Why Wix is the Best Weebly Alternative

why wix is the best weebly alternative

What makes a good Weebly alternative?

In recent years, website builders have become a saving grace for small-time businesses, individuals, and non-techies alike. With a software that allows you to create a professional website from start to finish, thanks to out-of-the-box templates, a drag-and-drop layout, and overall, easy customization, building a website has never been so easy. Weebly is one such company and has become one of the most popular website builders today with millions of users around the world. Every alternative of such a service should be powerful and simple to use. During our searches and various website builder reviews, we found one of the best options. This article will cover the best Weebly alternative: Wix.

Wix is one of the first companies to get in the web building game and is widely considered a top contender to Weebly. With around 500 stunning templates to choose from, which are both stylish and responsive, Wix is also ideal for those with little or zero design skills. Unlike sites like Weebly or Squarespace, Wix also offers templates with pre-formatted layouts to get anyone started quickly.

What you can expect from Wix:

  • An easy and intuitive user interface
  • Simple and elegant dashboard
  • Superior looking and functioning page templates
  • Enhanced eCommerce capabilities
  • Full features
  • Read more about top Wix specs here

Wix is absolutely full of features!

Sometimes with new technology, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. Wix makes the onboarding process seamless and is probably the easiest web building platform on the market to use. You just sign up, choose a template, and get started with using its drag-and-drop editor that allows for easy customization.

Features and Flexibility

As the best Weebly alternative, Wix has a lot to offer right out of the box. Even with the free plan, users can take full advantage of their trove of included features, such as hundreds of beautiful templates, blogging and eCommerce features, widgets, apps, and plenty more.


Wix has a brand new tool called Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) that allows users to create a full-blown website without any editing or customization. How does it work? You answer several questions about yourself and your business, and the ADI begins by scouring the internet for any relevant information it can use to help craft your site. You can then choose from a selection of designs with a variety of looks and colour schemes, and there you have it! Wix puts together a pretty impressive site filled with sample content and images which can then easily be replaced.

If you feel like taking customization into your own hands, you can make use of Wix’s live editor, which allows you to make edits and view changes live. This begins with you choosing a template.

The Wix ADI is especially useful for those with a strong social media presence and with online information that can be collected. But even without much going on with your social media, this can still be a terrific option compared with Weebly.


If you feel like adding a simple blog to your website, Wix makes this incredibly easy. Its blogging engine allows you to schedule blog posts, add a cloud tag, enable Facebook comments, schedule blog posts, even add a custom feed and much more.


Adding a store to a website is often a challenge in and of itself, and typically requires using a third party software, plugins, and a separate developer. Wix boasts its own eCommerce platform which offers a decent set of customizable options, including coupons, tax management, multiple payment options, and more.

Wix commerce is designed with smaller shops in mind, however. If you have a large international store with tons of products and complex needs, Wix is probably not the answer.

Wix ShoutOut and Smart Actions

These are a couple more handy features that allow users to create, send, and share stylish-looking newsletters right from the Wix dashboard. With Wix ShoutOut, you can create a customizable newsletter to match your site’s theme by allowing Wix full access to the media saved on your account. Another point to Wix as a Weebly alternative!

Smart Actions is a useful feature based on an “if this happens, do this” principle. For example, if a new user signs up for your newsletter, you can use Smart Actions to invite them to utilize a coupon for your store. The feature revolves around triggers and subsequent automatic responses. The feature's limit is only your imagination.

Mobile Flexibility

Wix was amongst the first web builders to offer built-in mobile customization options. Their intuitive Mobile View feature allows users to easily optimize their website for smaller devices like mobiles and tablets by using the same drag-and-drop tools. By simply switching to Mobile View, you can see how your website will look on any device, and make edits as you wish.


Wix Hotels is a Wix app that was added to its App Market a couple years ago which offers a completely functioning booking process with hotel sites in mind. Instead of relying on third-party vendors for booking functionality, everything can be implemented using Wix alone, which is pretty powerful.

Wix Restaurants is another app created for restaurant owners that allows for managing orders and creating restaurant menus.

Overall, Wix offers a solid selection of both third-party and in-house apps that can easily integrate into your Wix site. This kind of flexibility and versatility for a web building platform makes it ideal for nearly every niche, from bloggers to multi-page business sites.

SEO Friendly

Wix is indeed SEO friendly and has a great tool called SEO Wiz available in its Management section. On this page, you can easily set up SEO parameters using their step-by-step instructions. Additionally, you can install apps from the AppMarket that can allow for further SEO integration, such as tracking statistics, social network integration apps, pop-up windows, email distribution settings and online consultant buttons.

Wix is the best Weebly alternative - no question.

When it comes to an alternative to Weebly, look no further than Wix. This conclusion is quite simple to make: it is by far one of the most robust and innovative website builders available on the market. Wix offers a wide range of useful features for a variety of industries. More than 120 million users have already begun creating websites with Wix. So, what are you waiting for?

If you, however, still want to stick with Weebly's brilliant simplicity, you can always stick with it. It's still a great option!

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