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Somee Review


Somee is a hosting company that attempts to provide frustration-free Windows web hosting service by adapting to the customer needs. The packages range from free ones, suitable for testing - to big ones, including multiple MS SQL databases and big monthly…
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Eleven2 Review


What started as an idea conceived in a coffee shop in 2003 is now a worldwide hosting provider, with offices and datacenters situated across the U.S., U.K., and Singapore. Known as Eleven2, the core concept behind this company is a…
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serverpronto review landing page


Boasting 'high-performance networks' and the use of over 10,000 servers in its lifetime, ServerPronto is a hosting provider based in the United States. With a reputation built up from 13 years working in this industry, ServerPronto should have the experience required…
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hostmantis review


With prices starting at just $2.29, HostMantis sure tries hard to prove that it loves 'Making Reliable Hosting Affordable'. However, that's only half of the equation. It's definitely cheap - but is it any good? My First Glimpse of HostMantis…
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DailyRazor Review Landing Page


DailyRazor is located in the US capital and offers a wide variety of web-related services. But what makes DailyRazor stand out is the fact it has its own 460,000-square-foot data center. This certainly sets it apart from the masses of…
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easyDNS review interface


easyDNS is one the most established hosting providers on the market, having been founded 20 years ago. The company particularly prides itself on having achieved several innovations, such as being the first hosting provider to offer a privacy guard, as…
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freehostia review landing page


Freehostia may be many things. But it is in no way humble. With a claim of being "the Hosting Paradise on Earth", it attempts to reassure its users - Freehostia is the best free hosting option there is. But is it really…
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Databasemart Landing Page

Database Mart

Straight out of the western state of Texas, Database Mart offers a wildly broad variety of services, ranging from web hosting and domain registrations to firewall and VPN solutions. But although it's been in the game for over 13 years,…
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CrocWeb Review Landing Page


CrocWeb has been around for nearly a decade in the web-hosting sphere. With promises to accelerate your website to its maximum performance, the site offers a host of different solutions intended to help your business. But with so many empty…
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Brinkster Homepage


Brinkster is a hosting company that has been around since 1999 and claims to have extensive experience - with over 50,000 customers in over 175 countries. I decided to find out if its hosting experience had paid off in this…
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