Make your password secure

This random password generator serves a few good purposes. First things first, it generates you an incredibly safe password, using whatever characters you want the tool to use. You can make combinations using lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as numbers, punctuation marks or even full (easy to read!) words. Everything is left purely to chance - so the password you'll get here is completely unique and not stored in any database anywhere.

Also, this is a great tool to evaluate the security of either the generated passwords or the ones you already use. By entering or generating a password, you'll see just how much time it would take for one fairly advanced (8x Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU) machine to crack your password. Also - the database we use includes the most popular passwords used in the world. If your favorite combination is in here - better use one of the codes from the strong password generator instead!

How secure is my password?

When looking to achieve perfect password security, there are several things to consider.
  • Is your password directly connected to your personal life? Is it your name/last name/significant other name/pet name/birth date?
  • Are your passwords to several important platforms exactly the same?
  • Are your passwords so difficult to remember, you have to write them down on a note or a separate file in order to use?

If you answered positively to any of those things - you need a new random generator password. The new combinations have to be either properly encrypted using secure software (i.e. LastPass) or be incredibly easy to remember.

If you use the same password for multiple major platforms, it's also something you should stop immediately. We do understand that with so many accounts required pretty much anywhere, you can't possibly have a different password for all of them. Yet consider this - if at least one of those websites get hacked into, your login combination gets leaked online. Then, wherever you use that combination, someone else can sign in. If you use the same password, use it only for unimportant platforms which don't require any of your personal/payment information. Even then, consider using a code or a succession which would pretty much completely remain any duplicates. For everything else, there's our random password generator - it's as secure as it gets.

What are the most common ways for someone to steal your password?

1. Human error

There is a serious chance you will give the password away before any computer could ever break in. As mentioned earlier, names, birthdates, pet names and any other personal information is strictly off limits. A computer may not attempt to enter your favorite band but an ill-wishing person with access to your social media certainly could! Some people may also attempt to create phishing sites, which will attempt to fool you into thinking it's Facebook, Twitter, or even your bank, this way luring not only your passwords but also your payment information. Your password has to be unique, difficult to guess and in no way connected to your personal life (or in a way only you would understand!) This way, you can avoid human error as much as possible.

2. Database dumps

From time to time, a huge website suffers from a serious leak. As a result of that, a bunch of logins and passwords (including yours!) may have been made public to certain people. It's not even your fault when that happens - all the responsibility comes to the platforms to which you register. However, there are ways to see what damage has been done and ways to fix things. First up, you may visit Have I Been Pwned and enter the logins that you use. If you see any breaches - you are not safe! And if you use the same password and login for multiple platforms, automatically they're not safe either. By not using duplicates and changing your passwords regularly you can minimize the damage. If you're looking for a new combination that hasn't been used by anyone ever - use our random password generator.

3. Brute-force

Sometimes, tricky just doesn't cut it. In many cases, people just attempt numerous combinations until a correct one is found. The amount of time it takes is precisely the number shown in our strong password generator tool above. The logic is really simple - everything is a random combination of words, numbers, and characters. By trying out every single one, you'll eventually guess it. More and more platforms implement security measures to stop brute-force crawlers from trying out every single combination possible but this is an ongoing battle of wits and sometimes, the hackers win. These situations are precisely why you need a difficult password with many different symbols. Use our random password generator - and you'll get more than enough.

How do we test our hosting security?

Security doesn't end with a good password

Security doesn't end with a good password. Your websites have to be well-protected by the hosting service provider. In our reviews, we do extensive tests of the hosts' security measures. Check us out.