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Pantheon Review


Offering ‘high-performance hosting’ and 'the fastest hosting platform on the planet', Pantheon appears to be aimed at large companies looking to optimize their online presence. That’s not to say that they don’t offer something for everyone, though. It just seems…
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Scalahosting Review Home Page


ScalaHosting is a mid-range web hosting company that claims to offer ‘scalable hosting solutions’. They offer a wide range of shared and VPS web hosting options - appearing to have something for everyone. However, will my ScalaHosting review show them…
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Blazingfast review homepage


As a relative newcomer on the block, is trying to go toe-to-toe with the business leaders. Claiming incredible speeds, 100% SSD servers, and 99.95% uptime, BlazingFast claims its services are as good as they come. This certainly did draw…
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HoboHost Review Front Page


"Why pay for unlimited when you don't use it?" is the HoboHost motto. It's an organization set out to provide better value for money when compared to their competitors, as well as speed and ease of use. But with such a…
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Atspace Review Front Page


Atspace offers both free and paid web hosting services at low prices. Their motto is "easy and affordable" but with their vast range of plans, they are aiming their services toward bloggers, startups and larger businesses alike. Have they bitten off…
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TierraNet Review Front Page


TierraNet has been around for a while and promotes itself as being an experienced and reliable web hosting company. Their emphasis is on bloggers, small and medium-sized businesses. But do all of those people get a good product? In my…
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Freservers Review Front Page


Freeservers attempt to get your attention by boasting that they're fast, reliable and offer free hosting. But are these claims true? Do they offer enough options to keep you interested and are they any good? In this Freeservers review, I've…
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1Freehosting Review Front Page


1Freehosting claims to be a completely free way for you to build and host a professional quality site with just as many features as the big boys. But is this really possible? Can you genuinely get free web hosting that…
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Tiger Tech Review Front Page


Tigertech have been around for a long time - since 1999, to be precise. They clearly haven't done too bad for themselves to still be up and running nearly 20 years down the line. They claim to offer 'affordable, 100%…
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ReadyHosting Review Front Page


ReadyHosting set itself out as a Windows hosting specialist, offering award-winning customer support and an easy-to-use control panel. But is there any substance after the initial set-up, or are they just another run-of-the-mill cheap hosting service? My ReadyHosting review will…
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