The 6 Best Wix Templates To Make Your Site Stand Out


Katherine Garcia


2019 June 10th

best wix templates

As the world’s leading website builder, Wix has brought the ability to make a professional-caliber website in minutes. With zero coding skills.

Thanks to Wix shouldering the lion’s share of work on the development front, users can focus on content rather than back-end stuff.

In mere minutes, a web builder can create an online store, a portfolio page, or anything else you can put your mind to! At the center of their website-building engine is their exquisite collection of gallery-quality templates.

But choosing from hundreds of beautiful templates can be difficult. To help you, we handpicked the 6 all-time best Wix templates:

1. The Tech Start-Up - best for bold and professional tech business.
2. The Boxer - best Wix template for any professional or company.
3. The Traveler Blog - good for making content stand out.
4. The Spa - a minimal and clean template that will not distract.
5. The Food Feed - foodie-focused template for clean designs
6. The Investment Firm - best for businesses with big aspirations.

1. The Tech Start-Up

Wix templates

Just like the name suggests, this Wix template is best for tech startups. But it's not limited to that and will make any tech or data company look professional.

Why it's worth to be on the best Wix templates list?

Minimal one-page scroll template will make your company ideas, statement, and products stand out. The Tech Start-Up template radiates a sense of technical know-how.

On the other hand, The Tech Start-Up makes sure that no unnecessary detail would distract the visitors attention as well as help you keep the professional image.


  • Completely free
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Responsive design


  • Not suited for text-focused sites

2. The Boxer

Wix templates

If you're looking for something visual to represent your personal business - The Boxer does the job well.

Its highly visual no-nonsense design will surely knock viewers off their feet! So if you've got many pictures to represent yourself - The Boxer will make them look good. Not to mention the impressive parallax slider.

In addition to its ease of navigation, this page takes off its gloves in the fight for simplicity, providing visitors with a convenient Book Now option.


  • Completely free
  • Parallax slider
  • Beautifully design for visuals


  • Might become distracting

3. The Traveler Blog

Wix templates

For all kinds of bloggers, the Traveler Blog template will help to achieve the perfect image to text ratio. With the template made specifically for blogs, it showcases text-based content beautifully.

How is it done?

Using this high-resolution canvas, you can illustrate your posts and grab everyone's attention.

Not only that.

Traveler blog is sleek, clean, and easy to navigate so the visitors can find any post easily.


  • Completely free
  • Perfect image to text ratio
  • Easy to navigate


  • Needs a lot of customization

4. The Spa

Wix templates

Wix is seriously good with its simplistic visual templates for businesses and The Spa template proved it once again.

Clean, modern, and highly visual, The Spa will make your website stand out.

The template has impressive image galleries and is suitable for video backgrounds. However, there are no unnecessary details. Only the core of your business so you can make sure that the customers get the information that interests them, fast.


  • Completely free
  • Minimalistic and clean
  • Easy to navigate


  • Video background can slow a website down

5. The Food Feed

Wix templates

Best for restaurants and food bloggers, The Food Feed will also be suitable for everyone not afraid to fully customize the website to fit their needs.

With its white background and minimalist font styling, this template allows the colors of the food to take the center-stage. But change the food photos into anything else - be it puppies or design masterpieces - and they will shine.

The Food Feed template is a blank canvas designed to uncover your imagination, rather than a "made-to-go" template.

But the best part is:

The Food Feed is completely free.


  • Completely free
  • Enhances visual content
  • Great for text-based sites


  • Needs optimizations for better speed

6. The Investment Firm

Wix templates

Best for enterprises with bold statements, The Investment Firm template will make your business stand out from the faceless firms.

The theme leverages a full-width parallax. It makes the website easy to navigate so your clients can find all the information they need fast. You also get to keep your professional image and impress the clients with the bold goals you set.

How do you make it yours?

Simply put a beautiful image as a background, choose the colors, write the slogan, and you're good to go.


  • Completely free
  • Parallax slider
  • Non-distracting design


  • Requires a lot of customization

The 6 Best Wix Templates: The List That’s Always Changing

Wix has hundreds of beautiful designer-made templates with the new ones coming out every day. And it’s only a matter of time before a new, wonderfully-compelling template will come out and force us to write up a new showcase.

For the time being, however, these 6 templates truly take the title of ‘the best’:

1. The Tech Start-Up - beautiful design for visualizing your tech goals.
2. The Boxer - Wix template will make your portfolio or business stand out.
3. The Traveler Blog - is best Wix template to fit both text and visuals together.
4. The Spa - is clean and easy to navigate with no distractions.
5. The Food Feed - will make the food-related business stand out.
6. The Investment Firm - is the best template to impress clients.

Try them out for yourself, and see how easily these templates can enhance your message with their intuitive layouts that don't distract visitors from the content.

Which template would you use? Share your thoughts down below!

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