BitDegree Review: the First Blockchain-Based Education Platform

bitdegree review

Learning is not a privilege anymore and with platforms like BitDegree, Udemy, and Coursera, you may not even leave the comfort of your sofa to become an expert of your chosen field.

And although idea sounds really good in theory, people have been struggling to complete the courses once started. BitDegree challenges the belief by introducing gamified learning experience and even paying for the course completion with tokens that you can spend for real products and services.

Too good to be true? Let's see.

What is BitDegree?

Bitdegree homepage

BitDegree was started in 2017 and is the first online education platform based on blockchain technology. BitDegree is mostly focused on tech industry and training their students to become wanted IT professionals. Teachers can also join BitDegree and host their courses alongside others. 

You'll find a variety of courses ranging from coding theory and crypto & blockchain to marketing and personal development.

The platform continues to grow steadily. By 2020, BitDegree is expected to expand their courses into robotics, AI, and cybersecurity fields.

BitDegree pricing

BitDegree offers both free and paid courses. There's always something on sale, so you can find both interactive and video courses for less than $10, even when the original costs reached over $100.

Pricing of BitDegree courses

There’s also a subscription option for Masterclass video courses. You can access all Masterclass courses for $14.90/month or pay around $100 for each course separately.

BitDegree subscription for masterclass courses price

Courses offered by BitDegree 

BitDegree offers a variety of courses ranging from topics in personal development to blockchain technology. However, the major focus of BitDegree is the tech sector.

bitdegree courses

Users can choose from 4 types of courses: videos, gamified coding courses, code theory, and guides and tutorials. There are both free and paid courses. BitDegree also launched Masterclass courses taught by the world’s famous professionals like John Bura.

BitDegree masterclass landing page

Code Theory

Code theory has its own section in BitDegree platform. You can learn these languages and tools:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Solidity
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • jQuery
  • Chrome DevTools
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Git
Code Theory interface of BitDegree

Basically, Code Theory courses are for those who want to know all the fundamental information about each programming language and tool. It’s organised and clear, so both a beginner and a professional can find it useful.

A live code editor is also included in Code Theory courses, so you can test the examples yourself.

Gamified coding courses

SpaceDoggos game play

Rather than reading plain theory, why don’t you save the world by learning how to code? BitDegree makes this possible with their gamified and interactive coding courses. The first BitDegree creation, Space Doggos, is very similar to CodeCombat about which we talked before. 

In Space Doggos, you can learn Solidity by helping your "doggo" rebuild its spaceship and find out who's the Good Boy.

Space Doggos learning game interface

The learning process is gamified and interactive, meaning, that there’s a story going on and a mission to complete while you code. With each level, you will gain basic knowledge in Solidify, your skills will be evaluated with scores and upon completion, you’ll get a certificate.

SpaceDoggos scores

Now, let's take a look at the Interactive SQL tutorial.

Interactive SQL course beginning

The course contains 4 sections: Manipulation, Queries, Aggregate functions, and Multiple tables. Each of them consists of 10 to 15 lectures to help you master the language of querying databases.

Right now the course is on sale and you would pay $11.99 instead of $24.95 for the lifetime access.

How does it work?

First, you have to enrol in the course. Then, everything is really simple. On the left, you see the theory and your task. In the middle, there’s your code editor to perform tasks and on the right, you’ll see what you managed to code.

Interactive SQL user interface

Once you write the code for a given task, you can press Run Code. If you wrote the code correctly, you'll be able to finish the lecture and move on to the next one.

As for the person who's not really into coding, the whole interactivity thing made the learning process entertaining and I was able and motivated to finish the course. 

Video courses

If you are not into interactive courses or want to learn something other than coding, there are video courses for that.

BitDegree video courses

The one course I want to test is Mapbox Unity, which is highly recommended by BitDegree itself.

Buying BitDegree MapBox course

It consists of over 10 hours during which you will create two games. Right now it costs $14.99 instead of $249.99 for lifetime access.

So let’s see how good is this course.

The whole course has two major segments. During the first one, you can create a location-based game PocketDroids GO and you are also introduced to the basics. During the second one, you will be creating a defense game.

The video player is really nice. It feels like watching Youtube minus annoying ads. There's also a speed up option so you can accelerate your education. 

BitDegree MapBox tutorial

In the first lecture, you are introduced to the tools you’ll be using and how to set up a project.

I watched a few lectures and tried following the instructions. And surprisingly, I've not faced an issue when you cannot keep up or it seems that some information is missing in order for your project to go smoothly. Good job, BitDegree!

Guides and Tutorials

Guides and tutorials are free for everyone to use and read. However, if you want to see the hidden sections, you’ll have to register and create BitDegree account.

Guides and tutorials page in BitDegree

There, can find useful insights into the tech industry. Most interesting topics BitDegree covers are the salaries of certain specialists like UX Designers or DevOps, job interview questions you might get when applying for these positions, and ways to earn money online. 

Job opportunities and earning while you learn

Lately, BitDegree expanded its expertise away from the coding courses and started collaborating with tech companies to bring their trained tech talent to businesses.

Bitdegree scholarships page

BitDegree created a possibility for tech talents to apply for jobs by completing short courses. They also give you a scholarship if you finish the courses successfully.

Right now, you can use the courses to be hired as Customer Success agent, Marketing Assistant, Data Entry Specialist, or Startup & Innovation consultant in various tech companies including Festo and Hostinger.

BitDegree token system

BitDegree tokenBitDegree tokens are the solution to low course completion rates other online education platforms are facing.

Once you sign up, you get 1 token which you can spend on the courses, it can also be traded for real money. Companies like Hostinger accept tokens in exchange for hosting services as well. 

Tokens can be earned by completing BitDegree courses.

I must mention, that not all of the courses accept tokens and it mostly depends on your geolocation and who's sponsoring the course. So you'll have to check that out yourself.

On the other hand, BitDegree is basically the only online education platform offering such possibility. And for a young company, competing with such giants like Udem and showing the future of learning, it's kind of a big deal.

BitDegree vs Udemy

bitdegree vs udacityUdemy is the bigger and better established online learning platform, while BitDigree is still growing. However, BitDegree is more focused on the tech sector and Udemy has courses ranging from IT to music and lifestyle.

Anyone can join to teach at Udemy and that might be the reason for the lower quality of the courses.

BitDegree, on the other hand, accepts only the best and focuses on exceptional quality instead.

So how do these two compare?


Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms with over 24 million students. It offers a huge variety of video courses and anyone can become an instructor there. Unfortunately, it does not offer any interactive or gamified courses.


  • A huge variety of courses
  • Affordable


  • Quality of the courses is lower


BitDegree is smaller of these two focusing more on an IT sector related courses and their quality. You can earn while you learn with their token system. Also, BitDegree tries to increase the rates of course completion by offering gamified and interactive courses.


  • Gamified courses
  • High quality of the courses
  • Affordable


    • Limited choice of courses

The Verdict

If it’s difficult for you to concentrate for long periods of time BitDegree will make it easy to master coding with all the gamification. And you won’t have to search for a high-quality course long.

If you are more interested in video courses and choosing from many options, then Udemy might be better.


BitDegree is the first online education platform to include blockchain technology into the process. They offer a variety of different courses including, video, theory, gamified coding, and tutorials and guides.

The quality of the courses is also high. And not only are they educational and useful, but also entertaining.

If you are interested in tech field related online courses, BitDegree might be your best option.

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