Random Password Generator

Generate a secure password and check how long it takes to crack it, if using WPA/WPA2 encryption with 8x Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU based cracking PC while using Linux OS and HashCat software to crack it. Use random passwords and stay safe!

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About Password Generator Tool

We created this tool to help people use random passwords everyone you need to login. Why? Because each year millions of accounts are getting hacked due to week password. Many people use their names, birthdays, city names or other easy to remember words as passwords. The problem is that most of the bruteforce softwares are running on dictionaries and for this reason it takes few minutes to randomly guess your password.

Solution? Always use a strong password generator to randomize it. Add some extra special characters, upper/lower case letters, one or two numbers and you are safe. Having a 10 symbols password with numbers, symbols and special characters will make it almost unbreakable. Moreover, never use same password twice, because if some platform will get hacked, and your password will be leaded – you are safe with you other accounts. You may check if your password was already leaked here: https://haveibeenpwned.com/