CodeCombat Review – Can A Game Teach You Coding?


Katherine Garcia


2019 June 10th

CodeCombat review

Whether you are looking for a way to teach coding or trying to learn it by yourself, gamified courses or even full-on games like CodeCombat is the new standard.

CodeCombat is a game for learning coding languages like JavaScript and Python in a fun and exciting way.

Even better.

It solves a number of classical education-related problems. CodeCombat aims to be entertaining and motivating to learn, both at the same time.

So in this CodeCombat review, we raised our swords and tested, whether it's true.

What is CodeCombat?

CodeCombat is a freemium gamified course to learn a number of programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, or CSS.


By disguising the educational process as a large-scale RPG, you can pick-up essential coding skills in an entertaining fashion.

You can also register as a teacher and invite your students to join.

CodeCombat combines education and fun to make learning effective.

This is because people not only pay more attention during entertaining lessons but also show less resistance to the whole process of learning.

Overview of the CodeCombat gameplay

The game allows players to transport themselves straight to the front lines. While you can make an account, it is not necessary to be logged-in in order to play.

“Play Now” option on the landing page deploys you directly to the heart of the combat zone.

Then you can choose a character, which they then suit up for combat using the armor of their choosing. Presently, CodeCombat allows you to battle the way through 3 languages: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and Python.


Once you have your hero ready - go ahead and start the game!

Learning basics in CodeCombat

After selecting the language in which they'll be operating, you are sent to an opening level. It serves as a boot camp before you embark on the heroic crusade!

Here, you will learn the basics of coding by practicing giving movement commands to your hero in a coded script.

All character movements result from players inputting code that is telling heroes in which direction to go. And because of the labyrinthine nature of the levels, this results in players getting to practice typing-out commands. A lot.


Fortunately, the constant drilling of command creation allows you to get comfortable with the syntax of the language. This gives you the practice necessary for it to become second-nature.

In the same way that if you were learning Spanish, moving to Spain would be muy bueno for getting ample practice at applying words learned in Spanish class. The constant reinforcement of syntactical structures in CodeCombat allows you to feel natural in your expression of ideas through code.

Advanced skills learning in CodeCombat

Once you learn the basics, or if you are familiar with coding, you can proceed to a dungeon of your choosing. Unfortunately, the game only allows you to bypass the training level. Beyond that, the sequential order of the levels must be followed.

In dungeons, you will need to craft code that simultaneously performs three tasks:

  1. Clear the maze
  2. Pick up gems
  3. Avoid any spikes

Once you complete the level without your hero injuring itself, you'll be allowed to progress to the new board. There, you'll code your way through the fray once more with the more difficult tasks.


As the game progresses, new terrains are thrown into the mix. The battles also advance so you can pick up an assortment of other skills.

Some worlds provide in-roads into web development, teaching you how to flex the muscles in HTML and scripting. Other boards will teach the basics of game development by allowing you to create your own levels.


Regardless of the objective, challenges get more demanding and involved as you advance. Throughout the over 400 levels that you will encounter during the tours of the battlefronts of CodeCombat, you will learn concepts that span the entire spectrum of difficulty.

You will learn complicated concepts such as string comparison, relational operators, and object literals in non-intimidating ways

CodeCombat shortcomings

We mentioned it earlier in this CodeCombat review - it would be ideal if players could skip ahead to other levels at will.

This can be done if you choose to play with your class. Teachers have the ability to transport students directly to any world. But if you play alone, you'll have to take a path paved with lengthy battles and sometimes-redundant lessons.


Additionally, the game-play component is a bit underwhelming at times. However, this is a limitation induced by the prioritization of simplicity of concept-acquisition as a guiding principle.

Flashier moves may make for a more entertaining gaming experience but they also invite frustration. Possibly even confusion, as you struggle to figure out how to code the instructions for them.

CodeCombat pricing

CodeCombat is free. But you can unlock special levels, more heroes, pets, and game development and website creation levels for $3.99/month or $39.99 for lifetime access.


Even if later on you decide you no longer want to pay the monthly subscription fee, you'll still be able to keep all of the unlocked missions and characters as spoils of war!

Teachers and educational institutions, however, will need to ask for a quote personally.

CodeCombat Review - the Final Verdict

In this CodeCombat review, we discovered, that it makes a quest of learning how to code into a fun game.

Going through different levels not only will you unlock the rewards, but also learn essential coding skills in Python, JavaScript, or other programming languages.

The rewarding gaming experience provides with motivation and entertainment, so you don't get bored in a process.

Have you tried CodeCombat? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!

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