Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

The most wonderful time of the year is coming! No, it’s not Christmas, don’t be ridiculous. I’m talking about Black Friday! It’s the time where you can get amazing offers and save a lot of money! This is a great opportunity to use Black Friday web hosting deals, as plenty of our favourite providers offer some hefty discounts.

Black friday web hosting
It has to be said, it is not easy to find all of those offers as there’s simply so many of them! This is why in this blog post I will cover all the best Black Friday hosting deals from my favourite providers. Let’s check out what’s happening this year.

These are the best Black Friday web hosting deals you can find:


Just yesterday, SiteGround announced that it’s about to offer its new clients a Black Friday hosting deal.

In the SiteGround review I wrote earlier, I praised nearly every single thing about this company’s services. Everything, except the prices. Well, it’s okay – you have to pay a hefty fee if you want to get great hosting. Or…do you? Maybe not!

Starting with 24th of November, a 70% discount for all shared hosting plans will be applied. That is an additional increase from the currently available discount of 60%.

In practice, if you decide to buy a long-term hosting plan, this will actually save you a fair bit of money. For example, the cheapest plan currently costs $3.95 a month. During Black Friday it will be $2.99. That means purchasing a 36-month plan now is going to cost $142.20. Do it on Black Friday, it’ll be $107.64. Decent savings right there.



Our currently highest-rated provider, Hostinger, has recently made an announcement. It seems that it’s going to offer one of the biggest Black Friday hosting deals I have ever encountered. Just look at this:

In a Hostinger review I made previously, I praised this provider for offering great services on a budget. Now consider their regular shared hosting prices of $4.05, $8.84 and $11.99 going down 90% – that’s pretty crazy!

According to the representatives of the company, this deal will be applied to even the shortest 3-month deals. That means you will be able to buy 3 months of Hostinger Premium, with unlimited websites, unlimited resources, and a free domain – for only $2.65!


A2 Hosting

Built for superior speed, A2 hosting joins SiteGround in the list of “good but rather expensive” providers. Well, this is why A2hosting Black Friday deal is one worth paying attention to.

What makes this deal special is the fact it goes further beyond simple shared plans.The discounts are applied to VPS and Reseller plans as well. Here’s what they are:

With the previous discounts applied, shared hosting plans start at $3.92 a month. During the time of Black Friday web hosting deals, they will start at $1.98 a month (use code HUGE67 for a guaranteed discount!)

Monthly prices for Core and Managed VPS are currently starting at $32.99. Once the Black Friday comes, they will reduce to $24.99 (code: CMVPS)

Finally, reseller hosting. During Black Friday, the starting monthly prices will reduce from $13.19 to $11.99, using a code RSL40.

So, whether you need regular shared hosting or something a bit more advanced, A2 hosting has an offer for you. Take your pick and enjoy it!



We got the expensive options out of the way – now it’s time to talk about a provider which I have already praised for offering very low prices. And what do you know – on Black Friday, they’re going to be even lower! NameCheap is a great option for users who need a simple and inexpensive hosting solution. Now, it offers great additional discounts! However, this is one of those Black Friday web hosting deals with an extra twist on them.

Instead of just going out and offering a better price, NameCheap wants you to work for it. On the 24th, once every hour the host will release a new deal. The offer is going to expire very quickly – so you’ll have to wait for it! The savings, however, may prove to be worth it. Up to 99% discounts for domains and 91% discounts for hosting is nothing to complain about. A quick look at the pricing mentioned in our NameCheap review and everything becomes clear – a year of NameCheap web hosting is going to cost 4, 8 and 13 dollars, depending on the plan. Is it worth it? Absolutely.



If you know hosting – you know HostGator. This USA-based company has been on top of the game for many years. It’s a popular option for many bloggers and personal website owners who want a simple, medium-priced solution they can trust. Well, thanks to one of my favorite Black Friday hosting deals, it’s not “medium-priced” anymore. In fact, it’s pretty darn cheap.

With a “65% off” hosting deal, now you can start your website for only $2.43 a month. HostGator is a safe option for many web beginners – and if you’re only looking to start your online trip, it’s really a good option to go with. There are multiple of cheaper plans you can pick, as the discounts are applied to all shared web hosting deals. Just make sure to use a code “2017BF” at the checkout.

Stay tuned for Black Friday web hosting deals of 2018

We promised you updates – and updates you will get. Last year was generous with the companies trying out various tricks, attempting to outsmart one another and get the people to use their products. And in 2018, we can expect the Black Friday web hosting deals to become even more interesting. After all, the competition of this business is getting tougher and tougher, so the choices should become all the more exciting.

We’re just a few weeks away from providers releasing their plans for this year’s season. As always, we will keep a close eye on hundreds of hosting providers and get the best deals they have right here on this page.

Be prepared and come back here later for more great tips!

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