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Wix must be one of the most noticeable brands if you are looking for the easiest way to create a website. Wix offers an exclusive option to use their custom-made and very accessible website builder in order to make customizable and (apparently) optimized websites. This Wix review will help you understand how good Wix service really is. It should also give you a clear idea whether you should be investing your time into this website builder.

Pricing & Plan Differences

Wix is a free service with an option to upgrade. The free version, however, comes with a few major downsides:

  • The inability to host your website with a proper domain name. By default, you would need to use a long Wix subdomain URL (https://example.wixsite.com/example). You wouldn’t be able to add your own domain name even if you already have it registered somewhere else.
  • Forced Wix ads. This service provider is by no means ad-free. Upon publishing your first website, two tenacious ads will be displayed on the top and the bottom of your landing page.

So how could we alleviate these problems? It’s simple – upgrade.


Here you can see all the plan options when upgrading Wix account. Let’s start from the bottom – Connect Domain package with $5 per month subscription just so that you would be able to attach your own domain name to the website. Keep in mind that Wix ads would still be shown on your website.

The next package, and seemingly the most worthwhile one is called Combo. It does cost $10/month which is quite a lot for a subscription based website builder, however, it also gives quite a lot in return. Combo plan revokes all ads on the website, gives a free domain name to register and provides you with a reasonable amount of server resources. Combo is the plan you would need to go for if you prefer an ad-free & easy website building environment.

Other Unlimited, eCommerce & VIP packages are there just to give you more upgrade options if you are planning to increase your website traffic or resource usage. They also give you a few attractive extras, including app store credits, AdWords credits, and other added value items. Frankly, these seem to be the things you wouldn’t need as a new website developer.


First of all, let me tell you one thing – Wix website builder is incredibly well designed. All the customization options were conveniently offered to me at the ‘right’ moments and I was able to upload, remove or edit absolutely everything I wanted. Quite honestly I spent more time creating random shenanigans with the Wix website maker than I actually tested it. It felt as if I’ve gone back in time and I was once again rediscovering the wonders of Microsoft’s “Paint” software.

On more serious note, it is incredibly well-optimized and it provides the ultimate freedom when it comes to designing your own website. Most importantly, the builder does not overwhelm you with a huge array of settings and options. Instead, it gives you all the necessary tools when you need them. For example, – when you click on the image – it shows you options for resizing, cropping, shadowing and so on. Similarly, when you click on the text box, you will be able to change all the styling attributes of your text. Oh, and by the way, almost all of your website attributes can be animated!


We saw how enjoyable the website building procedure was. It proves that Wix developers are doing an exceptional job on making Wix into a sophisticated website creation tool. Now let’s see if their servers are just as good:

I have purchased a Combo package and published a rather generic website without any high-resolution content. I’ve also monitored its speed & uptime for 21 days. Here come the results:


99.96% uptime & 562ms access speed was my final result. It’s not a perfect score, but frankly, I didn’t even expect this service to reach such reliability and speed levels. Wix speed and uptime are almost on par with well-known hosting providers such as GoDaddy and HostGator. In fact, they have almost identical website access speeds. However, if we were to compare Hostinger or BlueHost services (the fastest web hosting providers on our list), Wix comes short by almost 400ms in terms of its website speed.


Wix.com is one of the best website builders currently available. Ease of use is their strong suit. While reviewing the website builder I was charmed by the sheer amount of possibilities it offered. Being a website builder based company, Wix has shown exceptional performance results. While it does not have the options for using other forms of website building, Wix definitely makes up with a new generation website building software.

However, while I was impressed with the performance of Wix paid tools, I didn’t think the same about its free version. Wix free service has a few, but very significant disadvantages which cannot be resolved unless you start investing real money.

Lastly, I must comment on the Wix prices. They are high. $10/month for a package which only has 3GB of disk space and even less bandwidth is quite obscene in today’s web hosting market. You would literally be able to get the highest unlimited web hosting packages with almost all the web hosting providers listed in our Top 10 list using the same $10 monthly dollars (or even less). That is definitely something to think about!

After all, I would still recommend Wix as a website building platform. Its unique structure and ease of use are perfectly designed for newcomer website developers who do not intend on learning more conventional website development and coding techniques. It’s easy, it’s fast and it definitely feels Premium!


  • Sophisticated Website Builder
  • Ease of Use
  • Relatively Fast Server Response Time
  • Good Uptime


  • Free Version isn't Worth it
  • Expensive Upgrade Options
  • Forced Ads Even on The Cheapest Paid Package
  • Not Compatible with Other Web Hosting Providers

Main Features

  • Unique Website Builder
  • Fast Access Speed
  • Great Uptime

Server Locations

  • United States

Server OS

  • Linux logo Linux

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