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WPWebHost is a company providing managed WordPress hosting. It offers a platform to easily build and administer any type of WordPress websites - bloggers, businesses, and online stores. So, WPWebHost aims to be a provider for all WordPress users.

With managed hosting, you can leave all the technical aspects to the hosting provider. Security, speed, updates, backups, uptime - everything is in the hands of the host. You will get premium support from specialists who are extremely experienced in what they do.

This WPWebHost review is to take a closer look at this provider and the quality of its services.

What Is WPWebHost?

The WPWebHost main feature is web hosting with pre-installed WordPress - the most popular content management system in the world, powering more than 31% of Internet websites nowadays.

WPWebHost began their business in 2007, providing essential communication tools and IT solutions to meet the growing needs of individuals and businesses.

WPWebHost review managed hosting

In my WPWebHost review, I'll examine the features provided, check the performance and highlight the pros and cons of this company.

So if you have any questions, you've just found yourself in the right place. Let's get started!

WPWebHost Pricing 

WPWebHost offers 4 plans where the cheapest plan is WP Blogger for $3/mo and the most expensive WP Geek costs $77/mo. Packages vary in storage, the quantity of hosted websites, and the type of hosting that you'll get - shared, semi-shared or dedicated.

WPWebHost pricing review

The promoted prices are only valid for the longest billing cycle of three years. You can also choose a monthly, yearly or biennially terms, but in that case, the price goes up.

WPWebHost review pricing

So, this provider does a trick where the advertised low prices aren't always available. And although you save up some money when going for the longer term, the entire amount for the chosen billing cycle has to be paid upfront. So that might not be convenient for users that are on a tight budget.

However, there is a 100 days money-back guarantee, so even if you change your mind after the purchase, you can get your money back. WPWebHost promises to fully refund without any questions asked, so you can feel free to try out the services yourself.

But to get a thorough WPWebHost review, let's take a closer look at what is included in the plans. Here a list with the most important features compared between all 4 plans:

WP Blogger WP Lite WP Plus WP Geek
Disk space 10GB 30GB 60GB 100GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Domains allowed 1 1 5 30
Email accounts 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting type Shared Shared Semi-Shared Dedicated
Jetpack package Free edition Personal edition Professional edition Professional edition
MySQL database 2 10 25 50
WordPress themes 100+ Free Starter 100+ Free Starter 100+ Free Starter
200+ Premium
100+ Free Starter
200+ Premium
Customer Support Ticket, forum Ticket, forum Ticket, forum Ticket, forum
Free Automated Backups Yes Yes Yes Yes

Overall, WP Blogger and WP Lite plans are more suitable for blogging, while WP Plus and WP Geek are recommended for eCommerce websites (works with WooCommerce plugin).

As you can see from the table above, each plan has unmetered bandwidth and although the disk space is limited, it's quite generous.

All plans come with full website security: anti-malware and anti-DDoS protection are included. Also, you'll get a free SSL key (powered by Let's Encrypt), free .blog domain and a Jetpack plugin (I'll talk about it a little bit later in this WPWebHost review).

Also, the websites have easy social media integrations like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Moreover, WPWebHost offers free assisted website transfer, which can save up a lot of time if you plan to migrate an already existing website.

What is an even more important feature, WPWebHost provides daily automated backups. The backup archive is available for 14 days and surely, you can do manual backups whenever you want.

Another thing I want to cover in this WPWebHost review is the Jetpack tool included in all plans.

WPWebHost Review - Jetpack Tool

Due to being a WordPress web hosting provider, WPWebHost has some interesting tools and one of them is Jetpack.

This is a WordPress plugin, applied to improve website security, design, and marketing. Its core features consist of site security and traffic tools.

Below you can find all the Jetpack marketing tool features for different plans in more detail:

wpwebhost review marketing tools

As you can see, Jetpack allows you to analyze the traffic, send content updates automatically, improve SEO and so on. This way, you can improve your website and easily track the results.

Moreover, with Jetpack included in any of the plans, you can choose from more than 200 professional themes for your WordPress website.

wpwebhost review themes

Other Jetpack design tools let you deliver video and image content at an impressive speed as well as integrate your site with official WordPress mobile apps.

wpwebhost review design

Jetpack security tools will protect you from attacks, spam and monitor your downtime. As mentioned before, you'll get real-time backups, malware scanning, and an automated threat resolution.

wpwebhost review security

All in all, looking at what's included in the WPWebHost plans, you can see, that this provider offers a very competitive product.

WPWebHost Performance 

WPWebHost brings extremely good results of response time. With the best result of 9 ms in the US, it also gets as fast as 13 ms in Japan. The slowest result was in India - 198 ms, but that is still above average speed.

wpwebhost review response times

One of the most important factors, when someone browses your website (if not the most important), is how fast it loads. And WPWebHost provides such great results due to investing in advanced SSD hardware for the servers. Also, locating data centers in the US and in Singapore makes it possible for WPWebHost to get superb performance all around the world.

And WPWebHost is pretty confident about its services in Australia:

wp webhost australia

That's really something to brag about because most of the web hosting providers can't offer decent response times from this region.

Another thing to discuss is the uptime guarantee. WPWebHost promises a 99.98% uptime. Translating the possible downtime of 8 minutes per month, this is still quite a decent number.

Overall, testing the performance for this WPWebHost review showed great prooving this provider to be a reliable host.

WPWebHost Pros

Perfect for WordPress Hosting - lots of useful features and Jetpack tool makes WPWebHost a great hosting company for any kind of WordPress site. No matter if you are a blogger or need a website for your business or eCommerce - there's an option for any of these.

Free Essential Features - Free site transfer, free WordPress migration, free SSL, daily backups. Any of these features could be listed as a separate benefit, but there are just too much of them, so I had to put everything in one place.

Superb Performance - A+ response times and SSD servers. Your webpage should load in a blink of an eye. And a really fast one.

Choice of Server Locations - if you want to reach the audience in Asia or Australia, just choose servers located in Singapore. And if you're more America based business, you are definitely covered!

WPWebHost Cons

Customer Support System - I'm still not a big fan of the ticket system. You just can't be sure when your problem will be solved. The forum is even worse, in my honest opinion.

Multiple Websites Only With Higher Plans - Although the plans are packed with features, if you want to build more than one website, you have to go with at least WP Plus plan. And the pricing here starts at $27/mo. So it's not something you'd call cheap.

WPWebHost Review – The Verdict

If you need a web hosting provider that could manage your WordPress site, WPWebHost should be one of the first options to look consider. Speed is great and all the essential features are included without any upsells.

You might hesitate as the prices are not so attractive for the short term contracts. Especially if you want to create more than one website. But then again, you can cancel the services within 100 days and get a full refund. So feel free to try out this managed WordPress hosting.

And if you are still in doubt, just look at their response times again!


  • Great performance
  • Free daily backups
  • Free SSL
  • Free website transfer


  • Ticket support system
  • Expensive when building more than one site





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

WPWebHost User Reviews


John picture

2018 December 30th

Had been using them for a quite a while but as of the last few years, downtime is frequent and the support is horrendous and bad. I wouldn’t recommend them

Kent picture

2018 October 16th

I got one blog is host with them around half year already, now haven’t facing any downtime error.
Their hosting uptime very stable and price more comfortable for us also.
Strongly recommend for who want become blogger and have their own blog can consider this company.
Thanks WPWebHost!
From Kent Yaw
Blog – www.kentyaw.blog

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