeSale Internet also owns the super-fast server badge. We checked out their response time for this WholeSale Internet review. They have an average response time of 215ms

Considering that the industry average is 553ms, that is a great result.

Stable Uptime

WholeSale Internet doesn't have any official uptime guarantee statement. That being said, they are able to provide 99.9% uptime for all customers. 

It also has several back-up systems, so even in case of outages, you won't experience downtime.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you didn't like the quality of the services.

Thereby, if you want to switch hosting packs or cancel the subscription, you can easily do within 30-days.

WholeSale Internet Cons

Though WholeSale Internet has some great features, it's far from our top hosts. It has poor options for customer support, dedicated hosting is not managed, and you'll need to purchase a lot of things elsewhere.

Limited Customer Support 

WholeSale Internet has ticket support and basically, that is it. And it's nowhere near 24/7, working only 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST Monday through Friday. In case your server is down on the weekend or at night, you can mark the ticket as "911" or send a direct message to the pager. However, this does not ensure you'll get a response.

Talking about support options, there's no live chat. Also,  you can try and cal WholeSale Internet, but it only has a general number for all businesses - inquiries, support, business calls, etc. So that won't help you solve issues fast.

Also, the support is only for hardware.

If any of your servers are having a software related issue, you will have to fix it on your own. 

No Managed Servers

After signing up when you'll get the server in your hands, you'll have to configure it on your own. Meaning WholeSale Internet doesn't have any managed servers. 

Lacks Features And Services

WholeSale Internet does not include crucial features and services like SSL certificates, back-ups, and even some of the popular software.

Cheap hosting turns into expensive one once you try and purchase everything you need to secure and manage it.

WholeSale Internet Review - the Verdict

As we can see from this WholeSale Internet review, it seemed like a good dedicated hosting provider at first. It has great performance in terms of both uptime and server speed. Also, the choices of servers are limitless.

However, many crucial features are lacking.

Hosting is not managed, support is only for hardware, and add-ons like SSL are not included. So while WholeSale Internet aims to provide affordable hosting, it fails at providing the necessary features.

What do you think about WholeSale Internet? Let us know in the comment section down below!


  • Good server performance
  • Clear Pricing


  • No Live Chat
  • Lacks Many Features
  • No Managed Servers

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