Acronis True Image Review – Is It A True Backup Solution?


Bart Keating


2019 March 14th


Acronis True Image is one of the best known consumer-oriented backup software packages. It was first released in 2003. Since then, according to Acronis, it's been used by over 5 million customers.

But just how good is this backup software? To see if True Image has stood up to the test of time, you'll have to read my Acronis True Image Review.

What is Acronis True Image?

Acronis True Image started life as a disk imaging program. However, over the years, it has developed into a full suite of backup tools. While it can still perform disk image backups, many more features have been added. Newer functions include cloud storage and an option to restore information from disk partitions. 

Acronis True Image can be installed on Windows and macOS machines. However, Apple users should note that not all features work on Mac.

There are a few more differences, but to sum it up - Mac users will be sold short.

Acronis True Image: First Impressions

Getting started with Acronis True Image is a quick process. It comes with a 30-day free trial, so you don't even need to commit to a contract before installation. On the first launch, Acronis True Image opens a 'Quick start guide' which will be appreciated by first-time users.

Acronis True Image Review Quick Start Guide

Up to Date Interface

The 2019 Acronis True Image interface is clean and easier to navigate than previous versions. In my Acronis True Image 2018 review, I felt the software didn't do as good a job of integrating True Image's numerous backup options.

Acronis True Image Review Interface

By comparison, changing important settings such as backup locations is very simple in Acronis True Image 2019. In short, this is certainly a user-friendly piece of software.

Acronis True Image Review Backup Location Options

Cloud Syncing Works Well

An advantage Acronis True Image has over other cloud storage platforms is that it can store the contents of entire hard drives in the cloud. You also get a lot of control over how and when your backups are updated, with the ability to schedule incremental, partial or full backups.

Ransomware Protection

Another unique feature built into Acronis True Image is ransomware protection. File ransoming is an increasingly common type of hacking attack which occurs when malware encrypts your files and charges a 'ransom' to restore them.

Acronis True Image actively protects against such attacks by monitoring your drives for unusual file modifications.

Acronis True Image Review Ransomware

Acronis True Image Pricing

Acronis True Image isn't exactly cheap, with prices starting at nearly $50. In total, there are three pricing options. The first is the Standard package which doesn't include cloud backups and can be purchased for a one-off $49.99 payment. The Advanced package costs $49.99/year and includes 250GB of storage space while the Premium package costs $99.99/year and comes with 1TB cloud storage.

Acronis True Image Review Pricing

Plans in More Detail

Let's take a closer look at the differences between the packages:

Starter Advanced Premium
Cloud Storage No 250GB 1TB
Full Image Backup Yes Yes Yes
Ransomware Protection Yes Yes Yes
Office 365 Backup No Yes Yes
End-to-End Encryption No Yes Yes
Blockchain Encryption No No Yes
Free Upgrades No Yes Yes
Customer Support Chat Phone and live chat Phone and live chat
Refund Period 30-Day 30-Day 30-Day

I'd recommend that most users opt for the Advanced package as it's safer to store your files in the cloud than on local storage media. Business users should also consider the Premium package because it includes Blockchain file encryption.

Acronis True Image Performance

During my Acronis True Image review, I performed many different backups to test how quickly file copies were created. I'm happy to report that Acronis True Image is certainly one of the fastest backup suites I've used, with backups of my entire 250GB SSD finishing in under an hour.

Acronis True Image Review Backup Progress

Acronis True Image Software - Final Thoughts

Overall, Acronis True Image packs an impressive number of features into a user-friendly package. It's a shame it isn't cheaper though. Still, if you're willing to forgo cloud storage, you can avoid expensive recurring annual bills.

What did you think of my Acronis True Image 2019 review? If you've got Acronis True Image reviews of your own to share, post them below!

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