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adzooma review

Adzooma is a platform for marketing automation where all your advertising channels are put in one place so you could easily control them.

And digital marketing is inevitable if you want to have a really successful business nowadays. Reaching out to your audience by means of the internet is the most advanced and trackable ways of advertising. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing and so on - all of those are effective, but also time-consuming.

Adzooma promises an easy way to automate and improve your paid advertisements. This platform is supposed to save your time and provide tools that help you to make important decisions on your marketing strategy.

In this Adzooma review, let's take a look at what this platform offers and if it really is that useful.

What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is a platform to manage your online advertising. It is simplified for ease of use and covers all types of advertising channels so you can effectively control it all in one place.

Adzooma is mainly Google advertising-based software. It works as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology: manages relationships and interactions with customers, potential customers, streamline processes and improving profitability.

To do that, Adzooma integrates email marketing, lead nurturing, Google AdWords, review management, cross-channel marketing and so on.

adzooma review

Adzooma was launched not so long ago - 2016 was the beginning of this UK-based startup. Since then, the company is trying to take online advertising by storm. It already has earned the Google partner badge and passed the certification in Google AdWords.

This company focuses on making things easier for small to medium businesses. So, for this Adzooma review, let's take a look at what the plans offer!

Adzooma Pricing

Adzooma has 3 plans paid per user: Pilot for $19/moAdvanced Pilot for $49/mo, and Rocket Pilot for $99/mo. The pricing is based on your business scale - it's capped by what is spent on Google Ads and Facebook Ads collectively.

adzooma pricing review

There's only a monthly subscription term and once you register, the plan renews automatically. But of course, you can cancel at any time.

What's really great, Adzooma allows you to try out the service for free - there's a 7-day trial for each plan.

And here's what you get for those prices:

PlanPilotAdvanced PilotRocket Pilot
Price$19 per user/month$49 per user/month$99 per user/month
Listed on Google
Business promotion page
Email and phone support ✓

As you can see, each package has basically the same product. They differ by the scale of your business - the size of your audience and how many visitors you have.

But overall, this is what you get with Adzooma:

  • Opportunity Engine software - Adzooma has a customized software to make offers based on your best practices and data from your campaigns. It does the analysis for you and makes unique suggestions to improve your advertising.
  • Suggestions for better ROI - Your data is constantly being analyzed so you get recommendations for improvement. That includes suggestions for bidding strategies and targeting, new opportunities to scale the campaigns, and ways to fix problems.
  • Intuitive UX - The layout is constructed to be clear and informative. You can make queues by the priority of opportunities, choose which you want to skip or make one-click applications.
  • Rule-based automation - Campaigns, ads, and targeting can be set to be automatically tracked. If the rules are triggered, you will be notified and also you can set Adzooma to do the changes.
  • Multiple accounts management - You can control all accounts with one login and see an overview in one screen. That also allows you to easily notice which accounts need attention.
  • Custom reporting - There reports are ready to be filtered, sorted, and exported. The layouts are easy to read and you can set up your custom reports.
  • Feedback portal - You can use Slack, Facebook, or email to contact Adzooma team, where you can request custom features and check on product updates. This platform is ready to be flexible for your needs.

This is built to create better ad campaigns, get detailed and well-built performance reports as well as analysis and recommendations.

And the technical support is available 24/7. Working with them, you can improve how the platform reads your data. This software is learning quickly, so by putting in the correct info you can make it work better for you.

Getting Started With Adzooma

For a thorough Adzooma review, let's see how easy it is to set up this platform.

As there is a free trial, the registration doesn't require your credit card info. You'll enter it if you want to use the services later.

After providing your name and contact info, Adzooma needs to be connected to your Google Ads account.

adzooma review - registration

To set up your account, you'll also need to specify your business type. There's a dropdown menu with a huge variety of specific options to choose from.

adzooma review business

And afterward, you have to set the locations where your clients will be targeted: local area; nationally; globally or custom (specifying regions or countries). Also, you can add the one-page business promotion page (no additional price - this is included with the packages).

Then Adzooma collects the data and does the analysis. It also runs the health check so you can see what's your current situation. Next thing you get, is the overview and suggestions for improvements. The platform is ready to use!

Is Adzooma Worth It?

Well, Adzooma is orientated in more specific services. It uses Google AdWords and helps small to medium businesses to achieve their advertising goals.

Every successful business wants to get a higher rank in Google search. After all, you want your page to be easily found and be noticed by new possible customers.

Let's say your site doesn't get to the first Google search page with your businesses keyword. The chances for someone to go to the second search page are very little. And you imagine how many new customers you are losing each day.

To help you with those rankings, Adzooma can make your online advertising work better. It helps by optimizing your paid Google advertisements, improving PPC rate and possibly saving you money that would be spent on miscalculated advertisements.

adzooma review features

So basically, using Adzooma, you can relax while the platform does all the work:

  • Create your adverts - using the information provided, it creates headlines for your ads.
  • Target your customers - advertises your business directly to people that show interest in your services.
  • Grow your business - continuous monitoring and advertising of your campaign.

To sum up, Adzooma works as a separate marketing team. Although you can do it all yourself, the automated processes can save you up a lot of time. And also, the well made reports help you to notice the important deviations.

Adzooma Review - Final Thoughts

Adzooma allows you to create your digital advertising campaigns, scale and optimize them using one system. Having all your marketing channels analyzed and tracked under one platform simplifies the process of improving your online presence.

Surely, this means additional expenses, but overall this can help to grow your business. So, if you're not an online advertising expert and need help with AdWords, Adzooma may be a great option for you.

And trying out is free, so go ahead and see for yourself!

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  1. Roman dell picture Roman dell
    2019 July 27th

    Adzooma is a scam, was advised by one of their guys that they code Google’s algorithm. Was very impressed at first until I realised Liam was talking rubbish, I had to get myself removed from their system. This tool is only good if you’re spending less than $100s. Stay well away!

  2. Dean BirminghamDea picture Dean BirminghamDea
    2019 May 19th

    Interesting and informative… looks like it could be very beneficial for newbies

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