1&1 Merges With ProfitBricks – The Birth Of 1&1 IONOS


Bart Keating


2019 January 7th at 3:59

Just recently it was announced that 1&1 Internet merged with cloud infrastructure experts - ProfitBricks.

Europe's biggest hosting company joined together with German cloud infrastructure solution specialists. This union gave the start to a new brand, named 1&1 IONOS.


What do we know about these companies?

1&1 Internet was founded in 1988 and soon become the leading hosting provider in Germany, now having data centers in the USA and Europe, operating in 10 countries all around the globe. Their international Internet services experience stretches out for almost three decades, having nearly 20 million domain names under the belt.

The other part of the union, ProfitBricks, were established in 2012. They became Germany's first providers to focus on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions. In 2017 ProfitBricks were acquired by 1&1 parent company United Internet AG and it was only a question of time when the full merger will happen.

The conjunction of these two big companies happened on October 29, 2018, and while this fact may be overlooked in the media it shouldn't be. This merger means a lot for present and future customers of 1&1 IONOS and, of course, for the competitors.

The benefits of 1&1 and ProfitBricks merger

If the newly established 1&1 IONOS brand will be able to keep their promises,  it's obvious that the customers will be the winners:

1and1 ionos

1&1 had their share of criticism addressed towards their customer service.

The main difference now is that customers will have their own, free personal consultant to answer all the questions about products, contracts, and the variety of other questions that may occur. This could be a huge boost for the company which was really struggling to provide appropriate customer support.

More to add, 1&1 IONOS became a one-stop shop for companies as now they will be able to guide businesses through all the phases of evolution.1&1 IONOS services will extend from creating a website to establishing the online store and launching personal servers through cloud enterprise infrastructure. Customers will be able to use a variety of cloud applications for their convenience.


What the creation of 1&1 IONOS means for clients?

Firstly, let's address the elephant in the room - money. No worries though, the prices will remain the same so the current clients shouldn't worry due to the charge of packages going up on this matter.

Login data and email servers will stay unchanged and if you ran into some issues, the customer support is now responsive as never before.

In order to fix the support issues and miscommunication, every client will be able to have a personal consultant free of charge, reachable by phone, email, and chat. And even in the Facebook comment section.

Also, 1&1 IONOS presented the new look of a website, including more numbers, data, facts, and responsiveness.

1and1 ionos merged

1&1 IONOS moved to a new website address, although you will be redirected to the new place automatically.

If you are a little bit confused, now you can find all the products and settings under the my.ionos.com

It's obvious that 1&1 IONOS will be able to give a wider range of products, servers, and more in-depth customer support for projects and companies altogether.

What could the future bring to 1&1 IONOS?

While the reviews for the 1&1 Internet are... mixed, this rebranding could be a good opportunity for a fresh approach and evaluation by the customers.

The fact is that 1&1 name is quite complicated (1and1, one and one, one&one) and in the future, we could see the branding only staying with IONOS, dropping the 1&1 part.

Just recently we sat down to interview Matthias Knobloch, Public Relations Manager for 1&1 Internet and asked him about the future of the company and here's what he had to say: 


In terms of future plans, the goal is to improve the usability of our products and services even more, making it easier for SMBs to leverage the latest digital technologies that support them in finding their way into the digital world.
Matthias Knobloch

So, whatever the future brings for the 1&1 IONOS it looks that the road chosen leads the right way and the clients will only profit from this merger.

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One & One user picture
One & One user

2018 December 13th

The article reads like a press release from 1&1/Ionos.
My wife started getting unsolicited emails from Ionos stating that “2MB are used, 0MB remaining” with offers to upgrade. In fact only 752 MB of 2 GB is used. Can they not do simple math?

Tim picture

2018 December 1st

My experience over many years with Ionos has been generally very good. They answer the phone quickly, are there out of (UK) hours, and they have always been prompt and helpful in solving both technical and commercial questions. It’s all down to requirements and expectations; if you need a high end commercial Rackspace / IBM type offering and are happy with Rackspace /IBM prices, fine. If you are an SME and have needs which are less critical, I have found (as have various other business colleagues) Ionos to be a competent and cost-effective supplier. Oh, and try finding a US based supplier that will contractually guarantee your data won’t land up in the US….

Scott picture

2018 November 15th

I’ve been a 1and1 customer for years. Today, for the first time, I get a cold call from them soliciting some marketing crap. I noticed she kept saying “1and1 Ionos” so I googled it and ended up here.
So yes, 12 hours after a merger with a company named “ProfitBricks” I start getting solicitations.
I’ll be switching hosts.

Richard Dawson picture
Richard Dawson

2018 November 14th

I’d recommend actually attempting to get in touch with 1and1 /ionos rather than repeating their marketing bumf if you have an account as since the merger any actual contact or support is unavailable. I’m now looking at switching to another provider asap…