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Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th

FastComet interview

We've said it before, we'll say it again - few online businesses are so competitive and fierce like the one of web hosting. New players pop up seemingly overnight and the existing companies do their absolute best to lure clients from one another as well as attract new ones. So, an internet services company willingly joining the market of web hosting is turning into a serious rarity. This is what makes FastComet so special. The hosting provider from San Francisco has been working with system administration services since the break of millennia but it was only 2013 when it finally joined the world of web hosting. To find out more about FastComet, its aspirations, goals, and values, I sat down with the host's Director of Marketing - Elena Tileva. Here's what we talked about.

Values which drive FastComet forward

It is somewhat expected for young companies to start their road to success by making loads and loads of errors. After all, this is perhaps one of the best ways to actually learn to improve. Well, more than a decade of experience dealing with serious server administration issues has been good enough of a starting point.


Working in such a field, FastComet has probably used the services of almost every major hosting company. Foundational knowledge of the industry has allowed them to work alongside some of hosting’s truly experienced professionals. With so many years of training and so much knowledge collected, FastComet has attempted to compile a mountain of business' best practices and put them into a single product.

FastcometWe realized that reliable web hosting service built on cutting-edge technology with a focus on speed, security, and stability was not the industry standard. By listening to our users and respecting their preferences over the years, we’ve always had a clear view of where the market was headed.Elena Tileva

With such knowledge, FastComet hit the ground running and it didn't take long for them to become a household name in web hosting. Previously helping private and business clients to adapt to a changing world of technology, FastComet has simply reduced everything down to a smaller, personal scale. Elena explains:

FastcometWe believed in bridging the gap between technology and people, and wanted to make it easy for anyone, with any level of technical knowledge, to launch a blog or build a beautiful website for their clients. Elena Tileva

So, in a way, you can say that becoming a web hosting provider was just another step in FastComet's evolution. After all, what is a better way to bridge the gap between technology and people, than offering a personal hosting solution?

Speed, security, support

These are the 3 main values FastComet tries to live and die by. To be perfectly honest, that doesn't sound like too much of a groundbreaking innovation. Similar values you can see in press releases of nearly every hosting provider. But it is one thing to promise, and completely another to actually deliver. So, what does FastComet do to keep its users happy and paying?

First up, it's speed. Spanking new SSD servers are deliberately underloaded - in order to ensure good speeds. The results are clear - FastComet is currently one of our top 5 fastest providers we test. Nothing to wave a stick at!

FastcometRocket-fast speed should be considered the normal speed!

Elena Tileva

What's the second key value? Security. What's the point of having brilliant servers if anyone could hack into them, right? Luckily, FastComet servers are as secure as they are fast. BitNinja security solution is just one of several options offered to the users and the physical servers themselves are also properly secured with all newest technology. In today's world, people are rightfully concerned about the security of their data. If that is your primary concern, FastComet can offer just about enough to keep you interested.


Finally - let's talk about support. Customer support is incredibly important - very often, it may prove to be a deciding factor for many users choosing between the two options. In this case, FastComet attempts to have enough aces up its sleeve to tip the scale to its side. A full 24/7 phone, ticket and chat support is key. In the FastComet review I wrote earlier, I praised the ambitious customer support. For example, any application which wasn't available as an auto-installer script could've been manually installed by the service agent!

FastcometIf there’s one thing modern businesses should believe in, it’s the power of a good reputation.Elena Tileva

Feel like a rockstar

Users have an increasing wealth of information available at their fingertips, customers have more knowledge and power than ever before. They can quite literally tap into the conversation surrounding a company, and they’re using this feedback to inform the world of their buying decisions. Therefore, it's no use for the companies to only pretend they're good. Review websites like ours and plenty of users reviewing the purchases give the honest feedback. Long gone are the days when you only needed a good ad campaign! So, FastComet measures its success by the smiles of customers and plaudits of reviewers. If a client feels like a rockstar - it's mission accomplished.

FastcometWe quantify our success by the quality of the feedback they give us at the end of the day. As such, we’ve worked hard to earn the respect of our community and those of them who trust us to host their businesses online. <...> Making customers happy is our top priority and the success of the company has been driven by the passion of our employees.
Elena Tileva

Me getting a proposal to have some software installed manually for me is just one good example of what FastComet does. It is a mission of the company to hire only the smartest and nicest people. Then, they go through a training process which gives them a terrific set of skills. A combination of smarts and personality is a recipe for superior customer service. This will fulfil its mission to truly make the clients feel like they're rockstars.

International and proud of it


As mentioned previously, FastComet's world headquarters are situated in San Francisco, California. However, one can't possibly miss a serious influx of European talent in the company. European headquarters in Bulgaria, one of Europe's leading IT hubs, help FastComet recruit the country's brightest minds. Well-educated and eager to learn even more, Bulgarians combine with the Americans to make this host popular on both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, with the two headquarters being so far away from each other, FastComet teams have to still find a way to work together. How does that happen? Elena explains.

FastcometWorking remotely, if it is to be successful, usually requires some overlap with the hours our team members are putting in and we've found that we need a good four hours of overlap to avoid collaboration delays and feel like a team. The key to success is to be extremely flexible and make a lot of compromises. We use a lot of phone calls, instant messaging and video conferencing in our day to day operations. Sometimes we have to schedule some meetings really early or really late.
Elena Tileva

This is not where the internationality ends, though. There are also plenty of international data centers, which are all supposed to help users from all around the world enjoy superior performance. The locations include Chicago, Dallas, London, Newark, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Singapore. Compared to many other providers, FastComet blows a lot of competition away. Business owners now understand that they want their servers to be where their customers are, and with a wide selection like this, pretty much everyone can find a fitting place to put the website in.

Be proud of what you do

FastcometWe are a true people-centric company and, as such, our business approach to everything uniquely revolves around providing peace of mind to our customers.Elena Tileva

This was pretty much the first sentence that Elena Tileva said when the conversation has turned to the values and qualities of FastComet. A lot of the things are being done the way the team itself would feel pride in the product that they have made. FastComet believes in what it does. It's driven by technology and innovation, inspired by customers and empowered by the best of the best working for the company.


Paving the way for the future

The goal for the future is to continue improving and offering even more locations and other features. There's always something cooking up in FastComet. Of course, there may be issues here or there. Naturally, no one and nothing is perfect - but that doesn't mean you have to stop improving.

FastcometWhile we’re proud of our achievements, especially the many five-star ratings we get from our customers, we are an ambitious company that wants to do much more. We will continue to improve our services, helping more customers better their businessesElena Tileva

So when it comes to FastComet, the future is nothing but bright. There are still so many fields to take up and so many features to implement. Knowing that this company has been started to be ahead of the curve, I have no doubt that this Californian hosting provider will be the one to lead the market for many years to come. I absolutely can't wait to see what will happen next.

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