Hostinger Launches Cloud Hosting, Makes A Great Business Platform


Alex Baldwin


2019 January 7th at 3:59

For many personal projects or small businesses, shared web hosting is all that will ever be needed. However, as that business grows the demands for more powerful hosting increases. This is why many companies attempt to use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to enhance the performance and resources available to a website. There is an obvious issue here, though.

Migrating to a private server requires plenty of technical experience and knowledge.

Or does it? This is what Hostinger is attempting to change with its new Cloud Hosting. This private server solution has been developed to help businesses accommodate their website needs. You can use this VPS without any server management knowledge.

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We spoke to Giedrius Zakaitis, Head of Product at Hostinger, in an attempt to find out exactly what it is all about. And what's the difference between shared and private cloud servers.

What is the difference between shared and private servers?

Traditionally, shared hosting services have been reserved for simple web projects. Things like a personal website or two. On the other hand, VPS has been traditionally for big projects by large companies.

Shared hosting has been super easy to set up, but not designed to scale as the website grows. VPS solutions, on the other hand, were good for scaling but very difficult to set up and manage.

This is where Hostinger's Cloud VPS comes in. It blurs the lines between a shared hosting package and a VPS. In essence, it's the best of both worlds.

Incredibly easy to set up, taking advantage of the shared hosting control panel, but with resources (CPU, RAM, Dedicated IP Address) isolated and dedicated to the owner. This is where Hostinger Cloud hosting is different and better compared to a pure shared package or VPS.

The best part is that our server administrators will do all the dirty maintenance work; updating server software, handling potential attacks and performance issues. Giedrius Zakaitis - Head of Product, Hostinger

This solution benefits users perfectly, as they can dedicate all of their efforts on making their website perfect, not worrying about servers and technical stuff!

Hostinger Cloud is a premium hotel

Imagine if you will, that you have a couple of choices on where to live. The first choice is a hostel. It's cheap, simple and if you're on a tight budget it's a decent place to stay. Sure, there might be a queue for the shower in the morning, and maybe you won't sleep too well because of somebody snoring during the night. But it's all okay since you just pay a little and let the management take care of everything else. That is shared hosting.

Next choice, your own house. It has all the benefits of being yours. You own everything and all decisions come through you. However, there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders! You have to make sure security is tight, the bills are paid and that everything is clean. It's tough work, but it's rewarding! That is a VPS.

Hostinger's Business Hosting combines the good sides of these 2 options. You get a reduced level of responsibility but there’s also enough privacy that you don’t have to worry about anything. Cloud VPS is a premium hotel suite.

How is Cloud Hosting going to help users

When business really takes off and traffic increases, it should be exciting news! However, we found that instead, many website owners start feeling anxious whether the servers can handle everything.Giedrius Zakaitis - Head of Product, Hostinger

Hostinger has decided that they want to put more focus on users in that exact situation. Offering both great performance and peace of mind, Cloud Hosting was designed to make life easy for the user.

Hostinger places a lot of importance on speed and reliability. A super-fast website that is available at all times is critical for making your online presence grow and improve.

By reviewing our onboarding process, installing our easy-to-use control panel and dedicating our best Customer Success team agents to help - we achieved all of this. Giedrius Zakaitis - Head of Product, Hostinger

Moreover, with their monitoring team and automated monitoring tools watching over the user, Hostinger are sure that each and every website hosted with them will perform outstandingly and consistently. This will help improve your Google rankings and cause envy to your competitors!

It's clear that Hostinger loves business clients. They want you to grow and grow with them. Why? Because it benefits both sides. The user gets a fantastic and reliable host to help scale their business to the next level and beyond, and Hostinger gets a valued customer that stays with them throughout their online journey.

Business Hosting - plans

After a lot of talking about this new Business Hosting package, it's about time that we actually show you what these plans are all about.

You get a choice of three plans:

  • Cloud Startup: An entry-level plan for those with multiple websites. Includes 40GB disk space, 3GB RAM and 2 CPU cores.
  • Cloud Professional: A medium plan for high-traffic or eCommerce sites. Includes 80GB disk space, 6GB RAM, 4 CPU cores and 2X speed boost.
  • Cloud Enterprise: A high-end plan for resource-heavy websites. Includes 160GB disk space, 12GB RAM, 8 CPU cores and a 3X speed boost.

All plans also include nice features like a 1-click-installer, daily backups, a free SSL Certificate (which is a must if you want to sell online!) and much more.

Let's take a look at the pricing now. Here is how much you'll pay for each plan in the cart, excluding taxes.

Payment Period / Plan Startup Professional Enterprise
3 months $71.94 $143.88 $296.85
12 months $239.76 $479.52 $1031.40
24 months $383.52 $860.16 $1582.80
48 months $623.04 $1526.40 $2205.60

It may seem like a lot of money at first glance, but trust me, $623 for 4 years of dedicated server space on a platform as stable and fast as Hostinger will actually turn out to be an incredible deal. Currently, when comparing Hostinger's top-end plan with SiteGround's, you can see that the price is over double!

You get 2GB more RAM with Hostinger, with SiteGround you get 40GB less disk space - all that for paying nearly $2000 more for a 12-month contract!

Hostinger's Cloud Hosting is certainly something worth looking into. We can't wait to see how it fares. If you are thinking of signing up for it, let us know your thoughts in the comments, we'd love to hear from you.

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Lia picture

2019 April 4th

Premium hotel 😀 cloud hosting is 5 stars hotel actually, much better than their shared hosting! And even that I liked, it wasn’t magical but still good.

Allison picture

2018 July 11th

Took the advice and tried it on our projects. Lovely so far! Big fan of not having to do anything, I’m really good at it.