6 Best Squarespace Alternatives For A Beautiful Website


Fiona O’Connell


2019 November 26th


Squarespace has brought the art of website design to millions of people throughout the planet. All thanks to the ease-of-use, beautiful templates, and great customer support.

However, like all website builders, it has its limitations: such as a difficult editing process, no real ways of designing in multiple languages, and a lack of payment processing options.

If you're looking for any of those things - you may be in the market for the best Squarespace alternatives out there.

Though these alternatives might not offer all of the benefits of Squarespace itself, they have plenty of things going on and in many cases - they may even appear to be superior.  Here are the 5 best Squarespace alternatives in the market:

  • Wix (Very easy to use Squarespace alternative)
  • SITE123 (Beginner-friendly Squarespace alternative)
  • Pixpa (Perfect for portfolios and visual information)
  • Weebly (Plenty of useful features)
  • Shopify (Best Squarespace alternative when selling online)
  • WordPress (A DIY alternative to Squarespace)

1. Wix

Best Squarespace alternative for ease of use and amazing templates

Free plan available

Wix website

As Squarespace's largest competitor, Wix has made it its mission to offer consumers everything that Squarespace provides, and then some more.

Featuring an expansive library of jaw-dropping templates, Wix also makes building a website incredibly intuitive and practically effortless - building a professional, elegant website basically boils down to dragging and dropping elements onto the page.

Additionally, Wix's selection of apps completely dominates the library provided by Squarespace. Hundreds of applications available make adding new functionality to your website just a little bit easier:

Some features that might appeal to users looking for options that go beyond Squarespace's repertoire of functions include:

  • No transaction fees are taken out of sales
  • Support for both Adsense and Paypal
  • Wix ADI system - building a website to you automatically, depending on your needs.

2. SITE123

Great Squarespace alternative with a lot of templates for beginners

Free plan available

SITE123 homepage

SITE123 is a great Squarespace alternative for users that want a beginner-friendly website builder. It has tons of templates to work with, that have minimalistic designs and blocks that you can customize.

SITE123 doesn't work by drag-and-drop principle, it just allows you to edit details of the already pre-made templates. Good thing is, that this website builder has so many template suggestions. So many that it can be specified nearly for any kind of website.

SITE123 Website Creation Options

Using a free plan can be great for creating a professional portfolio, or a small blog. Designs provided are also responsive, you can preview how it looks a phone or a tablet. And all of that requires zero coding knowledge.

However, if you're aiming for a bigger project, or an eCommerce store, then you should have a look at their paid plans. After all, SITE123 doesn't let you use a custom domain for your website when you're using a free plan. Also, resources and customization can be limited.

The cheapest plan "Basic" costs $4.68/mo and offers a free domain for 1 year, 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. SITE123 plans' price can go up as much as $15.48/mo. Choosing a plan depends on what kind of a website you're thinking to build. The bigger website will require more resources.

Key features that SITE123 offers:

  • Responsive designs
  • No fee for accepted transactions
  • Tons of templates
  • Easy to use website builder

In the end, SITE123 is both easier and cheaper solution than Squarespace.

3. Pixpa

A great alternative for building portfolios

From $6/month

pixpa review screen

Squarespace is a beloved option for creative professionals looking to make portfolios of their work. And this is what one of the best Squarespace alternatives, Pixpa, is all about.

It's a much more budget-friendly option, even including an additional student discount for emerging professionals. And the templates are matching the beauty and intuitiveness of Squarespace.

best squarespace alternatives pixpa themes

Selling online is also going to be very simple, with eCommerce included even in the cheapest, $5/month plan.

Overall, Pixpa is a modern, beautiful website builder, including a lot of premium features for a lower price. And if a steep price tag for the features is what drives you away from Squarespace, this is exactly what you should be looking for.

Here's what Pixpa has that Squarespace doesn't.

  • Client galleries for showcasing and selling images.
  • The super-cheap eCommerce option.

4. Weebly

Easy to use and powerful option

Free plan available

best squarespace alternatives weebly

Weebly focuses on ease of use. This means that if you wish to change your website: be it changing the code, or switching to a different template altogether - you can do it here.

This is something Squarespace has not quite mastered - and if that's an issue for you, then Weebly is the way to go.

Another thing Weebly is really good at is selling online. Owned by Square, a massive payment gateway, this website builder is understandably focused on eCommerce. And if Squarespace's eCommerce solutions are not good enough for you, Weebly may be quite interesting.

One of the most interesting eCommerce features? It has to be Weebly Photo Studio - where you send Weebly your product, and they send you back some high-quality pictures for you to put on your website.

best squarespace alternatives weebly photo studio

So if you're looking for a Squarespace alternative that's easy to use and has some great features to help you sell online - Weebly is the one.

Here's what Weebly has, and Squarespace doesn't:

  • A forever free plan with hundreds of great templates
  • An extensive code editor
  • Plenty more eCommerce features

5. Shopify

eCommerce-centered Squarespace alternative

From $29/month.

If you're super serious about online sales and wish to expand your business to greater heights, Shopify is the right option for you.

Shopify is a Squarespace alternative for big businesses - and that can be seen by a higher price tag. But it attracts soon-to-be store owners with features that Squarespace simply cannot match.

Point-of-sale technology, fraud analysis, a diverse spectrum of payment processing options, and multiple staff accounts with different log-in credentials are only a few of the main features that make this platform good for selling online.

Add that to a very easy-to-use website builder and plenty of third-party themes and apps to make things easier, and Shopify turns into a very interesting option, that will certainly be very interesting to online enterprises.

Here are the key interesting Shopify features:

  • Extensive third-party app and theme store
  • Very advanced eCommerce features for bigger companies

6. WordPress

A do-it-yourself website solution

Free plan available

Looking to learn website development, instead of drag-and-dropping things on a template? Or maybe you want a platform, that is more customizable than any of the builders on the list? Well, WordPress is both of those things.

WordPress is an alternative to Squarespace for those that look for perfect customizability. Users can readily dive into the code of the platform and customize it to their liking like they're Dr. Frankenstein creating their very own monster.

You can choose one of the two routes, too. WordPress.org is an open-source platform, which you can download on your hosting account and start editing there. While WordPress.com is an easy-to-use website builder, built on the WordPress platform, but much more friendly to beginners.

We talk more about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org in our other post.

But overall, no matter which you choose, WordPress will be a brilliant, extensive learning tool that'll help you find out more about website management. So if that's your plan - WordPress is your solution. Here's what WordPress has and Squarespace doesn't:

  • An open-source website building solution.
  • Very extensive, yet simple customizability.

Six Great Squarespace Alternatives - Which Is The Best?

Depending on what drove you away from Squarespace, different alternatives may be best for you.

If you need an even easier way to build a website with beautiful templates, Wix is a great pick.

If you're looking for an easy to use website builder with a lot of great templates that can be customized SITE123 is a good pick. Its paid plans are also a great way to build a professional eCommerce store.

If you're looking for a more streamline online store-building platform with a large bank of payment processors and cost is not that much of an object, then Shopify will be your ideal Squarespace alternative.

If Shopify is too much of a jump for you, and you just want to sell online, while keeping things simple, Weebly is an ideal choice.

For creative professionals looking to show off their work and maybe sell a thing or two online, Pixpa is going to be perfect.

And finally, if you're looking to learn website development and customize a website entirely to your liking, choose WordPress.

And that's about it - hopefully, this guide has been helpful to you. The bottom line is simple - see what specific things you're looking in your Squarespace alternative. And then, choose a platform that's the closest to your image. Good luck with creating!

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