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blogger review


Back in 1999, when pretty much no one knew what blogs were, Blogger entered the market, helping to revolutionize web content as we know it. Blogs started coming in millions, and content, created by regular people became amazingly popular. Those…
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During the rise in digital photography, SmugMug gave the people what they wanted - a safe and trusted place where they could store their photographs. In fact, by the early 2000s, they had built systems to store billions of photographs…
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ukit review screenshot


uKit is a solution for users looking to launch a stunning website for their business. Using predefined options, uKit makes it possible to build an appealing website in 1-2 hours. They claim that "anything is possible", but is this really the…
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The days of hiring $200/hr web designers are no longer a necessity for many small businesses, as easy-to-use web builders have taken the industry by storm. And BlueVoda claims to be one exactly one of those options. Its drag-and-drop platform is…
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Carbonmade was designed in 2005 for personal use by a group of creatives. And since then it has built over 1.5 million online portfolios. Is there much more to see behind the funny graphics and not-so-serious approach to the website building?…
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Zoho Sites

'Simple drag and drop editors' - they're all the craze now. 'Handcrafted templates' - they're all the craze now, too. So, what is it that makes successful website builders stand out in today's market? In my Zoho Sites review, I'll see…
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duda review


If you came here looking for a DudaOne review, fear not - you're in the right place. Although established in 2010 as DudaOne, the platform has since rebranded to Duda. And while the name may have changed, the mission did…
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Strikingly is one of the better website builders for one-page websites. It is strikingly "trusted by millions of entrepreneurs and creatives", and there is apparently no formula like this one. With such a stance in the website building niche, I decided…
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Born in Cape Town in 2007, the Yola website builder has managed to build a customer base of a whopping 12 million users. But the impressive stats don't stop there - Yola is still seeing an enormous 1.2 million new…
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After seeing a quote about SnapPages that went something like - "A basic web builder that Apple should envy" - I've been itching to try it since. SnapPages is "easy to create, hard to forget" - so they say. Let's…
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