DesignEvo Review – The Best Online Logo Maker?


Katherine Garcia


2019 October 25th

If you have a website or a professional social media account for your business, a logo is a must. That's how people will recognize your brand, choose your production, services, and share your content.

DesignEvo Logo Maker

But in the market full of beautiful logo designs, an average won't cut it. And hiring a professional designer might cost thousands.

So how do you get a logo without shrinking your budget?

Fortunately, services like DesignEvo offer a tool to make a logo yourself. And to do that costs absolutely nothing - or so it says.

In this DesignEvo review, we tested the logo maker, its features, thousands of designs, and the pricing. So if you're looking to make your own logo for your project, let's start.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a professional online logo maker. It empowers every website and business owner, blogger, and social media manager with an easy to use tool to make your own logo.

DesignEvo review: DesignEvo homepage

The company claims that it's free and easy to use - you should be able to leave the site with your brand new logo in just a couple of minutes.

It features thousands of pre-made yet fully customizable designs, beautiful fonts, icon galleries, and more. In the design editor, you'll be able to customize everything from fonts to colors - DesignEvo will save everything in the cloud storage so you can access your designs at any time.

So how does everything work and is DesignEvo really free? Let's find out.

DesignEvo Pricing

You can start using and actually download your created logo completely free. However, that comes with some terms and conditions.

So if you need a professional high-quality logo, you might need to spend a $24.99 one time fee. If you need vector files and copyright ownership, it'll cost $49.99. 

DesignEvo review: DesignEvo pricing

If you only need to put your logo on the business social media account or something similar - the free plan is more than enough. Combine it with a free website builder and you can save a lot of money.

But if you are creating a brand that can stand on its own, you'll need to invest. And while the pricing might seem high, compare it to a professional designer.

You might not end up with the logo you love and spend hundreds if not thousands. That's why DesignEvo can be a great alternative. Here's what's included in each of the options:

  • The Free option allows you to create and download a logo for free. That includes low-quality 500px JPG and PNG images.
  • The Basic option for $24.99 gets you high-quality logo files including transparent PNG, editing and re-download as well as lifetime DesignEvo support.
  • The Plus option for $49.99 will include not only high-quality files but also vector PDF and SVG downloads. You'll be able to download font files too as well as copyright ownership.

All in all, DesignEvo is way cheaper than a pro designer. And you can also design a logo yourself - taking as much time as you need.

That might actually even be fun. Here's how everything works.

DesignEvo Features

DesignEvo has tons of features to make designing a logo into a fun and easy task.

That includes 10,000+ pre-made templates so you can simply mix and match the colors and fonts and have a logo ready. There are also hundreds of fonts and icons to choose from and you can also start from scratch - it is fully customizable.

DesignEvo review: DesignEvo features

Your every creation will be saved in the Cloud-based storage, so you can access it, edit, and re-download. One premium purchase means that you can re-design your logo whenever you want.

So let's take a look at the DesignEvo features in more detail.

Beautiful and Professional Logo Templates

You can either choose one of the thousands of templates or start completely from scratch.

We started our DesignEvo review by browsing through the already made templates. While the templates were really well-thought and high quality, there still was something off - that's why you can customize each of the designs yourself.

So if you are looking at the designs, choose the one you like the most. There are tons of them for different industries - from education and sports to politics and technology.

DesignEvo Review: DesignEvo logo designs

If you want to create your own design, you can simply do it by clicking on the Start from Scratch button.

After choosing the design or starting from scratch, you'll be taken to the logo design editor.

Interactive Logo Editor Tool

It's an intuitive tool where you'll be able to rearrange logo elements, add text, change colors and more.

DesignEvo review: DesignEvo logo editor

To add a new element, you can simply drag and drop it from the menu on the left. Just like you would drag an app on your phone to put it in a different place.

The menu opens a lot of possibilities. That's fonts - from classic designs to text art, colors (you can even add the trendy gradient), design elements, and more.

So with all of the elements, there's nothing to stop you from creating a beautiful logo.

Tips, Tools, and Customer Support

If you're feeling stuck, DesignEvo doesn't leave you on your own. To help out, it has customer support, a blog with the latest trends and ideas for logos, and even a knowledge base.

  • The knowledge base is concise yet there's more than enough information on how to use the platform.
  • The blog is constantly updated. It will provide you with ideas for your next logo, reveal the latest trends, and offer tips on how to brand your company.
  • Customer support is available for every user at no cost. There's always a live chat button in the bottom right corner when you are editing your logo. You can also email the DesignEvo if you need more help. And as far as communication goes, the support does know how to do their job.

By taking an extra step to provide help for its clients, DesignEvo really shows that it cares about its users. It is not only easy to use on its own but it also helps you with finding ideas and creating a modern logo for today's market.

DesignEvo Review - the Verdict

As we found out from our DesignEvo review, it is a great logo maker featuring thousands of pre-made logo templates, design elements, and many customization options.

The best part is, you can use it for free. Although choosing a paid version will allow you to get high-quality files and re-download an edited logo at any time.

The platform also provides an all-round help - from tips and trends to actual customer support.

So if you are looking to create a logo for your website or social media and save some cash, DesignEvo is definitely a platform for you.

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