What Is The Best Weebly Alternative? Choosing The Winner.


Fiona O’Connell


2019 April 23rd

If you're looking to make a website for business and maybe even sell online - Weebly is one of the most popular options around.

However, just because it's popular, doesn't mean it's the best. There are plenty of great Weebly alternatives you should consider. They may be easier to use, have better templates, or are just better suited for online sales.

And in this post, I'm going to cover a few of the best ones.

These right here are the best Weebly alternatives:

  • Wix (beautifully designed templates)
  • GoCentral (a very simple to use Weebly alternative)
  • Shopify (suitable for both small and large businesses)
  • BigCommerce (wide range of features)

Let’s get through each of their advantages for a better view.

1. Wix

Best Weebly alternative if you're looking for beautiful designs.

Starts from: free

Offering a wide collection of beautifully designed templates, Wix is a website builder that can help you make a brilliant website effortlessly.

With hundreds of beautiful, business-specific templates that are easy to edit, getting started is very simple.

best weebly alternative wix templates

And the themes are fully responsive, meaning, they will be good looking and fully functional on all sorts of devices.

But if you wish to go even more simple, you can use Wix ADI, which simply asks you a few questions, and builds you an artificial intelligence-generated website in seconds.

And while all of that is available for free, you'll need to pay if you wish to sell online. The Business plan, allowing online sales, starts at $25/month.

It brings you such advantages like tracking your orders and inventory or creating promotional coupons to encourage your customers to come back for more purchases.

Also, you can have multiple payment options and there are also shipping and tax management - meaning rules can be customized for each destination.

And all that comes with 0% commission fees on all sales. One more thing to mention, if you’re aiming at international audience: Wix allows you to create multilingual stores for different countries.

  • Beautiful website templates
  • Wix ADI could be quite useful
  • Good amount of eCommerce features
  • eCommerce plan quite expensive

2. GoCentral

Even easier to use than Weebly.

Starts from: $5.99/month

best weebly alternative gocentral

When putting all your energy to craft your business, you definitely don’t want to spend too much time on managing your store. GoCentral provides exactly what you want - an easy to use website builder.

With 20 base themes and very simple editing options, it's easy to get just the kind of website that you want. And it can be edited on all sorts of devices - that includes even your mobile phone.

best weebly alternative gocentral editing process

But even though it's simple, you still get access to plenty of features. You can add promotional banners, completely change the fonts, and color scheme of your site. All of your pages can get additional elements, among which there are PayPal buttons, files for download, custom HTML code, reviews, and so much more.

Looking into features specific to eCommerce, your customers will have options to make plenty of payment gateways such as CC, PayPal or Apple Pay. And a fast checkout process will ensure comfortable purchase experience.

In addition to that, for those indecisive customers who after choosing your wonderful merchandise happen to leave without actually buying, GoCentral offers “abandoned cart recovery” with all their plans. This way, an automatic reminder letter will be sent to mentioned customers so they can finish their buying process.

What is for better sales administration, you get all the product, inventory and orders management to easily track and plan your business.

Also, the 24/7 customer support is made available by phone, alternatively you can also reach them via live chat.

Online store plan pricing begins at $29.99/mo but you can check out free trial for the first month to see how this platform suits your needs. No credit card is required.

  • Editing process very simple
  • Good website performance
  • Free trial w/ no credit card
  • Not many templates to choose from

3. Shopify

A simple e-commerce platform for all businesses

Starts from: $29/month

If you're looking for a platform specifically for selling online, you can't go wrong with Shopify. It's one of the world's largest eCommerce platform, aiming at both small and large businesses.

Shopify aims to go beyond a regular online shop. The company also offers in-person selling options. If you're doing in-person selling only occasionally, you can get a card reader, do sales in-person, and automatically update your inventory, statistics, and print receipts.

For those who sell full time, there are options to scan items and accept cash payments as well.

Every business starting out will gain access to an inventory system and a wide range of additional apps to expand its marketing abilities. Also, professional reports so the companies can study their progress and make the best decisions.

About building the website itself: Although the dashboard seems a bit technical, constructing your shop requires no design skills and at the same time gives you full control over the look and feel of the website.

There are 10 free store templates ready for customization - and there are also tons of premium themes to choose from. Their prices go from around $100-200 a month.

And basic plan with this web builder costs $29.95/mo. So overall, it's not the cheapest option around - but feel free to try out the 14-day trial and see how this works for you.

  • In-person shopping features
  • Powerful eCommerce features
  • Advanced plans and themes require a big investment

4. BigCommerce

If you’re thinking big, you're thinking BigCommerce.

Starts from: $29.95/month

BigCommerce moves beyond a regular small business owner. Offering eCommerce solutions for various business, and on various platforms, it's a perfect option for big businesses. Working together with BigCommerce professionals, big enterprises can completely rebuild their online shops.

But if you're yet to strike gold, BigCommerce also offers Essentials - a small business platform which will include all you need to get an online shop up and going.

Hundreds of free and premium themes with several custom styles will get you a good place to get started. And then, you'll have access to various tools, that will help you increase your conversions, get more traffic, or add more features on your site.

There's even an app store with hundreds of third-party programs.

best weebly alternative bigcommerce app store

The software is very strong, too. In addition to full site security and automatic backup, BigCommerce provides professional reporting. Plus it allows unlimited staff accounts so your company members would have comfortable access.

Plans starting with $29.95/mo offer unlimited storage and bandwidth for smooth page performance. Plus, you have the option to sell across multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or connect your store to eBay or Amazon for a wider reach of audience.

Even the standard plan has available gift cards option and real-time shipping quotes. For your own judgement, you can definitely try all that in a 15-day free trial and see if this is your thing.

  • Custom plans for specific platforms and businesses
  • Enterprise-grade features and resources
  • May be an overkill for most beginner users

How To Choose The Best Weebly Alternative For You?

In conclusion, all these web builders are truly respectable options to consider as Weebly alternatives. However, they're also quite different from one another. So before you sign up - you need to know if it's really right for you.

If you haven't made your mind up yet, here's what each of the top Weebly alternatives is best for:

  • Wix offers various possibilities in creating a visually engaging website.
  • GoCentral does everything to make building and editing your website as simple as possible. Features like several payment gateways and abandoned cart recovery are good for eCommerce, too.
  • Shopify - a platform suitable for both small and large businesses. Allows comfortable management with exceptional inventory system, professional reports, and in-person selling.
  • BigCommerce - provides a wide range of built-in features to optimize marketing and merchandise control. This is great for both big enterprises and those who aspire to soon become one.

So there you have it - these are the best Weebly alternatives. What did you think? Have we missed something - or maybe you have a review of your own? Let us know.

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