6 Best Squarespace Alternatives

Best squarespace alternatives

Squarespace has brought the art of website design to millions of people throughout the planet. All thanks to the ease-of-use, beautiful templates, and great customer support.  However, like any other enterprise, it has its limitations, such as a difficult editing process, no real ways of designing in multiple languages, and a dearth of payment processing options.  While many users may not consider those to be grave problems, huge parts of the market may be openly considering one of the many available Squarespace alternatives.

Indeed, there are several website builders that present consumers with options that address some of Squarespace's limitations.  Though these alternatives might not offer all of the benefits of Squarespace itself, they have plenty of things going on for themselves and in many cases - they may even appear to be superior. Here is a quick summation of our 6 Best Squarespace alternatives!

  • Wix (Probably Squarespace's biggest competitor, fantastic builder)
  • Pixpa (Perfect for portfolios and visual information)
  • Weebly (Mobile editor friendly, up and coming builder)
  • Shopify (Dominant especially in the e-Commerce sphere)
  • WordPress (Fully customizable open source platform, can require coding skills for advanced work)
  • Volusion (Payment processing is its middle name)

1. Wix

Wix website

As Squarespace's largest competitor, Wix has made it its mission to offer consumers everything that Squarespace provides, and then some more. Featuring an expansive library of jaw-dropping templates, Wix also empowers customers with a similar facility of usage. It makes building a professional, elegant website as easy as dragging and dropping elements onto the page. Additionally, Wix's selection of apps completely dominates the library provided by Squarespace. Almost 60 million Wix users are proud owners of seemingly infinite possibilities for customization.  

The scale of the Wix subscribership is also worth noting, as it's likely that a missing feature will be added quickly, either in the form of an app or as an upgrade to the platform.

Some features that might appeal to users looking for options that go beyond Squarespace's repertoire of functions include:

  • No transaction fees are taken out of sales
  • Support for both Adsense and Paypal

2. Pixpa

pixpa review screen

Squarespace is a beloved option for creative professionals looking to make portfolios of their work. And this is what one of the best Squarespace alternatives, Pixpa, is all about.

It's a much more budget-friendly option, even including an additional student discount for emerging professionals. And the templates are matching the beauty and intuitiveness of Squarespace. Selling online is also going to be very simple, with eCommerce included even in the cheapest, $5/month plan.

Overall, Pixpa is a modern, beautiful website builder, including a lot of the premium features for a lower price. And if a steep price tag for the features is what drives you away from Squarespace, this is exactly what you should be looking for.

3. Weebly

Boasting templates that are as captivating as they are user-friendly to create, Weebly is a rising competitor in the arena of website-builders. One of its key distinguishing factors is that it allows for quick and simple transference of information from one template to another. It means that clients who have found their eyes straying over to another, more impressive template can migrate from Weebly with ease. Without worrying about losing the progress that they've made on their present site.

Weebly users also enjoy the ability to close off access to portions or all of their website with a password, and access to a blogging engine known for flexibility and customization. Furthermore, website builders allied with Weebly can use its mobile editor to ensure that their website is equally well-represented, regardless of the visitors' devices.

Unlike Squarespace, Weebly users can carry out pre-edits using a function called 'Page Layouts,' and are afforded the liberty of downloading their entire page to a Zip file in case they decide to change their hosting service in the future.  

Costs for Weebly start from the complimentary basic package to $25 dollars a month for webpages. Online store owners can expect to pay anywhere from $8-38 each month.

4. Shopify

Despite the abundance of competition, it's hard to say that many e-commerce sites can hold a candle to the dominant Shopify. In addition to offering a variety of free and not-so-free templates that allow store owners to pick a template that suits their brand the best, Shopify seduces soon-to-be store owners with features that Squarespace simply cannot match. Point-of-sale technology, fraud analysis, a diverse spectrum of payment processing options, and multiple staff accounts with different log-in credentials are all trophy pieces on Shopify's mantle that make it one of the 6 Best Squarespace Alternatives for online storekeepers.

However, for smaller, budding companies, their prices may be slightly prohibitive, as their bottom range scrapes against the top range of many other website-builders' rates. Monthly rates with Shopify can span from a low of $29 to a more status-affirming $299. Still, too much money burning your pockets? Shopify Enterprise services can get you a proper custom website with a dedicated support team. 

5. WordPress

For the more developmentally-inclined, WordPress is the leading open-source, content-management platform. Unlike Squarespace, WordPress users with a coding background can readily dive into the code of the platform and customize it to their liking, like they're Dr. Frankenstein creating their very own monster.  

In this same vein, users are allowed to create templates and apps for the platform with few restrictions. For those that strongly value customization, the fact that WordPress sites come in more forms than the devil is a compelling reason to choose it over the competition.

As daunting as the higher-than-average learning curve required for WordPress may be, there are loads of online tutorials ready to help you. Consequently, WordPress can be both a platform for building one's website, and improving one's abilities as a developer. Also - WordPress is free. You just need to have some amazing hosting to keep that website in.

6. Volusion

No discussion of the 6 best Squarespace alternatives would be complete without a mention of Volusion. This 'Software as a Solution' service allows customers to develop a webstore that grows in scale with the business.

Some of its most popular features include an online shopping cart, a healthy amount of mobile-responsive themes, and access to more than 30 payment processors.  

Monthly access to Volusion varies in cost from $15 to $135.

Six great Squarespace alternatives - which is best?

Depending on what drove you away from Squarespace, different alternatives may be best for you.  If you're looking for a more streamline online store-building platform with a large bank of payment processors and cost is not that much of an object, then Shopify will be your ideal Squarespace alternative.  For creative professionals looking to show off their work and maybe sell a thing or two online, Pixpa is going to be perfect. Or maybe you want something entirely different - and your perfect Squarespace alternative is something else.

All of these builders offer trial periods that you can take advantage of in order to determine which one best serves your purposes.  Try them out - discover for yourself which one will make your site take flight and become great.

Visit Squarespace and start your website!

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