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2019 November 4th at 3:30






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Gaming is becoming more and more popular and widespread. And with all that popularity comes the need to host your own games servers, ZAP-hosting is doing exactly that.

It's clear that ZAP-Hosting has found its niche. But, are its customers really just 'one button away from being thrilled and is it services worth your money?

Putting this claim to the test, here's our ZAP-Hosting review.

What is ZAP-Hosting?

Founded in 2010, ZAP-Hosting was created with game server hosting in mind. With a wide range of services, ZAP-Hosting appears to offer something for every gamer.

ZAP-Hosting - Homepage

It covers game servers, TeamSpeak servers, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), and Root servers.

ZAP-Hosting Pricing

Pricing here is a bit complicated because ZAP-Hosting doesn’t offer any specific plans to choose from. It leaves everything up to you, so you can create a server you want. The pricing starts from $3 a month and can go up to about $8000 a month.

ZAP-Hosting - Server Choices

After you select the game you want, you'll be directed to customize your server. You can change how much RAM you need, how mane gameserver slots your server will have, and change CPU & Host server. You can have up to 16GB of RAM and up to 500 gameserver slots.

ZAP-Hosting - Customization

Your server location can also affect the price you pay and you have a choice from 7 different locations here. The cheapest is Frankfurt adding +0% to your monthly price, while Sao Paulo in Brazil will add +100%.

ZAP-Hosting - Locations

Whit this kinda price jump you should think about the location of your server before buying hosting here.

But there was another option - a rather unique one - that particularly caught our eye - ZAP-Hosting also offers what it labels as 'The ZAP ONE-Times'.

ZAP-Hosting - ZAP One TImer

These are lifetime memberships to certain products that operate on a one-time payment basis.

ZAP-Hosting - Lifetime Servers

As for the regular game servers (non-lifetime) that you pay for monthly, the selection on offer is a little different. The biggest difference is the addition of GTA V mod servers - one on a Linux server and one using Windows.

ZAP-Hosting - GTA V Servers

But perhaps the greatest highlight of ZAP-Hosting's regular monthly game servers is the fact it allows you to switch between any game at any time without incurring any cost.

zap hosting review

So don't be afraid to start and get stuck for ages with the same game.

As an example, here are a few different custom plans available for a Minecraft Vanilla server.

  $3/month $27/month $120/month
Location Germany Canada The U.S.
Gameserver slot 4 Slots 14 Slots 36 Slots
RAM 2048MB DDR3/4 5048MB DDR3/4 13694MB DDR4
HDD or SSD used in servers? SSD SSD SSD
Speed 2-3.4 GHz 2-3.4 GHz 3.4-4.4 GHz
IPv4 Address included? No Yes Yes
Customer support Ticket system, email, and live chat. Ticket system, email, and live chat. Ticket system, email, and live chat.

There are tons of different combinations you can create, and you can take it way further than we did in these examples.

The pricing depends on your needs and you can get a gameserver for as low as $4 a month.

ZAP-Hosting Features

One of the main features that define this type of provider is its game selection. At ZAP-Hosting you have 7 categories to choose from, it includes bestsellers, Minecraft, Lifetime servers, and the ability to preorder Lifetimeservers.

ZAP-Hosting - Server Categories

When it comes to the full list of gameservers ZAP-Hosting has to offer, you get 115 different options. These include both original games and moded versions of them. You can get ARK, ARMA 3, Half-Life and many more games.

ZAP-Hosting - Full Game List

The list here is truly impressive and you have the ability to change games when you want to. That makes the price point really appealing.

Since Minecraft is one of the most popular games, here you have a special category for it and its different modes. You have original Minecraft, Minecraft Adventures, Feed the Beast, and Life in The Woods amongst others.

ZAP-Hosting - Minecraft Servers

Both games and services variety is quite impressive here, so you can find virtually anything you like.

Games and their customization is the main feature that providers like these need to get right, luckily ZAP-Hosting has nailed it.

ZAP-Hosting Performance

After testing ZAP-Hosting's response times and stability with Pingdom, the results were great. Throughout one month of testing, our server didn't experience any downtime whatsoever. Our report showed a great 100% uptime mark.

ZAP-Hosting - Uptime

Our average response time was just 257ms and at the time it fell to 209ms. Both the stability and response speeds are remarkably great at ZAP-Hosting.

Next, we tested how fast our server was around the world. For this we used Bitcatcha, and it gave us an overall performance mark of A+. Canada, Germany, and the USA all showed great speed around or below 20ms.

ZAP-Hosting - Bitcatcha

Sao Paulo was the only location where response times were slower than 100ms, here it was about 128ms.

ZAP-Hosting servers have great uptime and performance that can match anyone's needs.

ZAP-Hosting Support

ZAP-Hosting offers 24/7 support by email, ticket and Livechat options. It operates Livechat and ticket support from 10:30 AM to 06:30 AM (20 hours a day) central time zone. And from 06:30 AM to 10:30 AM you only have the ticket support team available.

ZAP-Hosting - Support Agents

Livechat option here works great, we managed to talk to one support expert and our conversation went great. We got the first response in about 4 minutes and the agent was very helpful. He answered our questions without hesitating or just sending links to different articles.

ZAP-Hosting - Livechat

The same can be said for ticket and email support. We got a response to our email in about 1 hour. It even has an upcoming forum feature that will allow gamers to talk and discuss games and ZAP-Hosting services.

ZAP-Hosting - Forum

And if you just want to read about upcoming or already implemented changes you can just visit ZAP-Hosting's blog.

ZAP-Hosting tries to give you as much help as you need, offering 24/7 Livechat and ticket support.

Concluding My ZAP-Hosting Review

ZAP-Hosting is targeting a very specific audience and it's doing it very well. With so many different game-orientated services on offer, widely-customizable plans, and unique products such as lifetime game servers, ZAP-Hosting can really hit it off with PC gamers.

After our ZAP-Hosting review, we can say that it's great:

If you need a powerful, feature-rich and quite an inexpensive server to run your favorite game.

Do you have a different opinion? Feel free to drop a comment below with any ZAP-Hosting reviews of your own.


  • Lifetime game servers available
  • Prices start cheap
  • Reliable uptime
  • Multiple server locations


  • No phone support
  • Some server locations can double the price





User friendly






Disclosure: We earn a commission if you make a purchase through referral links in this review. This helps to cover the expenses for running ongoing performance tests.

ZAP-Hosting User Reviews


Kevin G. picture
Kevin G.

2019 November 4th

I am using zaphosting for about 2 years now. Started with a FiveM gameservers and currently still using a FiveM gameserver and a windows vps. Location Frankfurt. Both run quite stable. Support is easy to reach by live chat.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
AkumaAni picture

2019 October 27th

Rented a FiveM gameserver, have a lot of problems, dont have the right to chose the database name and have problems on server because off this, trying to be refunded.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
U8G_Marvin picture

2019 September 16th

We have a root server and everything works fine.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Demicol picture

2019 September 11th

Rented a Minecraft server from them. Incredibly bad service. They often had issues which led to us losing data or even corrupting the map. One time the every file on the server simply vanished and the support could not do anything about it, even tell us if someone with access had maliciously done so or if it was their fault (which seems more likely).

Do not use!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Mohamed Achref Soussia picture
Mohamed Achref Soussia

2019 August 14th

Best service in gaming and best support team

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features

2019 August 9th

Terrible performance with unreliable uptime. Also be EXTRA careful of their contract. They give you only a 3 days window to cancel it each month, else they renew and charge their services. They ended up forcing me to pay for 2 extra months of service i did not want and charged late fees while also threatening to give my info to a debt collector agency in Germany. Give their terms & conditions to a lawyer before you sign because you are in for a ride.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Diana picture

2019 July 31st

Very bad experince, for less then a buggy month i paid three times, all mail communication was in German.Even though i had changed the settings multiple times.
Again i do not recommend anybody to use their horrible services

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
Lars picture

2019 July 23rd

I bought a KVM Rootserver hosted in Germany. They are supposed to have SSDs, though after bootup, they need a few minutes to initialize, something that only happens to HDDs. I was ignoring this at first. I then installed a gameserver, without any modifications. I joined it, and oh boy, the lag was real. It was a basic Garry’s Mod Sandbox Server, though extreme gamelags and FPS between 5-10 FPS. I contacted support about this, so they merged me to a different Server. Wait, oops! That did not work, so I needed to backup required data, and then they refunded me the Server in their “Zap-Coin” Currency, so I could book a new one. And- surprise- even the new Server had the same problems! I even tried switching from Windows Server to Linux, which also did not work at all. So then, they successfully merged me to a different Server, which was performing a little better, though still not performance you expect from a Server you need to pay 34,90 Euros a Month for. You definitely don’t get “Highspeed SSDs” like they promote they do. I do not recommend Zap-Hosting.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
David Peters picture
David Peters

2019 July 3rd

Very bad host, scammers! Ordered server and it did not work, how they hell are they still in business i dont know!

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features
N/A picture

2019 March 12th

Hosted 3 FiveM gameservers there, these were okay, and the support could help me with the bugs, most of the time.

Then i bought a rootserver (not dedicated).
In the description of the rootserver it said “unlimited traffic”
After buying it, there was a fixed monthly 1,5TB limit.
Refund not possible, even tho “Product was not as described”

After mailing the CEO about my issue he talked down to me and said that there is no hoster in europe that would have unlimited traffic.

I now am at another hoster, with basically unlimited traffic. In europe.

Performance Pricing User friendly Support Features