12 Best Logo Makers for Branding Your Business



2020 May 18th

If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a small business, one crucial aspect of this process will be the branding of your business.

A well-designed logo will go a long way toward getting your business some well-deserved recognition and enable it to be easily identified by potential customers and clients.

Best logo makers

But definitely not all of us have an eye for design or the money to hire a professional graphic designer. That's where automatized logo makers come in handy. Logo creators are very user-friendly and make logo making as easy as it gets. The best part? They usually cost a fraction of the price you would pay to the graphic designer. And some of the logo makers are even free!

However, there are a number of logo generating websites that promise to do the work for you and produce a beautiful logo for your company.

I've tested a bunch of them and hand-picked a list of the top logo makers to try.

The Best Logo Makers

I put a number of logo makers to the test. I've looked at their price, user-friendliness, customization capabilities, and design techniques.

These 11 logo makers (well, 10 makers with one alternative) can really produce modern looking logos for any kind of business. Let's jump in!

1. Looka

You can use Looka's AI-powered platform to design a logo with just a few clicks.

Looka uses artificial intelligence to learn from your likes and preferences to produce logo designs that suit your business.

It does that by collecting basic information like the name and the nature of your business. The app then gives you a wide range of logos to choose from and asks you to pick a few of them.

Next, it asks you to pick your preferred color palettes and colors. Then you can enter even more information about your business, such as a slogan (if you have one). Lastly, it allows you to pick symbols or images that you might want to be incorporated into your logo.

What's really impressive is that while the algorithm does all the work for you, you still have full control over your final logo design. The editor lets you change fonts, colors, composition, and other symbols.

This method of creating a logo is intended to mirror the experience of using the services of a real graphic designer.

The site also offers social media kits and business cards, allowing you to bring your logo to life and put it to good use right after its creation.

Also - create as many logos as you want! You only have to pay when you're completely satisfied with the final result. And the price won't put a dent in your bank account - packages start at $20 (one-time payment).

2. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands seeks to streamline the whole process of branding for small businesses. It does not merely provide you with a logo. It offers a whole branding package, giving you a creative line for all your small business purposes.

Everything from your presentations, business cards to your website and the social media presence are taken care of. You can even use their services even to create a whole website with a custom domain name.

So, Tailor Brands looks like a one-stop-shop for all branding and design-related decisions. 

Using Tailor Brands, you can make a great looking logo for your website in a few minutes. After entering the name of your small business and what you do, you select a logo type (icon-based, name-based, or initial based).

Then you answer a brief style survey, going through and picking logo styles and fonts that you like (or dislike). The site then generates the perfect logos for you.

This tool also lets you create logos for free and pay only if you like the final logo.

3. Logaster


Logaster is an extremely simple logo making service. Just like other design tools, it also offers other branding visuals, such as business cards, brand books, social media kits and more.

To create a logo, you simply have to enter your business name and it creates a bunch of potential logos.

Then, you can pick the one you like and then edit it to perfection. Once your logo is perfect, you can download a small version of your logo for free on a white background to see how it will look.

That's great because not all logo makers let you download a logo before paying. And it's nice to play around with the logo outside the builder.

When you're satisfied with the final result, you can buy it with a number of different pricing plans and options. Cheaper plans only include a logo and more expensive ones - more branded design products. So it won't break your bank!

4. Ucraft

Ucraft logo maker

Ucraft allows you to save time and money with their drag-and-drop logo maker, which enables you to create stunning and memorable logos for free. Yep, completely for free!

Whether you require a logo for your small business or for your personal brand, with Ucraft you can create a free logo design in just seconds. All you have to do is choose an icon from more than two million royalty-free vector icons.

The design is fully customizable -  by playing with text, shapes, colors, and icons you can create a unique and personalized logo. After creating the perfect logo, export it in high-resolution SVG or PNG format. These files are ready to use both in print and online.

In addition to the logo maker, Ucraft also offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder. So you can build a website for your business without any coding knowledge. We've actually tested the Ucraft website builder as well - you can read the review!

This website builder includes a wide selection of templates made by designers to generate your website with just a couple of clicks. You can even design and launch a simple online shop in order to start selling your products right away.

Ucraft is a great option if you need a logo maker and a website builder all in one.

5. LogoDesign.net

Logodesign.net homepage

With LogoDesign.Net, you’ll be able to create a professional logo for your company that exudes your brand identity in its truest form. You can find a variety of different logo designs for different industries and businesses. LogoDesign.Net offers construction, fashion, educational, restaurant, legal logos, among others.

This logo maker is incredibly easy to use and absolutely free! Hundreds of thousands of different logo design templates were created by graphic designers, so you're getting a professional service completely free of charge.

All you have to do is select a design that fits your need, customize however you want and download it to use.

Moreover, if you’d rather have a fully customized logo design for your company, LogoDesign.Net offers real designer services. 

6. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is not a one-trick pony. Currently, it offers a powerful website builder, eCommerce store creating tool, and logo design maker. Basically, it's a one-stop-shop for any business's online presence.

Constant Contact's logo maker is a completely free and AI-powered tool that generates modern, clean and personalized logos for businesses in different niches.

It differs from other logo makers - Constant Contact doesn't use logo templates. Instead, it creates logos from a variety of different elements (icons, shapes, colors, etc). This practice ensures that each logo is unique and personalized.

Even better - the generated logo could be fully customized to your liking. You can change any element you don't like to get that ideal visual that reflects your business.

The best part? It's completely free. Constant Contact lets you download high-resolution logo files that are suitable for any type of branding, including large-scale printing.

7. FreeLogoDesign

FreeLogoDesign homepage

FreeLogoDesign is another easy-to-use and free logo generator that will help you create a logo in a couple of minutes.

In only three steps, this tool will generate many logo variations based on your business' direction. All you have to do is simply type in the name of your business, your business' niche and choose from the hundreds of templates.

All templates are fully customizable, meaning that you can play with the shapes, colors, and fonts until you're completely satisfied with it.

When you're happy with your logo, you can get a free PNG of it. Yet, the free image is only 200x200 pixels in size - meaning it won't be suitable for large-scale printing or larger website visuals.

The free logo can, however, used for social media or as a small logo on business documents or cards, since they don't require high-resolution quality.

You can buy high-resolution logo files for $39 (one-time payment) and use it without any limitations.

8. Logogenie

logogenie homepage

Logogenie is another logo generator that is extremely simple to use. It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to generate one-of-a-kind logo templates.

Just simply enter the name of your company and it immediately generates a ton of logo possibilities with various vector icons. The high quality icons and the broad selection of premium logo templates are what sets Logogenie apart from other logo making services. The library of icons is regularly updated; new icons are added every month.

You can also add a baseline or a tagline and specify the industry to which your small business belongs to narrow down the results. The created logo is fully customizable - I was able to edit and play around with colours, icons, fonts, and shapes until I was satisfied with the logo.

Once you have perfected your logo, there are a series of pricing options available to unlock high-resolution graphic files of your logo in multiple formats. You can even have your logo in black and white format.

In addition, an exclusive option is available if you're looking for a truly unique logo. If you buy this plan, the logo that you designed will be permanently removed from the Logogenie's site and will not be offered as a template to other site visitors.

9. LogoBee

logobee homepage

LogoBee offers a premium custom logo design service that distinguishes itself from its competitors due to its wide array of high-quality logos available for editing. It's also different from other logo makers on this list - it's not an automated process, you're actually working with a real graphic designer.

LogoBee combines the convenience of an online logo maker with the expertise and experience of professional human graphic designers.

You use the LogoBee website to enter your personal contact information, information about your business and design tastes and preferences, then pay for the level of service you desire.

LogoBee creates a project file for you based on your specifications and assigns a skilled graphic designer or a team of designers to work with you on your logo making project.

You are involved throughout the entire process, as they depend on your input and ideas to obtain the custom logo design perfect for you and your small business.

You can also edit each element of the logo, and they offer a nice selection of modern fonts. A fee of $39 applies if you want to get a vector file for your logo.

So while the logo making process takes a bit longer than using an online automatized logo generator, you can be sure that a professional created a unique logo for your business.

10. My Brand New Logo

My brand new logo homepage

My Brand New Logo offers a simple and super customizable logo maker. You simply enter the name of your company, enter an optional tagline, and choose a color (or not) as well as your industry.

While the focus is on automatic logo generation, you are able to adjust every little detail using Smart Shapes.

This means that you can fully customize each logo element and the algorithm will make sure that each of them looks as good as possible.

From the logo overview list, you can make variations of logos that you like. Do you like a logo layout? Then you can easily generate more color schemes for that one. Or, if you like the colors and the layout of a logo, you can create more typography options.

Additionally, My Brand New Logo's custom algorithms take color gradients to a whole new level.

You pick the color, and the algorithms automatically apply a gradient to it. Picking matching colors is an art in itself. This logo utilizes color schemes that are maximized for impact. They are individual every time, so you can be sure your logo stays unique.

The company takes logo making one step further - by utilizing professional design guidelines and principles. In practice, it guarantees a modern-looking and unique logo for any business.

You can use My Brand New Logo to create your logo for free (you will only pay when you're happy with your logo and want to purchase it). Upon purchase, you’ll get a complete set of logo files suitable for social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) and websites, as well as vector files for printing.

Each logo is responsive - you get multiple variants: a full logo that contains symbol, text, and slogan, and a miniature version that only contains the symbol and that you can use for smaller applications, like app icons, favicon or thumbnail.

11. Logomaster

logomaster homepage

Logomaster is an intuitive logo maker, aimed at startups, small businesses and professionals.

The logo creation process is easy. In the editing panel, you type in the name of your business and select a number of designs that you like.

Based on this, Logomaster uses artificial intelligence to generate a logo that suits your business. The Logomaster editing panel allows you to customize the logo as much as you want. You can change fonts, colours, composition, etc.

You can truly make a personalized and unique logo - Logomaster’s huge database, which contains more than one million icons and hundreds of fonts, is at your full disposal!

Logomaster makes it so simple and easy to generate your own custom logo design for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a graphic artist or designer.

12. Turbologo


With Turbologo, all you have to do to create a logo instantly is type in your business name, an optional tagline, and your industry.

Then you pick a color and between 1 and 5 icons (over a million icons from designers from around the world are available). It uses your input to generate a number of logo options.

That's it!

Turbologo truly makes the logo making a breeze.

Turbologo uses a common practice - you only have to pay for a logo if you like it and want to use it. The pricing starts at $20.

An alternative: Fiverr

Fiverr homepage

Fiverr is not a logo generator but a freelancing platform. But if the logo makers mentioned above didn't hit the spot for you, Fiverr might be the answer.

Fiverr does offer logo design services as part of its professional branding services, but the main draw of Fiverr is its ability to connect freelancers with clients. If you are looking for help in getting your business started, Fiverr is the way to go.

On this platform, you can connect with thousands of graphic designers and design your dream logo.

The Best Logo Makers - Professional Services for a Fraction of a Price

There is a multitude of free and inexpensive online logo making services to help your small business get the branding and recognition it needs to be successful.

You won’t go wrong with any of the services on this list. Start making some logos, customize them, and see what speaks to you to generate your brand!

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Keren Shavit picture
Keren Shavit

2020 October 25th

I was hoping to see on your fine list also the unique 3D logo maker tool designfreelogoonline.com/freelogomaker/3d-logos. That tool is free to try and has everything you need to create... Read more

I was hoping to see on your fine list also the unique 3D logo maker tool designfreelogoonline.com/freelogomaker/3d-logos. That tool is free to try and has everything you need to create a fully personalized branding in 3D. So you can customize your original ideas with awesome fonts and striking colors. It's very simple to make your own logo in 3D.  

Jignesh Prajapati picture
Jignesh Prajapati

2020 July 21st

Good Content sharing information. if you needs for social media marketing, logo design and packaging design then visit my site and show my portfolio.

Good Content sharing information. if you needs for social media marketing, logo design and packaging design then visit my site and show my portfolio.

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Jimmy G

2020 March 1st

Great article! However I found some elements that I would like to see in more reviews. Some of them may have been in this article, but not all. Example review:... Read more

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