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adzooma reviewNowadays, if you want to have a really successful business (I am not talking about selling sock puppets to your neighbors), you have to invest your time, effort and money into internet marketing. It plays a huge role in the progress of your business and there's no way around. What's the best way to advertise your business on Google, Yahoo and others?  Well, I really don't know the best way but Adzooma claims that they have the answer and in my Adzooma review we'll try to find out if this is true.

There's a slight possibility that you haven't heard about Adzooma marketing automation tool yet, but it's ok my friend, don't be ashamed. This UK-based startup is quite new and their software was launched worldwide only in 2016. Since then Adzooma is trying to take online advertising by storm.

Their main goal is to make your life simpler and to save a monstrous amount of your time by offering an all-in-one innovative platform for digital marketing. Adzooma can blow their own trumpet stating that they've earned the Google partner badge and passed the certification in Google AdWords. With that thought in mind, the time has come to take a closer look at Adzooma advertising platform in my unbiased review.

How Is Adzooma Different?

Adzooma is a mainly Google advertising based software. I tried to find competitors to compare pricing, features, reviews from customers, client support etc. Their competition is all the companies that provide Customer relationship management (CRM) technology. This technology manages relationships and interactions with customers, potential customers, streamline processes and improving profitability.

Other marketing software usually integrates email marketing, lead nurturing, Google AdWords, review management, cross-channel marketing and so on. The bigger is the package, the more inflated is the price. No poop, Sherlock, you might think.

Adzooma doesn't offer that big variety of services and that's their main difference from other marketing management packages.

adzooma review way

Ok, So What Does Adzooma Do Then?

Well, Adzooma is orientated in more specific services. It uses Google AdWords and helps small to medium businesses achieve their advertising goals. Adzooma allows digital marketing and advertising campaigns to be created, scaled and optimized using one system.

Everyone desires to be noticed and neatly ranked on Google search. After all, it's very important for a successful business. Let's say your business is in seventh or something on the search page, based on your keyword? RIP. I guess the bigger chance to be found is if the cat jumps on the keyboard and begins frantically mashing buttons.

Adzooma can make your online advertising work better by optimizing your paid Google advertisements, improving PPC rate and possibly saving you money.

adzooma review

Adzooma features:

  • Ad campaigns build by PPC team
  • Performance reports
  • Analysis and recommendations
  • 24/7 technical support

While you'll be playing with your children, walking a dog,  or replaying Witcher 3 for the 5th time, Adzooma can:

  • Create your adverts - using the information provided, they'll create headlines
  • Target your customers - advertise your business directly to people showing interest in your services
  • Grow your business - continuous monitoring and advertising of your campaign

Packages Offered by Adzooma

Adzooma offers 2 packages - the All In One Solution for the beginners and for Existing Advertisers. Let's take a look what's included in these packages:

With All In One Solution you'll get:

  • Ads built for you, then the Adzooma team will run these ads to maximize the performance and ROI (return on investment)
  • Custom made Business Promotion Page made by in-house design and development team

You will not get to try it for free, though.

Existing Advertisers package is for clients who are already running PPC on Google AdWords and have some experience in this field.

With the above package you'll get:

  • Campaigns built by Adzooma team. You'll have more control over functions like keywords bid pricing and campaign budgets
  • Additional features - adding call extensions, new ads, and ad groups; changing the text/headline etc
  • Health check - detailed 12 points check on the current campaigns to show how the performance can be improved
  • 30-day free trial - to test if you and Adzooma is a match made in heaven

To sum up, Adzooma claims that they have Everything you need for a successful online presence:

adzooma review online presence

Getting Started With Adzooma

I was really interested in trying Adzooma features and the good thing to know is that they offer 30-day free trial for a PRO package. First, you just need to go through health check page:

adzooma review health check page

Or existing advertisers page:

adzooma review existing advertisers page

A nice touch is that you don't need to enter any credit card information. Makes sense since it's free, right? Well not for everyone these days...

However, let's move on with our registration and see where it leads:

adzooma review registration

After entering the required data I was redirected to a page, asking to specify what business I'm into. I've entered the name of my possible business and from the drop-down menu, selected type of my business. Moreover, you can add the one-page business promotion page, which is free:

adzooma review business

Going further with my Adzooma review, I was sent to the page, where I can select an area in which my theoretical clients will be targeted: local area; nationally; globally or custom (specifying regions or countries).

adzooma review target audience

Adzooma Package Prices

After selecting the location for my target audiences, I saw the most interesting part - pricing. Let's see what you get for your money:

adzooma review offers
PlanMost PopularBest ValuePremium
Listed On Google
Business Promotion Page
Email and telephone support ✓

Finally, after selecting suitable package you have to enter your payment details, but I will not do this yet. My Flower Devour business will have to wait a couple of years. Unless someone will steal the brand. DON'T YOU DARE!

Adzooma review Flower Devour

P.S. You will get a free Health Check (not for you though, for your website ads) with any of the packages

Adzooma review healthcheck

Adzooma Review - Final Thoughts

Adzooma is still a fairly new player in the digital playground of online marketing. However, services they offer are crucial for any business. If you're not an online advertising expert and need help with AdWords, this may be a great option for you. There aren't so many customer reviews yet but I'll be honest - Adzooma looks promising.

Honestly, I'm really interested to see how Adzooma will progress and what the future holds for them. There's a serious possibility that I'll revisit this blog post with some additional information. So let's keep in touch!

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