What are the 8 best Wix templates?

best wix templates

As the world’s leading website builder, Wix has brought the ability to make a professional-calibre website in minutes to people lacking even the most basic of coding skills. Thanks to Wix shouldering the lion’s share of work on the development front, users can focus on content until their heart’s content.

In mere minutes, a web builder can create an online store, a portfolio page, or anything else you can put your mind to! At the centre of their website-building engine is their exquisite collection of gallery-quality templates.

Using clear, crisp, professionally-designed images, these customisable templates slip on around a user’s vision like a glove, and deftly convey the spirit of one’s page in dazzling photos. In this article, we investigate which are the 8 Best Wix Templates, and highlight some of those that truly break the mould.

So, what are the best templates available?

The Food Feed

Wix templates

With its white background and minimalist font styling, this template allows the colours of the food to take centre-stage. Everything else in this template plays a supporting role for the centre-piece, pictures of meals, in this mouth-watering feast for the eyes.

Needless to say, this template is a key ingredient in the recipe for a perfect webpage about food or the culinary arts. Most appetizing of all is the fact that it’s completely free, so gobble it up now, and use it to give your food blog some zest and spice!

The Boxer

Wix templates

Despite its name, The Boxer is not a template for Simon and Garfunkel fan pages. However, its austere, no-nonsense, sparsely-coloured backdrop packs a visual punch that’s sure to knock viewers off their feet! Its wide-width pictures command the page with authority, and its long-scroll bar lets visitors scroll for all 12 rounds!

In addition to its ease of navigation, this page takes off its gloves in the fight for simplicity, providing visitors with a convenient “Book Now” option. Take advantage of this stunning, free template and make your site the champion of the World Wide Web!

The Tech Start-Up

Wix templates

Featuring a video background, this template radiates a sense of technical know-how. With ample options for customization, you can be certain that your clients will have information about your tech outfit delivered to them in a fast, fluid fashion in line with the expectations of die-hard techies.

The no-frills, scaled back backgrounds allow your page to get straight to the point, and prevent bells-and-whistles from screaming over the core elements of your start-up’s vision.

The Elementary School

Wix templates

Communications with parents no longer have to be relegated to rushed phone calls or illegible messages scribbled on detention slips. Instead, this template allows schools to broadcast their news on a clean, polished page.

The straightforward outline of this template allows schools to post updates, videos, announcements, and other necessary communications without forcing parents to endure a busy background with the clutter and excitement of a kindergarten classroom.

Vegetarian Restaurant

Wix templates

This is the template you want to use if you want to inform potential patrons that other veggie eateries are just a waste of thyme. Spiced up with parallax and a long-scrolling bar, this sprightly, cheerful theme is as fresh and invigorating as the recipes served up by your restaurant. Though you might present your food on a platter, make sure you serve its images on this tem-plate!

Traveller Blog

Wix templates

You’ve seen the world.  Now, you need the world to know it. Using this high-resolution canvas, you can paint the story of your travels with such clarity that visitors to your page might be asked for their passports.

Connect different corners of the globe with your photo albums, and regale those who visit your page with tales of your trails. Travelling is a journey of a thousand miles in order to find one’s true self, and this template provides the perfect place in which to chronicle the transformation.

The Spa

Wix templates

Relax the senses and refresh the soul with this soothing template that provides tranquillity at the same time as it doles out information. In the same way that a masseuse detangles knots and relieves pressure points, this template does away with the stress that accompanies trying to create a versatile page that works as well on mobile platforms as it does on tablets or laptops.

Known for its inter-device adaptability, this template makes it easy for prospective clients to take in what your Spa offers without adding to their existing tension!

The Investment Firm

Wix templates

Leveraging a full-width parallax, this long-scroll template allows you to populate it with the information your investors need to know. With its easy-to-use site navigation, your clients can focus on beating the market instead of their monitors out of frustration. Though the market might exhibit boom-and-bust cycles, this template will forever remain one of the 8 Best Wix Templates.

The 8 best Wix templates:  A list that’s always changing

Because of Wix’s steady cascade of new templates, it’s only a matter of time before new, wonderfully-compelling templates come out that force us to write up a new showcase. For the time being, however, these 8 templates truly take the title of ‘the best’.

Try them out for yourself, and see how easily these templates can enhance your message with their intuitive layouts that don't distract from it with features and fanfare. Most importantly, if these 8 don’t work for you, don’t be afraid to experiment with the many other options!  After all, these templates exist to propel your individuality, not constrain it.

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  1. Adam Weedy picture Adam Weedy
    2018 July 23rd

    Hi Alex, I run a website on Wix that is a guide to the bars and pubs in Austin Texas. There aren’t any negative reviews, just the best places to grab a drink in town. Are there any templates that you’d recommend by Wix?

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