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Alex Baldwin


2019 August 16th at 3:19

ResellerClub interviewSometimes when creating hosting reviews, we are a little guilty of forgetting the old saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. That was the case, for me, when I decided to review ResellerClub. Founded in 1998 in Mumbai, India, ResellerClub were acquired and incorporated into the Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2014. As we have found in many of our other reviews, acquisition by EIG usually meant performance, among other things, took a serious hit. There are countless examples of this.1 2 3

I expected, perhaps naively, that ResellerClub would be yet another hosting provider that has been left by the waysides after EIG came along. Well, I was incredibly happy to be proven wrong! It flew into our top 10 without even breaking a sweat, and with some of the improvements being made by ResellerClub (More on that later!), there's no saying how high it can climb up our list.


To find out exactly how a company like this, with fingers in so many pies, can smash our expectations out of the park, I sat down to talk with Shridhar Luthria, Sr. Vice President, Channel Partnerships at Endurance International Group.

Small Beginnings - Big Future!

When ResellerClub started out in the late 90's it was quickly realized that the domains and web hosting business in India were largely dominated by US-based companies. Very few organized players existed in the Indian market, and whatever did exist was scattered amongst a bunch of small companies.

resellerclubWe identified pretty early that we were, in fact, ahead of the curve in a market like India but you’ve got to realise that back then, we were a bootstrapped business that was trying to make the best of what we had. That’s when we hit upon the idea of this relatively new and almost entirely unorganised distribution channel - resellers.Shridhar Luthria

ResellerClub speedily identified that resellers had a greater appreciation for the tech and products necessary to build a scalable platform, capable of catering to a user-base which would, in turn, sell their products to a wider retail audience. As such, they expanded rapidly!


Now we have to answer the question: how have things changed for ResellerClub and its parent company, Directi, after the acquisition by EIG in 2014?

Here is what Shridhar had to say about this:

resellerclubThe acquisition by Endurance gave us exposure and access to established global brands and their leaders. We also became a public firm which brought in a significant change in our business processes. This discipline has helped us scale quickly and efficiently.

Shridhar Luthria

What hasn't changed, however, are ResellerClub's core beliefs and values. The company is still going strong on its mission to empower web professionals! One more plus that came with the EIG acquisition was the fancy new office that ResellerClub moved into!


resellerclubThe acquisition propelled us from a gigantic startup to a global company!

Shridhar Luthria

Maintaining Priorities

One of the main things to impress us during our ResellerClub review was performance! With server response speeds as low as 70ms, they clearly focus a lot of efforts on ensuring website speed.

resellerclubEver since we have started offering web hosting solutions, our constant focus has been on getting the basics right for our customers.

Shridhar Luthria

You'd think that this would be a common theme among all hosting providers, but sadly that isn't the case. We've lost count of how many times we expected a provider to be strong, and then end up disappointed. We were so happy this wasn't the case with ResellerClub!

resellerclubThe performance that you see has been achieved as a result of a number of factors. We continually keep refreshing our hardware fleet, we have implemented caching on the servers, and also on our network through CDN, we stay up to date with all our underlying platforms to leverage all the good work being done by the open source communities, and finally, from our vast experience, we know exactly how to tweak all our configuration parameters to deliver optimum speeds with maximum security.Shridhar Luthria

And that's just for shared hosting! If customers need heavier or more specialized websites than a shared hosting platform can support, ResellerClub also offer cloud hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and dedicated servers!

20 Years - From Strength To Strength

So how does a company maintain its position, and even grow year-on-year in such a competitive market?

resellerclubEvolve. We have always worked with the goal of supporting businesses that offer web presence solutions, but the needs of our customers have evolved. Evolving with the market, trends and changing customer needs has helped us not just stay relevant in the industry for 20 years later but in fact helped us dig our heels deeper.  Shridhar Luthria

ResellerClub started out as a company centred around domains. They soon went on to add web hosting and servers to their product offering. In recent years, however, they have evolved into a marketplace for web developers, designers and users. Offering a plethora of services from domains to website builders, you can certainly see why ResellerCub are staying at the top of their game! Even after our review was published, they added plugins, logos and themes to their already massive library of products!

resellerclubThe map for the future is to bring on even more products and solutions so that we are truly to be a one-stop solution for all the web professionals out there.Shridhar Luthria

That isn't the end of the story, though. ResellerClub dedicates themselves to not just offering services for a price, but also offering assistance and support to those looking to develop their personal and professional skills. Within the last 2 years, they have launched 3 programs in regards to this:

  • Ctrl+F5 - A pan-India design and development event
  • Sitewars - A Global web design contest
  • TechTalks - Fortnightly expert talks channel

What Is Next For ResellerClub?

For a company that is seemingly on the top of its game, you could forgive ResellerClub for resting on their laurels, so to speak. However, they are certainly not planning to do that!

resellerclubYou will continue to see new and relevant product categories added over this year. We have also been working hard on improving customer experience on all fronts. Shridhar Luthria

In our review, one sour note we were left with was in regards to the dashboard you end up on after purchasing your hosting package. ResellerClub, it turns out, were already in the process of giving this a massive overhaul. So here it is, their brand new WebPro Panel (We must stress, what you see here is still in beta testing, so it may differ when the final product is released!).

WebPro Panel

And that's not all! ResellerClub is also in the process of making a mobile application, focused on making managing your account on the go as easy as pie!  Once again, they kindly provided us with an introduction video, so take a look! (Again, what you see here is still in beta testing, so it may differ when the final product is released!).

ResellerClub Mobile App

resellerclubThe app has a bunch of features that make it a breeze to manage your reseller account on the go. I am certain that this will be a big hit with our reseller base.Shridhar Luthria

All in all, everything seems to be coming up golden for ResellerClub. From humble beginnings to now being one of the best hosts in the game, you can certainly see why more and more people are jumping ship to join them!

What else is there to say? I think Shridhar sums it up best:

resellerclubThis is only a glimpse of all that we have planned for this year. You want to talk about new? We say, bring it on!Shridhar Luthria

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Jurgen Polski picture
Jurgen Polski

2018 July 19th

I have been a customer of ResellerClub for more than two years now. Their hosting is quick and functions smoothly. Earlier I had hosted on a local brand’s servers but after I moved to ResellerClub’s servers, I had a much better experience. They deliver on their promise of high server up-time, security and speed..

Leon Smithers picture
Leon Smithers

2018 July 2nd

Fast hosting speed, great recovery and backup options. I am quite happy with my hosting package provided by ResellerClub.

Gilfy Parson picture
Gilfy Parson

2018 June 26th

Happy with the domain reseller deals. I am selling them at a good margin and acquiring a hefty chink of customers. Thanks resellerclub!