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Google Sites

On top of many other things, Google (yes, the search engine we all famously rely on) has its very own website builder. Google Sites is no ordinary website builder, though. In fact, it's completely different - It's a way to keep you organized…
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In 2005, a group of friends got together to discuss the future of photography - following that discussion, PhotoShelter was born. And this went quite well as nowadays more than 80,000 photographers around the world use PhotoShelter to run their businesses. But,…
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xprs review website builder


XPRS is the new website builder from IM Creator, and with over 240,000 users already signed up to this platform - they appear to have built up quite a fanbase. And with ambitious quotes such as "A Better Wordpress" (should be…
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If you're looking for new and inventive ways to redesign your web design workflow, I may have the answer to your prayers with Sitejet. This high-performance CMS gives you complete creative freedom to build responsive websites, manage projects and automate tasks,…
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simvoley review


When looking for an impressive website builder, there are hundreds of options to choose from - some more popular than others. Simvoly is a fairly unknown website builder, claiming to use the simplest funnel building tool ever. Complete with A/B…
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blogger review


Back in 1999, when pretty much no one knew what blogs were, Blogger entered the market, helping to revolutionize web content as we know it. Blogs started coming in millions, and content, created by regular people became amazingly popular. Those…
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During the rise in digital photography, SmugMug gave the people what they wanted - a safe and trusted place where they could store their photographs. In fact, by the early 2000s, they had built systems to store billions of photographs…
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ukit review screenshot


uKit is a solution for users looking to launch a stunning website for their business. Using predefined options, uKit makes it possible to build an appealing website in 1-2 hours. They claim that "anything is possible", but is this really the…
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The days of hiring $200/hr web designers are no longer a necessity for many small businesses, as easy-to-use web builders have taken the industry by storm. And BlueVoda claims to be one exactly one of those options. Its drag-and-drop platform is…
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Carbonmade was designed in 2005 for personal use by a group of creatives. And since then it has built over 1.5 million online portfolios. Is there much more to see behind the funny graphics and not-so-serious approach to the website building?…
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