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Fiona O’Connell


2019 October 7th

Founded in 2015, YouStable is an Indian-based company that provides hosting, web design, and SEO services. It offers inexpensive shared hosting options, VPS and dedicated servers as well as web development and marketing solutions.

Sounds good? In this YouStable review we'll help you understand the quality and pricing of this provider's services, focusing on YouStable's shared hosting plans.

What is YouStable?

YouStable was established with the goal to provide better and more comprehensive web hosting services. This means that it offers not only all-encompassing web hosting but also web design and Search Engine Optimization.

YouStable is not (yet) one of the larger fish in the pond and it's focused on small and medium businesses, but it already has a growing user base. YouStable's services are not limited to web hosting only.

Here's what the company offers to its users:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS and dedicated servers
  • Website design
  • Marketing solutions

Perks, like free website migration and SSL renewal, are offered with different plans and you can also opt-in for additional services. Let's look at the pricing and plans now.

YouStable Pricing

YouStable offers cheap plans starting with $3.49/mo for the Local plan and going up to $8.49/mo for the Professional package.

New customers have the ability to try out the services virtually for free ($0.01/mo) with the promotional code that's offered on the homepage. This offer applies for the first month only, although regular offers are really affordable, too.

Youstable pricing information

On paper, the offers appear really attractive, especially given the low prices. Every package includes the services you need to start and maintain your site, with a promise of qualified, round-the-clock support from the team's professionals.

What's really impressive is the disc space and bandwidth allowances. Even with the cheapest plan, you get unlimited disc space and unmetered bandwidth. However, you should keep in mind that YouStable offers HDD storage - a much slower option than SSD.

The most expensive shared hosting plan provides completely unlimited resources (with the exception of how many websites you can host on one account).

For the sake of this YouStable review, we did a research and chose to purchase a new plan with a .com domain. Here's what we managed to find:

youstable checkout

This is how the cheapest basic plan looks like once you start the checkout process. Your final price depends on your chosen basic package and additional services.

What may be a bit confusing is the refund policy. You won't get a refund if:

  • You chose to pay yearly - only monthly services can be refunded;
  • 99% uptime was ensured;
  • You paid using a third-party payment service (not your credit/debit card);
  • You used discount codes.

Just be aware of these terms in order to avoid possible confusion later.

Despite this, we believe that YouStable's proposals might be worth your attention. Let's see what makes them attractive.

First, YouStable's shared hosting is SEO optimized, meaning that you will get FREE search engine optimization service even with the cheapest plan. This adds some value to YouStable's proposal.

It does come with certain terms - this free service is only available with the annual payment option and applies to the main domain only. But in any case, such help could prove very useful if SEO is new to you.

Further, YouStable offers website design, social media optimization, and even bulk SMS options as additional services.

Together with basic hosting services, which are already very inclusive, these additional perks make up a pretty broad service bundle. This can be convenient for you, whether you are an individual or an organization starting or running a website.

YouStable Performance

YouStable boasts of a guaranteed 99.95% server uptime and this is actually verified by a number of users. Some tests even put the number at 99.99%, which is very good news.

Since this is still not one hundred percent, downtime is possible. But it is likely to be very short. You can check this for yourself using our Uptime Calculator tool below:

Your hosting can go down for:





Another important aspect is, of course, the load time. Here's what our test of YouStable on GTmetrix revealed:

gtmetrix youstable score

Given this score and the great uptime, YouStable's performance looks very promising.

YouStable Customer Support

Customer support is a very important part of any hosting service. Sadly, some YouStable users have complaints about this.

At first, you might get the idea that YouStable provides 24/7 support. But actually, it is the network monitoring that is performed at all times. Customers can only get help from 9 AM to 5 PM at India Standard Time (GMT+5:30) from Monday to Saturday. This is inconvenient if, say, your site goes down on a Sunday and there's no one to help you.

Also, users claim that there is a bit of waiting time for support service calls and messages to be answered. The good news is that once you reach the team, you will get competent and reliable help.

YouStable Pros

  • Great performance: good uptime, as already confirmed by satisfied customers, and great load times.
  • Good prices: affordable plans with the ability to try out the services for virtually free.
  • Added-value services: free website migration, SSL, and SEO services are offered with every plan.
  • Comprehensive service bundle: you can opt-in for additional services for added convenience in managing your site.

YouStable Cons

    • Customer support: the availability of customer support and the response time may be less than satisfactory.
    • Complicated refunds policy: the refund process is a bit complex and should be verified prior to purchasing in order to avoid confusion.

YouStable Review - the Verdict

If you are an individual or a small to medium business owner/representative, YouStable may be able to offer you a suite of services to kickstart and maintain your site. It won't break your bank, either.

And while the customer support team can be a little hard to reach, many users are very happy with its professional and reliable help.


  • Great performance
  • Good prices
  • Added-value services
  • Comprehensive service bundle


  • Difficult to reach customer support
  • Complicated refunds policy

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