Adzooma Review – How Does It Help With Digital Marketing?


Bart Keating


2019 September 9th

adzooma review

Digital marketing is important for the success of any modern business. Reaching out to your audience online is a contemporary and easy-to-track way of advertising. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and so on - all of these channels are effective.

But they are also time-consuming.

In comes Adzooma, promising an easy way to automate and improve your paid advertisements. The platform should save you time and provide tools that help make important decisions on your marketing strategy.

In this Adzooma review, we take a look at what this platform offers and if it's really that useful.

What is Adzooma?

Adzooma is a platform for managing online advertising, simplified for ease of use and covering all types of advertising channels so you can control them all in one place. Adzooma works as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology: it allows managing relationships with current and potential customers and streamlining processes.

Adzooma Homepage

For these purposes, Adzooma integrates email marketing, lead nurturing, Google AdWords, review management, cross-channel marketing, and so on.

These measures should make things easier for small to medium businesses, so let's see how successful Adzooma is in its efforts.

Adzooma Pricing

Adzooma's pricing is based on business scale - it's capped by ad spend on Google Ads and Facebook Ads collectively. Depending on expenditure level, there are 3 plans, paid per user: Pilot for $19/moAdvanced Pilot for $49/mo, and Rocket Pilot for $99/mo.

adzooma pricing review

The subscription is monthly and the plan renews automatically. There is also a 7-day free trial available with each plan.

Here's what you get with the plans:

Pilot Advanced Pilot Rocket Pilot
Price $19 per user/month $49 per user/month $99 per user/month
Listed on Google
Business promotion page
Reach 2,500-7,500 10,000-15,000 20,000-35,000
Visitors 50-150 200-300 400-700
Phone support X

Each package includes similar features, but the cheapest option might be too limited. First, its ad spend cap is just $1,000/month, which isn't that much even for small businesses. Also, it has very limited reach and visitor count and does not include phone support. So you'll most probably have to open your pocket wider.

Adzooma's plans are priced according to monthly ad spend, with the lowest-tier restricted to $1,000. More features are available with more expensive plans.

Getting Started With Adzooma

To start using an Adzooma, you have to set up your Google Ads account first - when signing up, you will be asked to connect to Google Ads.

adzooma review - registration

If this process is successful, you can continue setting up your account.

You'll then need to specify your business type. There's a dropdown menu with some options to choose from.

adzooma review business

Afterward, you have to set the locations where your clients will be targeted: local area; nationally; globally or custom (specifying regions or countries).

Then Adzooma collects the data and does the analysis. It also runs a health check so you can see what's your current situation. You'll see an overview and suggestions for improvements.

To get started with Adzooma, you need a Google Ads account. You will then need to complete a few steps to set up advertising.

Adzooma Features

For starters, Adzooma offers a relatively simple UI with an easy-to-read dashboard and the ability to manage all data in one place. It is convenient for people and small businesses who need easy solutions.

However, Adzooma might not fit larger businesses or growing scalability needs, because it allows only very limited campaign customization.

Adzooma Campaign Settings

The key feature of Adzooma is, of course, online advertising. Adzooma optimizes your advertisements using the information you provided, then targets your customers by advertising your business directly to people that show interest in your services, and provides continuous monitoring of your campaign.

And, with rule-based automation, campaigns, ads, and targeting can be set to be automatically tracked. If the rules are triggered, you will be notified and also you can set Adzooma to do the changes.

These features, if properly implemented, should help advertise your business.

Adzooma Statistics

But Adzooma is not an all-around marketing solution as it mainly focuses on paid, or PPC, advertising.

And PPC advertising is indeed necessary, especially if you're starting out and want your new business found. But in the long term, paid advertising can be costly and it becomes important to rank high in organic search. Sadly, Adzooma does not offer such capabilities, which makes it a limited service.

Adzooma offers two advertising channels - Google and Facebook ads. While Google ads are well-managed, Facebook advertising is still in very early stages with very few features available.

Adzooma focuses on paid advertising. Its UI is very simple with fewer campaign customization options that may be necessary to larger businesses.

Adzooma Customer Support

Not all of Adzooma's help options are available with every plan. Phone support is not included in the cheapest plan.

With other plans, the team is accessible via live chat, email, and phone.

Adzooma Contact Options

Adzooma has a feedback portal - you can use Slack, Facebook, or email to contact Adzooma team, where you can request custom features and check on product updates.

While the customers can expect competent help, Adzooma lacks in customer support area as it does not have a knowledge base. Help centers or knowledge bases could help you understand how the technology works or provide tips and tricks for managing your advertising.

Adzooma's customer support team is helpful, but only accessible via phone for higher-paying customers. There is no knowledge base that could advise users.

Adzooma Review - Is It Worth Your Attention?

Adzooma promises an easy-to-use platform to manage digital advertising campaigns. It does not, however, offer more extensive digital marketing solutions, such as organic search engine optimization, but rather focuses on paid advertising.

There is no guarantee that Adzooma will help improve advertising. It is also not fit for growing businesses that can manage ads themselves and need more digital marketing channels.

Has Adzooma helped - or did not help - you with your business? Share your insights in the comment section below!


  • Simple UI
  • Google Ads integration
  • Helpful customer support team


  • Lower-tier plans are very limited
  • No knowledge base
  • Doesn't help with organic search advertising
  • Facebook integration is still in early stages
  • Poor campaign customization possibilities

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User comments

Roman dell picture
Roman dell

2019 July 27th

Adzooma is a scam, was advised by one of their guys that they code Google’s algorithm. Was very impressed at first until I realised Liam was talking rubbish, I had... Read more

Adzooma is a scam, was advised by one of their guys that they code Google’s algorithm. Was very impressed at first until I realised Liam was talking rubbish, I had to get myself removed from their system. This tool is only good if you’re spending less than $100s. Stay well away!

Dean BirminghamDea picture
Dean BirminghamDea

2019 May 19th

Interesting and informative... looks like it could be very beneficial for newbies

Interesting and informative... looks like it could be very beneficial for newbies