DNSExit Review – Is This The DNS Provider For You?


Dani Nolan


2019 March 15th


DNSExit was founded in 2001 in Ohio when its parent company, Netdorm, decided to begin offering Dynamic Domain Name Services (DDNS). DNS remains DNSExit's core product today.

DNSExit Review Landing Page

So how has this DNS provider stood the test of time? Let's find that out in this DNSexit review.

What is DNSExit?

DNSExit is, primarily, a DNS hosting service. If you haven't heard of DNS before, it's essentially the system that assigns every internet connected device an IP address. You can find out more about it in my IP system comparison article.

DNSExit offers three core DNS products:

  • Dynamic DNS: Can be used to access an email server or home security system remotely.
  • Enterprise DNS: Hosting for your website's nameserver addresses.
  • DNS Failover and Monitoring: Redirect readers to an alternative page if your server fails.
DNSExit Review DNS Products

DNSExit offers several other digital services too. These include domain registration, web hosting, email servers, and URL forwarding. However, as DNS hosting is DNSExit's main service, that's what I'll focus on in this DNSExit review.

DNSExit Review: First Impressions

The DNSExit website could certainly do with a re-design. It's not visually appealing and some page elements look like they might have been designed in Microsoft Word 2003.

DNSExit Review Weird Design Choices

This presentation definitely doesn't add to the good image of the company. From first glance, it looks like a website of a business that closed 15 years ago.

DNSExit Review DNS IPUpdateDespite the clunky graphics, the site works well and isn't difficult to get around. I didn't have any trouble finding and installing the IP Updater client which is required to access DNSExit's DNS services.

Unfortunately, the client itself is just as ugly as the DNSExit website. Enterprise and technical users might not mind using a program that wouldn't look out of place on Windows 98, but some may be put off by it's tired appearance.

Note that DNSExit's IP Updater is compatible with every major OS including Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Reliable DNS Service

I'm happy to report that once I'd added DNSExit's managed DNS system to my website, its downtime dropped significantly. Although my DNSExit review was only carried out over a month, my experience supports DNSExit's claim that it has maintained 100% uptime since 1998.

DNSExit Review Uptime Claim

Whether the last time they updated the website was 1999, remains to be unknown.

Disappointing Support

My DNSExit experience was let down by subpar support. The DNSExit FAQ help page was often unavailable, and DNSExit's live chat support system was 'Offline' for the duration of my DNSExit review.

DNSExit Review Support

DNSExit Pricing

Impressively, DNSExit offers both its Dynamic DNS and managed Enterprise DNS products for free. That's fantastic news if you're on a tight budget, or already paying for expensive server hosting.

Lots of competitor DNS providers also offer free DDNS, but it's rare to see free managed DNS packages. 

A downside of DNSExit's managed DNS system is that it limits you to four nameserver domains. With a paid service, you'd normally get dozens of addresses to choose from.

DNSExit Review Free Options

Costs for DNSExit's DNS Failover and Monitoring service costs begin at $9.99/year. If you run a large network of websites, you'll be pleased to know that the more servers you monitor, the lower the price per website becomes.

If you monitor over 50 domains, for example, the price drops to just $3.99/year per domain.

DNSExit Review Pricing

DNSExit Review: Final Thoughts

Because DNSExit's DDNS and managed DNS services are free and work effectively, they will be an attractive proposition for a large number of customers.

However, if you care about customer support or are put off by the out of date design, I'd advise you to consider alternative DNS providers.

Have you got your own DNSExit reviews? If so, please add them below!

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