IX Web Hosting Acquired By Site5: What Does This Mean For You?

ix web hosting acquired by site5You would be forgiven if the name IX Web Hosting doesn't immediately ring a bell. Despite being around for almost 20 years, IX Web Hosting has never really made a big splash in the web hosting arena. Well now, things might change. IX Web Hosting has been acquired by Site5, an EIG (Endurance International Group) provider. This wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last that a small fish in the hosting pond is eaten by one of the sharks. We've seen hosts get swallowed up by EIG brands before, so this comes as not much of a surprise.

IX Web Hosting

If you're an IX Web Hosting user you might be thinking to yourself: 'What now?'  Well, initially at least, not very much. The acquisition itself actually happened way back in the 4th quarter of 2015:

During the quarter, the company acquired the assets of Ecommerce, LLC (IX Web Hosting). The total consideration for this acquisition is approximately $28.0 million, of which $23.8 million was paid at closing.EIG fourth quarter 2015 results

It has been almost 3 years since then, and the only big change so far is that most customer accounts are now supported by Site5. EIG has started the process of migrating IX Web Hosting users accounts over to Site5's infrastructure, but it is still ongoing as of the time of writing.

In this article, we are hoping to provide some insight into why this is happening in the first place.

What Will This Mean For Me?

We actually stumbled across this news whilst in the process of making a review of IX Web Hosting. We were checking out the domains tab on their site and well, this appeared:

IX Web Hosting

Interesting, we thought. So, we did some digging!

IX has proudly joined forces with Site 5, more details on this are available in your account helpdesk. As part of this transition, this page is no longer monitored but you can still contact us by visiting the @site5 Facebook and Twitter pages.

— IX Web Hosting (@IX_Web_Hosting) March 20, 2018

This is the last tweet we could find from IX Web Hosting, dated March 20th, 2018. After this, the account has been deleted and all customer queries are now being directed to Site5's support. So how are customers taking this? Not well, it seems...

As you can see, people aren't very happy with the way IX Web Hosting, Site5 & EIG has handled the migration of their services.

As for what this means for users, at the end of the day we simply don't know. The only people that can answer that question are EIG themselves, but as we all know, they aren't exactly the kind of company that likes to be entirely transparent.

What Are The Differences Between IX Web Hosting & Site5?

Comparing the two hosts leads to more questions than answers, in all honesty. Let's compare some of the most important features on both of their entry-level plans:

IX Web Hosting Expert Plan ($3.95 p/month)Site5 hostBasic ($6.95 p/month)
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts2500Unlimited
SSLFreeNot Included
Website BuilderIncludedNot Included

As you can see, in terms of disk space & bandwidth, IX Web Hosting and Site5 share a common trait - Unlimited access. That is where the similarities end, though. Do you want more than 1 domain? IX Web Hosting gives you as many as you want. Maybe you need unlimited email accounts? Site5 is your guy. So far everything is a draw, right?

Well, then we look at SSL encryption and the inclusion of a website builder and we can see that IX Web Hosting offers both here, whilst Site5 offers neither. 

Why Has This Happened?

Well, since neither Site5 or IX Web Hosting released any kind of official reason for this move, we have to theorise. Taking a look at Google search trends for the two hosts over past 5 years paints an interesting picture, however.

Both hosts have been on a similar trajectory over that time period, and both seem to be declining pretty rapidly.

Now, since both hosts are EIG brands, it's very likely that this is simply a case of two underperforming hosts that aren't making money, so EIG is simply sacrificing one to save the other. And as you can see from the graph, of the two, IX Web Hosting is the worst performer.

As you saw before, IX Web Hosting offers more in terms of features than Site5 for almost 50% less money! It's starting to become more clear as to why IX Web Hosting is the brand that EIG decided to chop.

As we have seen from other EIG brands that ended up closing shop, this doesn't mean it's the end of the road for IX Web Hosting employees, or its servers or any other infrastructure, it simply is an end to the brand name.

What Should I Do Next?

If you have been using IX Web Hosting already, you won't have to do anything. As far as the plan, the migrations should take place to Site5 quickly and seamlessly. However, as we have seen from some user's experiences, that doesn't always go as planned. There shouldn't be downtimes or other issues, and in some ways, things might improve. When moving to Site5 you'll be able to enjoy cPanel, instead of IX Web Hosting's poor proprietary one.

Even though existing customers will be transferred to Site5 and new customer prompted to go the same way, we have done some tests in our reviews. While Site5 is not the worst hosting by any means, there are many alternatives which we liked far more. For instance – there’s SiteGround. Not only is it cheaper than Site5, this company beats EIG in almost every category. It’s faster, more reliable, easier to use and has the absolute best customer service in the business. The best part is – they’ve been steadily improving and getting bigger with each day!

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    • Elizabeth Boyer portrait Elizabeth Boyer
    • 2019 January 16th

    I am a very unhappy former IX Webhost customer of many years! My website was poached, unbeknownst to me, because, as they admitted, Site5 security measures were not properly installed. So because the poached version was sending out spams, Site5 took my website down, without notifying me! When I discovered this, it took 2 full days to get some semblance of my website back, but no access from iPhone, and some of the images still won’t open. Last word from Site5 is that I have to hire a developer to try to recover the images and allow them to open properly. Because they are NOT website builders (mine was built on IX with their assistance.) Am I looking for another server/host/builder? Oh yes! Meanwhile I’m SOL and paid up until June 2019. I have asked for a refund. No word on that yet. I was told, finally, that the IX servers were taken offline on August 28, 2018. Again, without notice!

    • pippa portrait pippa
    • 2018 November 10th

    I am unable to contact site5 without agreeing to their terms and conditions, which tie me into their billing agreement. I once had a website that was hosted by IX, but its no longer visible online, so it appears to have been lost in the migration. I belive I cancelled autorenew, but now that IX are defunct, i have no way of confirming this. My card details are out of date, so advanced payment hasnt gone through, but Im being harassed with daily emails from site5 for payment. How to I give them notice and stop this harassment without inadvertently agreeing to their terms? Im hoping that because I never signed up nor agreed to the migration, Im wont be legally obligated to pay for a service that I neither want nor am receiving.

    • Tim Desmond portrait Tim Desmond
    • 2018 October 10th

    While one of my Ix domains was domain mapped over to Worpress, I still registered with Ix every year. However, I never received a notice or email from ix webhosting about the change. My first indication was Dotster sending an email that my domain was hanging out there as available. I didn’t get it even then, not until my site was shutdown because I never got renewal notice. CRAZY.

    • MIke Danaher portrait MIke Danaher
    • 2018 October 2nd

    How do you get your money back from IX Webhosting, my site has been down since start of migration, and they lost all my data.

    • Rick Seymour portrait Rick Seymour
    • 2018 September 24th

    absolute fiasco. Site5 is the worst hosting service I’ve ever seen. Customer service is non existent. Only chat is available. I will not be renewing anything with these clowns.

    • Craig Nim portrait Craig Nim
    • 2018 September 18th

    What a filthy, stinking mess. Got a couple of notices about the transition which said to look in my email for details. Never found such an email and didn’t think much about it. Got taken off line suddenly, lost 15 years of emails and right when I’m mounting a production, my main website disappears. THANK GOD I had a webmaster who had all the files on her computer and we got it back up. But emails have vanished and SITE5 has been of no assistance to remedy the situation, stating that IXWEBHOSTING.com has taken its servers offline and we cannot even transfer them now with FTP programs. How freaking unprofessional! I wonder if they got a bunch of ne’er-do-wells in that started robbing them blind, as I got an email from one of them saying an associate had stolen my credit card number on file and had charged something against it, but they had reversed the charges. Wow, a moral wasteland, desperate people who have no original thinking to fix their problems. But wreck our earnings and revenue? Hey, no problem whatsoever! Caveat emptor.

    • JoeRhino portrait JoeRhino
    • 2018 September 17th

    rhinoroom has been down since April. I have been looking for IX web hosting help, emailed and tried to call. This article is the first lead I have found. Sooooo Site5. Okay

    • Richard Hawker portrait Richard Hawker
    • 2018 September 15th

    I also had two shared accounts with IX Web Hosting. I got an email saying they ‘regretfully’ were unable to migrate my account to Site 5. No big deal as they were 13 years behind on technology. Now I’m getting demands from Site5 for previously expired domain subscriptions. My sentiments are expressed well in the aforementioned tweet.

    • Harold Goritz portrait Harold Goritz
    • 2018 September 14th

    I was with Ix webhisting for many years. I paid them over $500.00 a few months ago and now my website is gone without warning.
    I want someone to call me, not just an email.
    Harold Goritz

    • Dave Connor portrait Dave Connor
    • 2018 September 13th

    I was also also unlucky enough to experience the same shut-down of domains and email and have resolved most of it by doing this:
    -Go to the Site5 home page: https://www.site5.com/
    -Select ‘Client Login’ (upper right corner)
    -Log in using your IX credentials (email and password)
    -If you are able to log in, go to the ‘Domains’ tab of the Site5 Backstage menu
    -You should see a list of all your Domains. If (like me) you don’t see all of your Domains, it means you have multiple accounts that need to be consolidated. You will need to contact support (see below).
    -Click on the down-arrow on the far right hand side of the row showing your domain (the arrow next to the wrench icon)
    -Select ‘Manage Nameservers’. Check the nameservers on the screen that follows. If they still say ‘IX’, that’s the problem. You can either select ‘Use default nameservers’ or, if you have an hour to kill, you can contact Site5 support and ask them for the nameservers. They told me to use ns178.accountservergroup.com and ns179.accountservergroup.com. My email was working within an hour -but the site propagation takes over a day before everyone can see it.

    Regarding Site5 support: They do provide support and they have been able to resolve my issues -the chat wait time is a minimum of half an hour. Use the ‘Support’ tab and open a ticket. Follow the pull down prompts. Make sure you copy the ‘My Support Code:’ number in the lower left hand corner of the Site5 Backstage menu -you’ll need it for them to identify you.

    Good Luck

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